Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt Review

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Compare what is it? Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

What is Tummy Tuck Belt ? Tummy Tuck Belt is a fat burning belt that claims to give you results by wearing it twice a day for just about ten minutes.


What is “It Works Wrap” ? It is a specially designed body wrap that promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tightens, tones and firms up your body.


What is Flex Belt ? Flex Belt claims to be the first Abs belt that has been cleared by FDA to be capable of firming, toning and strengthening your stomach muscles.


Compare How does it work? Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

How does Tummy Tuck Belt work ? Tummy Tuck Belt works in tandem with thermal accelerator cream to give you slimming results, according to its claims. You can start with applying the cream and putting on the belt before doing 2 minutes of standing muscle contractions. It activates the thermal fat burning effect, which means you can get on with your activities for the next 8 minutes before taking off the belt. The fat reducing chain reaction that has been triggered will continue for hours while you go to work or have a fun time wherever you might be.


How does “It Works Wrap” work ? It Works Wrap asserts that it is a 45 minute applicator that starts showing results instantly. Quite simply, it’s a non-woven cloth wrap, which has a special botanical-based formula infused in it. That’s how it can give brilliant tightening, firming and toning results when applied to your skin, according to its claims.


How does Flex Belt work ? Flex Belt contains clinically demonstrated, patented medical grade technology, which stimulates the nerves that contract and relax your muscles. Thus you get a strong abs work out and results in just about 30 minutes a day. From your upper abs to lower abs and obliques, your entire stomach muscles get a workout here. The special construction of the Flex Belt has three pre-positioned medical grade gel pads that cover your entire abdominal area. As the toning session begins, signals from the belt are sent to the nerves, which cause contracting and relaxation of the muscles naturally.


Compare Features and Benefits: Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt Features and Benefits
• Tummy Tuck Belt asserts that it has an edge over other slimming belts because it doesn’t just hide fat like they do. It creates a fat burning domino effect that continues for hours to come.
• You have the option of wearing it under your clothes or just for those ten minutes when you want it to show its effect. It can also be added to your diet or exercise program for your midsection.
• It is soft and flexible, which makes it very comfortable for your use.


It Works Wrap Features and Benefits
• It Works Wrap stresses that it can tighten, tone your body wherever applied and reduces the appearance of cellulite as well.
• It can improve skin texture and tightness while giving you results within as little as 45 minutes.
• It is a mess free solution that promises you results without any hassle and any tricky procedures involved.
• It has natural ingredients making it safe for use.


Flex Belt Features and Benefits
• Flex Belt asserts that it is a product of many years of research and its results are based in science. Electric Muscle Stimulation is known to have its advantages and they are brought to you with this belt that tones and firms up your abdominal muscles.
• It does the job for you and there’s nothing you need to do. You can have it on while you read or do your jobs and within as little as 30 minutes, it would have given your abs muscles a complete workout.


Compare Results Claimed: Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt Results : It claims instant slimming results and fat loss starts during the first week. With lifestyle change, results can be 0.35” in first week and 1” in 30 days. The results can be further enhanced together with a good diet and exercise program.


“It Works Wrap” Results : It Works Wrap emphasizes on the fact that the results show in around 45 minutes and you will start seeing progressive results after 72 hours.


Flex Belt Results : Flex Belt promises clinically demonstrated results that you could be seeing in a matter of weeks. According to reports, 100 percent of users said their abs felt more toned and firm while 92.3 percent of users felt the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased.

Compare ingredients: Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt Ingredients : Tummy Tuck Belt, a full 30 day supply of Thermal Accelerator cream, and the Tummy Tuck instructional Video.


It Works Wrap Ingredients : Cream Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glucose, Caprylic /Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat., Stearic Acid, Stearyl Al- cohol, Ceteareth 12, Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Extract, Urea, Centella asiatica (Hydrocotyl) Leaf Extract, Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Fucus vesiculosus.


Flex Belt : Not applicable.



Does it cause diarrhea?

Tummy Tuck Belt : No information.

It Works Wrap : No information.

Flex Belt : No information.


Does it make you lose weight?

Tummy Tuck Belt : It leads to fat burning in the tummy area.

It Works Wrap : It tightens and tones your body, reducing appearance of cellulite; no weight loss claims are made.

Flex Belt : Flex Belt only claims to firm up, tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles.


Compare Price: Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt : You can buy two Tummy Tuck Belts for $59.99. | Official website: TummyTuckBelt.com

It Works Wrap : $24.99 | Official website: MyItWorks.com

Flex Belt : $199.99 | Official website: TheFlexBelt.com

Compare Reviews and complaints: Tummy Tuck Belt vs It Works Wrap vs Flex Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews and Complaints : Melissa who tried Tummy Tuck Belt exposes in her review that even after wearing it religiously for over three months it didn’t bring the results. According to her, wearing it under clothes is another problem because it feels way too tight and you can’t breathe. Moreover you have to keep adjusting it ever so often, which can be quite a nuisance.

Lauren who used Tummy Tuck Belt claims in her review that she did not lose an inch after wearing it. To its credit there was no rolling or pulling up with this belt, but there were no results either. She also adds that the belt seems indestructible, which is a good thing if you happen to be over 200 lbs.

Jacob who bought the Tummy Tuck Belt for his wife complained in his review that it did not lead to any sweating and the cream was practically useless. It increased the sweating slightly when worn under the clothes. Another problem he mentioned is that as soon as you bend down the belt rolls up.

Aron who tried Tummy Tuck Belt complains in his review that the belt doesn’t live up to its expectations at all. You are told to exercise well and keep your eating under control, which is something he did religiously but the belt didn’t keep up with its end of the bargain.


It Works Wrap Reviews and Complaints : Leslie who used reviewed It Works Wrap claims in her review that you are better off not buying the wrap on Amazon. That’s because you don’t know where and how long it has been stored for. The wrap she got looked quite old and weathered, what’s worse is that it didn’t work well at all. She got a second one, which worked but the cream was chunky and a nuisance.

Patrick who tried It Works Wrap complains in his review that it didn’t help him lose weight at all. In fact it led to problems like him having to run to the bathroom while his stomach made funny noises. He recommended smoothie cleanses and workouts as a smarter, effective and healthier alternative.

Tony who used It Works Wrap exposed in his review that the wrap did not work as expected. He said that he actually ended up gaining weight and felt bloated, which meant he had to do rigorous cardio to get back to his original shape.

Ross who tried It Works Wrap claimed in his review that the loose skin on his arms started to appear tighter. But it did not show the results in the muscles of the stomach area, according to him.

Kim who tried It Works Wrap exposes in her review that even after drinking lots of water and keeping it on for long, over consistent use, it did not give results.


Flex Belt Reviews and Complaints : Phil McMiller who tried Flex Belt claims that it doesn’t really work but makes you feel better psychologically.

Dee who reviewed Flex Belt exposes in his review that you don’t see any results that are claimed. In spite of trying it 3-4 times a day over several months, he did not get the results. However using the belt while sitting up can make a slight difference, he added.

Maria who used Flex Belt complained in her review that the belt pads are only good for 2 weeks, after which you have to replace them. Even after using it at the highest intensity level for a few weeks, she did not feel any abs results as claimed.

Terry who tried Flex Belt exposes in his review that it is meant for days when you keep the belt on. Only on those days will you see any difference and feel slightly better perhaps. But overall, he added that he wouldn’t recommend the belt as it doesn’t function well.

Samuel who used Flex Belt complained in his review that the electrifying sensation the belt leads to is uncomfortable. He said that he struggled wearing the belt for long periods and had to give up completely after wearing it for a week.



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  1. Which is good the v flex, it works or tummy tuck which is good. I have try the it works and I do not have time to use it. Tell me which one is good for toning and get 6 pack abs?

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