Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

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Compare what is it? Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym and Maxi Climber both are at-home workout machines that imitate the movements of rock climbing to help lose weight. These machines are designed for vertical climbing that works the major muscles and tones them.

Coyote Rock Gym
Coyote Rock Gym is an Ottawa based indoor rock climbing gym for vertical climbing and fitness enthusiasts. It spans over a 15,000 square feet area and comprises of climbing walls with top-rope and leading walls and four state-of-the-art bouldering areas.

Compare what does it do? Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Both Vertical Gym and Maxi Climber use the climber’s body’s resistance for targeting all the major muscles. It works the upper body, lower body, and the entire core to provide a fat burning workout. These machines are easy to set up and users do not have to waste a lot of time installing either. As per their research both machines are effective at burning more calories than a stationary bike.

Coyote Rock Gym
Coyote Rock Gym or CRG sporting complex is created for people who love rock climbing. It provides an adventurous environment at the comfort of an indoor campus. It is created keeping in mind climbers of all shapes, sizes, and levels. The gym is designed in a way that users can come and challenge themselves to push boundaries and get better at rock climbing.

Compare how does it work? Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

The Vertical Gym and Maxi Climber machines are designed in a way that they provide both cardio and strength training workout. The Vertical Gym uses a Fast Track Climbing Technology that utilizes the user’s own body weight as resistance for providing a thorough workout. Maxi Climber uses similar technology to provide strength training and toning using body resistance. Both these equipment are designed to provide maximum impact without putting any stress on the lower joints of the body. These equipment burn an average of 500 calories per hour, that is, more than treadmills and stationary bikes. Users can expect to lose weight, tone muscles, and get a good aerobic exercise in one single workout.

Coyote Rock Gym
The gym membership comes with a waiver form that is to be signed by participants and is a mandatory form by Coyote Rock Gym ’s insurance company. Children under the age of 18 years will require signatures from their parents before participating. Each climber is provided with a roped route and will require a partner on the ground to manage the ropes for safe climbing. The gym also provides belaying to people above 14 years of age to complete an introductory lesson and meet the eligibility criteria. Once the free introductory lesson is completed, a belay test is taken to ensure that the person has understood the lessons well. Climbers can perform the activity for about 2 hours a session. Every individual should wear normal workout gear such as shorts, track pants, and t-shirts or sweatshirt. Use sticky rubber on the soles so that a better balanced is maintained especially on smaller holds. The gym offers various facilities such as changing rooms, showers, lockers, and a vending machine.

The introductory class for climbers of age 14 or older comprises of belaying techniques, fitting a harness, and tying ropes to it for safe climbing. The lesson is for about 30 minutes and later they are allowed to belay under strict supervision. Training for belaying is free except the price of admission and rental fees.

Compare what to expect: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym

The gym equipment is designed to offer cardio and muscle toning. The user has to work out with short quick strides to lose weight and burn calories. For people looking at muscle toning should use the machine with long strides.

Maxi Climber

It is an all-in-one workout machine that offers cardio workout and helps sculpt lean muscles in every core muscle group.

Compare Features: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym

Vertical Gym uses Fast Track Climbing Technology that divides workout between fat burning cardio using short quick stride and muscle toning by using long strides. It uses the user’s own body’s resistance to target all major muscle groups and core in one fat burning motion. This equipment is handy in nature and folds flat for easy storage.

Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber is ergonomically designed and is suitable for people of all body types. Its adjustable weights and isometric non-stick grips offer better comfort while using it. The machine has a personal workout timer that works automatically when the user is working out. It has a foldable design that can be opened easily and stored in compact places. This equipment is safe to use since it imitates rock climbing without putting any stress on the lower joints. It is created using durable and lightweight material. Plus, it is delivered pre-assembled so there is no need to assemble it or add extra parts.

Coyote Rock Gym

Coyote Rock Gym welcomes their members with smiles and offers sound knowledge about rock climbing. They provide safety and best equipment for climbers to enjoy their activity. The trainers are highly experienced and force proper techniques in climbers along with full body strength while maintaining fun. The compulsory lessons are helpful in understanding belaying and demonstrate the requirements for a safe climb. During summers, the gym opens its three massive industrial garage doors to allow sunshine inside for natural climbing feel.

Compare Material: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym
No information available

Maxi Climber
It is created using durable cold rolled steel material.

Compare Max user weight supported: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym

100 kg

Maxi Climber

240 lbs.

Compare Dimensions: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym

The equipment folds into 36 x 74 x 184 cm and unfolds into 99 x 74 x 220 cm.

Maxi Climber

It stands at 57 x 10 x 6 inches

Compare Weight: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym

17 Kg

Maxi Climber

33 lbs.

Compare Price: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym


Maxi Climber


Compare Reviews: Vertical Gym vs Maxi Climber vs Coyote Rock Gym

Vertical Gym REVIEW

One user who tried Vertical Gym reveals that it is very good for exercise and cardio. It’s easy on the joints and provides a stable workout.

Another Vertical Gym user happily states that it is ideal for toning and is better than other at-home gym equipment. It’s convenient folding design stores easily and stands out when desired.

One other user says in his Vertical Gym review that it is not as good as it is promised. It comes with a powdered black soot coating that keeps dropping off on the floor. The user also complains that it started to squeak in just 2 weeks.

A Vertical Gym user praises it in his review and says that it is good equipment for its price. It’s easy to assemble, easy to setup, and works perfectly well to help lose weight.

Maxi Climber REVIEW

One Maxi Climber user says that it is made using cheap material. The roller wheel started developing a flat spot after three uses. Its pulley system also didn’t work correctly and after a point the durable cold roll broke.

Another Maxi Climber user complains that even though it provides a good workout but its quality is not good enough. After every workout there are fragments of plastic and metal falling on the ground. The equipment is very rough and is not worth the price. The digital display on Maxi Climber is not very good and goes off after few uses.

A user who used Maxi Climber shows disappointment in his reviews. He says that it doesn’t have a manual that helps in understanding the equipment better. Also, it is thinly built and made of plastic material that snaps off after a few uses.

One other user of Maxi Climber complains that it makes rough noise every single time. Also it doesn’t work for short person or one who has a below average height. Maxi Climber fails to provide any comfort while using it. The material used to build it is cheap and breaks very fast after few uses. It fails to provide any sort of workout to the body.

Another Maxi Climber user showed concerns about its durability. The user noticed a broken roller after a single uses and doesn’t feel stable while working out. People with bad knees and beginners should not use it but otherwise it can offer good workout.

One user who purchased Maxi Climber reveals in his review that its height is not good enough for all types of people. The foldable feature is not great enough to fit behind a door with ease. The user asserts that it is difficult to exercise for too long since it can start hurting the feet and knees.

Another Maxi Climber user states in his review that it becomes squeaky after initial use. There are no types of gliders or pistons that keeps it smooth or under control while using it. It is quite tedious equipment compared to other at-home workout machines.

A user who bought Maxi Climber claims that the machine is not well furnished and the material used is also cheap. The equipment is in no way low impact since it can exert high amount of pressure and damage the knees. It is not suitable for men above 150 lbs. weight.

One Maxi Climber user warns in her review that it can be painful to the back. Users should maintain a correct posture because a bad posture can exert a serious injury to the back. The links on the machine are pretty weak and will not support or push the user into position. This makes it difficult to work out without the risk of exerting pain or injury.

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