Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer Vs Triceptor Review

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How does Ultimate Body Press Work?
How does Lebert Equalizer Work?
How does Triceptor Work?
Compare Exercises – Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer Vs Triceptor
Compare What do I get? and Price
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How does Ultimate Body Press work?

This easy to use Dip Bar is known for its open ended design and strong construction, which allows you to do many exercises rather than just the dip. Moreover the patented design enables you to get the perfect strength training workout within your space constraints at home. It’s the perfect addition to your home gym and supports up to 30lbs of weight at the same time it’s easy to store anywhere in the house.

With the help of this product you can perform Dips, which are ideal to build your chest strength and triceps. But that’s not all; you can also do Body Weight Rows using this brilliant use at home equipment to gain strength in your shoulders. The exercise is on par with pull ups and can help you work on your back and biceps too. Together you have a fantastic and challenging workout for your body.

These workouts are ideal for beginners who will get a hang of them easily while they are beneficial for regular fitness enthusiasts as well. Colour coded assembly here makes it is easy to install and its thick walled construction is sturdy, making it a long lasting product for you.

How does Lebert Equalizer work?

If you want to attain your fitness goals and simplify your exercise routine at the same time then the Equalizer is the product for you. This versatile equipment gives you the best of strength training and helps you build your core, chest, arms and back. The Equalizer comes from Taekwondo black belt and renowned personal trainer Marc Lebert and has already become a hit with many fitness experts and sportsmen alike who are using it to boost their training programs. It’s being used in different kinds of fitness facilities and home gyms with gusto. Your body weight is used as resistance for workouts carried out using this product and you can choose the right level for you through “self-spotting”. Through this technique your legs will be able to help you through a workout and tell you when you cannot perform a particular routine. Thus a simple change in your leg placement can help you extend your workout and add more repetitions if you want to. You won’t have to stop midway through an exercise or make any adjustments to the equipment for it either. Thus you build muscle strength and endurance.

If you want to perform dips to build strength in your triceps, you know you just can’t do with any regular product. It’s a tough ask after all and you need a tough product that will also be adjustable to let you perform dips efficiently. And that’s exactly what the Triceptor is for you. For starters it’s known for its compact design, which means you can work out using it anywhere in the house. It doesn’t weight more than 36 lbs and its sturdy, made out of steel. You will also be pleased to know it’s easy to assemble so that you can get started instantly. One of the major highlights of this product is that it’s completely adjustable, which is why it works for people with all body types and lets them perform dips just the way they should be. The handles of this product can be moved closer together to ensure that you won’t be straining your neck, wrists, joints, tendons, elbows or shoulders for that matter while performing dips. Now you can strengthen your triceps without straining other parts of your body. You can also use this product for about 25 other exercises, including modified pull-ups and push ups too.

How does Triceptor work?

Compare Exercises - Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer Vs Triceptor

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Exercises

  • To build muscles - Wide Grip Pull up, Weighted Dip, Resistance Knee Raise, One Arm Body Weight Row, Ring Push Up – Feet Elevated, Bulgarian Split Squat
  • For Beginners to gain speed and agility - Stationary March, Modified Pull up, Squat, Assisted Dip, Windmill, Body Weight Row, Hip Abduction, Bent Knee Push Up, Donkey Kick
  • Progressive Resistance Workout For Intermediates Include - Stationary March, Ring Push Up, Windmill, Body Weight Row – Plank, Resistance Knee Raise, Tricep Dip, Fire Hydrant, Modified Pull Up - Elevated Feet, Squat
  • Advanced Execution Workout includes - Stationary March, Weighted Dip, Resistance Knee Raise, Body Weight Row - Feet Elevated, Supine Eagle, Ring Push Up - Feet Elevated, Bulgarian Split Squat, Pull Up, Fire Hydrant With Kick Out
  • For Recovery - You can do distance running and jump rope for speed and agility and Rise and Shine morning workout for about 20-40 minutes. The sets, frequency and repetitions of these workouts can be adjusted depending on your fitness level and stage you are at.

The Lebert Equalizer exercises

There are about 75 exercises you can do with the help of the Equalizer; some of them include Chest Press, Horizontal Chest Press, Jump Chest Press, Chest Press with Stationary Ball, Triceps Dips, Kneeling Triceps Extension, Vertical Rows, Vertical Rows – Single Bar, Box Abs, Around the ‘T’ exercises, Knee Ups, Standing Lateral Plans, Core Run, Triceps Ball, Anterior Deltoid Front Raise, Squats/Lunges, Hip Extension, Adductor and Hamstring Stretches, Adductors, Horizontal Chest Press – Progression, Unilateral Deadlift, Agility Drills etc.

The Triceptor Exercises

You can perform a wide range of exercises using this product including Wide Grip Pushups, Hammer Grip Pushups, Tricep Dips, Reverse Grip Pullups, Stationary Biking for Abs, Narrow Grip Pushups, Pectoral Dips, Wide Grip Pullups, Hammer Grip Pullups, Leg Raises (Abdominal Crunches) There are other variations for both, beginners and intermediates as well. You can get the workout you want by adjusting heights and grips accordingly.

Compare What do I get? and Price

Ultimate Body Press – What do I get? The original dip bar by Ultimate Body Press Lebert Equalizer – What do I get? Lebert Equalizer Includes 2 Lebert Equalizer bars, Workout DVD, Laminated Poster Triceptor– What do I get? Along with your Triceptor, you will receive a video and pamphlet showing the simple set up and step by step work out with Kevin Levrone. Specifications of the Ultimate Body Press Weight Capacity: 350 lbs, Shipping Weight: 22 lbs ,Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 4 inches Specifications of the Lebert Equalizer Each Equalizer bar weighs 8 pounds. The dimensions are 28-1/2 inches high by 25 inches wide and it has been tested to support up to 400 pounds of body weight. The Equalizers can easily be stacked together, taking up little storage space. Package includes 2 Equalizer Bars, Beginner/Intermediate Workout DVD with Marc Lebert and Laminated Poster. Specifications of the Triceptor Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.8 x 1.1 inches ; 8 ounces Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces Price of the ultimate body press 1 easy payment of $159.96 + FREE P&H ($19.99 Value) + WAIVE TRIAL FEE ($14.99 Value) + FREE 'INTO THE ZONE - THE NEXT LEVEL' DVD($19.96 Value) INSTANT SAVINGS OF $54.94 Price of the Lebert Equalizer The Equalizer is perfect for strength training in a fitness class setting, home gym or as a tool for personal trainers.Price is $119.99 Price of the Triceptor Item price: $99.00 + Shipping and handling $25.00=Total Price $124.00

Compare Pros: Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer Vs Triceptor

Pros of Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar

The dip bar delivers on its promise of letting you perform dips efficiently while you can do body weight rows as well. While the former has an edge over regular push ups, the latter shows results on par with pull ups. Thus you get fantastic results overall as you get a challenging and exciting workout from this one simple and easy to use equipment. One of the best things about this equipment is that it is very easy to install and use at home. No complicated procedures involved as you can get started at the earliest and see results you want. In fact it’s the best piece of workout at home product next to dumbbells if you have to manage within limited spaces at home. Set it up just about anywhere in the house and get started with this surprisingly sturdy product. You can also work out without worrying about injuries to your joints because this Dip Bar has handles that come out at specific angles to ensure that there is no strain on your elbows. This ergonomic design is the reason it’s not an injury risk for you while you perform your workouts.

Pros of the Lebert Equalizer

If your goal is to gain upper body strength then this product will suit you to the T. It’s just perfect if you want to do chin ups and pull ups as you will start seeing results and development in your upper body within a short time. If you stay motivated with your workout and follow the exercises carefully, you will be able to see fantastic results with your upper body sooner rather than later. It’s perfect for strength training and lets you perform many variations to boost your upper body strength, do push ups, pull ups, triceps extensions, dips and to build your core as well. Another advantage of using this product is that you can go through different levels of exercises at your own pace. That’s what makes this product ideal for beginners and those who are beginning their rehab routines. If you want to work out given any limitations or if you have any special concerns, then you can use this product without a worry in the world. It’s portable and you can easily use it in your house, your backyard or when you are away travelling as well. Never miss a workout that gives you phenomenal results.

Pros of the Triceptor

To begin with you expect to pay huge amounts for a quality dip bar; but the Triceptor is reasonably priced. And for the price, it’s surprisingly strong and sturdy. You think it might wobble when you perform your dips but it doesn’t at all and can easily take up to 300 lbs of weight. While other dip stations don’t let you adjust their width, this one does, which is a huge bonus. And the fact that you can perform more exercises than just the dip is the icing on the cake. It’s an extremely versatile dip bar and you can perform push ups using different hand positions. Building your triceps and chests has never been easier because the workouts are easy to follow. That’s what makes this instrument just perfect for you to use at home. In fact it’s probably the most versatile, effective and standout small dip bar for you to use at home. What’s more, if you are grappling with space constrains then you will love this instrument because it can be easily folded and stored away.

Compare cons: Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer

Cons of Ultimate Body Press

The product comes with pretty basic flaws, which could have been easily avoided. It’s annoying that you can’t assemble or disassemble the product as easily as you are told. Hence begins your struggle to install the product and it only gets worse when you are trying to keep your balance on the machine. It necessitates adjusting of floor pads constantly; otherwise the product will keep rocking back and forth. Another instantly noticeable drawback with this product is that the bars are not at all parallel. However if you still continue working out using this product then you are putting yourself at a risk of injury. That’s not what you expect from a product that costs as much as this one does, and is meant to give good results without any physical woes. Moreover the shipping and handling for it is a bit steep. On the other hand you can easily buy cheaper products that will give you good results at the end of the day. A walker in combination with a simple pull up bar can do the trick.

Cons of Lebert Equalizer

If you have high expectations from this product you are going to be greatly disappointed. For starters, it’s not versatile enough and performing horizontal pull ups is next to impossible. You just wish the bars were wider, higher or at least adjustable. You might also struggle a bit with installations because the pieces are not exactly the way they are supposed to be and that’s a let-down. Getting it to stay stable is a task and you have to endure a lot of wobbling, which is annoying. Lebert Equalizer might be a brilliant concept on paper but it’s executed shoddily, which is its biggest downfall. You can’t help but wonder if you really should pay around $100 for something that’s not more than a glorified pipe? You might just be better off getting a reasonably priced DIY product for yourself and setting it up. You can ensure that it fits perfectly and stays stable unlike this product and you will end up making good savings for yourself as well. The fact that you spend so much money on the Equalizer, which doesn’t even stand straight, is a huge disappointment.

Cons of Triceptor

For a product that costs as much, you would expect it to be well made. But alas that’s not the case and it’s tricky to assemble for starts. The handles just don’t fit into the holes, which is a pretty basic flaw. Another problem is that during delivery couple of assembly parts have been found missing. And these are pretty key elements for installation, which makes it absolutely impossible to use. Hence it’s important to check for all the parts in the product when it’s delivered. But one of the biggest problems with the product and the company is the service you get, which is practically non-existent. The delivery can take a long time, which is not what it’s supposed to be like and what’s worse is that you don’t get any response from the customer support department if you write to them about the delay in delivery. The same is true in case you want to try and get hold of them in case of parts that don’t work well or ones that go missing for that matter. After repeated emails and phone calls you have no option but to give up because you just won’t get a response from the company; it’s shocking.

Part 8 Side by Side Comparison: Ultimate Body Press Vs Lebert Equalizer

Review Ultimate Body Press /Lebert Equalizer

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