Turbie Twist vs Aquis Towel

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About Turbie Twist
Turbie Twist is an amazing hair towel designed with super absorbency to dry hair faster than ever before. It is made of 100% cotton and is lightweight. It is a step ahead of any other bath towel that you have used and is not bulky unlike other bath towels.

The super absorbency power of Turbie Twist helps hair dry faster. The best part is one size fits all.

Turbie Twist is machine washable, lightweight and comfortable to use for everyone.

Aquis Towel
Aquis Towel is an incredible hair towel made from Aquitex microfiber. These towels are designed to provide the efficient moisture transport while providing comfort and durability.

Aquis Towel measures 19×39-inches. It is a lisse crepe-style hair microfiber towel. Aquis Towel is designed to dry hair faster saving you time that you would have otherwise spent on blow drying. It easily wraps into a turban.
These towels cuts down the risk of split ends. They are ultra-lightweight and gentle on hair and skin. They are exceptionally soft and supple and dry quickly between uses. Aquis Towels are available in three colors: white, pink and celadon.

Compare Reviews and Complaints

Turbie Twist Review/Complaints

Turbie Twist is an average product. It is less bulky than a regular towel and is easy to pack in a suitcase. It is not more absorbent than your regular towel. It also takes a very long time to dry unlike what the advertisement claims.

The towel was received within specified time that was mentioned in the advertisement. However, three of six items were ripped. The company needs to do a thorough check on the products before they are dispatched.

Easy To Use
It is not bulky, it’s easy to use and it stays in place. This product is great for a person who has arthritis or is running short on time in the morning.

Easy To Wash
These towels are very easy to wash. They are amazing.

These hair towels are great. They are thick, absorbent, stay in place, and for the money spent are completely worth it. These towels don’t really dry your hair. It is just a twisty towel that won’t pull your hair and do all the damage that a bath towel does.

Aquis Towel Review/Complaints

Cuts Drying Time
These microfiber towels cuts down hair-drying time by about half. The towel does what the advertisement claims it will to do. These towels work very well on thick hair and short hair. It completely dries hair quickly.

Easy To Use
This towel is easy to use unlike other regular bath towels that are too big and bulky on the head.

Extremely Absorbent
This is a thin, absorbent, small towel. It does a better job at absorbing water from wet hair than a regular towel. These towels are extremely lightweight so you aren’t doing a balancing act while it sits on your head with your hair twisted inside it.

Right Size
The size of the towel is perfect. It is neither too big nor too small.

The towels arrived within the specified timeline an in perfect condition.


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