Ultimate Detangling Brush Vs Knot Genie Vs Hair Bean

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About Ultimate Detangling Brush

The Ultimate Detangling Brush is designed to gently detangle thick, coarse hair in just seconds. It uses reduced pressure and needs fewer strokes to give you the results that you want.

It is perfect for kids with thick or difficult to manage hair. It also is guaranteed to reduce your hair do up time by up to 60%. With the Ultimate Detangling Brush you can save time every time you go out.

It makes brushing painless by using many contact points to minimize pressure.


About Knot Genie

The Knot Genie Detangling Brush was designed for mother’s to brush their child’s hair without having them scream because of the pain when their hair is pulled.

The Knot Genie is designed such that even the curliest, most knotted up hair glides through the uniquely designed bristle with ease. Use the Knot Genie on your kids or on yourself and feel the difference,

With the Knot Genie there will be no more breakage and split ends.


About Hair Bean Detangling Comb

Hair Bean from Smartlass is a de-tangling hairbrush designed to give you professional results. Hair bean is a favorite tool among hairdressers and is used in professional hair salons.

Hair Bean goes to work the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. It moves smoothly through wet and colour treated hair. The bristles are of varying lengths. It does not pull, tug or yank your hair.

You can use Hair Bean on wet or dry hair. Its ergonomically designed shape gives you a comfortable hold.

It is also small enough to keep in your handbag.

Compare Reviews and Complaints

Michael Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Reviews/Complaints

Misleading Description
The packaging states that the brush has to be replaced every 8 months whereas the description posted mentions nothing about it.

It hurts when you brush your hair.

Great de-tangler
The brush works fantastically to detangle hair effortlessly and painlessly.

Great for Quick De-Tangling
A great brush for long hair with ends that tend to tangle quickly. This brush is great for quick untangling.

Flimsy Construction
The brush is has a flimsy construction and is lightweight. The handle is awkward when using.

The brush detangles with much less pain and effort than a regular brush, the large surface area makes it great for quicker brushing and it feels good on the scalp.

Hard to Clean
The brush is difficult to clean.

The brush is very expensive and not worth the money spent because it does not do a good job.

Knot Genie Reviews/Complaints

The Knot Genie is extremely lightweight and fits perfectly in the hand. It de-tangles hair perfectly. It is great for long, thick, curly, unruly hair.

Hard Bristles
The bristles are very hard and rough and may irritate the scalp.

Unsteady Construction
The brush is not very well designed. The silver finish comes off and the brush may came apart when it is dropped.

The shape of the brush makes it very difficult to hold onto while trying to get through a knot. It also pulls hair and is painful when you try to remove a knot. It does not flow through hair smoothly.

Same as a Regular Brush
There is no difference between the Knot Genie and a regular brush. The bristles on the brush are not covered like on a regular brush so it is also a little rough on the scalp.

Unsuitable For Thick and Thin Hair
It does not work very well on thick and fine hair.

Hair Bean Detangling Comb Reviews/Complaints

Works like Regular Brushes
Hair Bean works like other regular brushes but the only thing is that it fits easily in the handbag.

No Flexibility, Stiff and Rough
Hair Bean is extremely stiff and rough on your scalp. There is no flexibility so you end up hurting yourself. It also pulls out a lot of hair instead to simply gliding through.

Pulls Hair
It is an average brush. It really pulls hair but the good part is that it detangles hair fast. Unlike other brushed that take 15 minutes to de-tangle hair, Hair Bean takes just 5 minutes.

Unfit For Long Hair
It does not work very well on thick, long hair because it is too soft to get through the tangles but it works well on short hair.

Unfit for Wet Hair
Hair Bean did not work well on wet hair at all. The bristles are not long enough to slide through tangles.

Short Bristles
The bristles are not too long so it does not penetrate the hair to the scalp. It also pulls hair out and does not brush well at all.


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