Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

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Compare What is it? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

What is Trusty Cane
Trusty Cane is an innovative cane that will give you better support, grip, and tract compared to traditional canes. The cane provides constant support and comfort you need while walking owing to its construction that boasts of a triple thread base and a pivoting head. Unlike regular canes, you also do not have to worry about leaning it against walls or tables since it’s equipped with a light and stands up on its own.

What is HurryCane
HurryCane is a cane specially designed to provide stability and perfect balance. Each part of its body is made to move in perfect accord with all the other parts. The cane can react to altering conditions.


What battery does the LED light use? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
You need 3 AAA batteries for the LED light.

It doesn’t use any battery.

How much does the cane weigh? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
Trusty Cane is a lightweight cane that weighs a little over a pound overall making it easy to carry. However, it is strong enough to provide constant support.

The total weight of HurryCane is under one pound.

How much weight can the cane withstand? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
Trusty Cane can safely hold up to 250lbs.

HurryCane is strong enough to take a maximum of 350 pounds of user’s weight.

How can the cane be adjusted? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
The height of Trusty Cane can be adjusted to your preferred height by pushing in the button and moving the cane up or down and locking it.

After opening the HurryCane®, push in the button on the top of the shaft to lift it up or shove it down to adjust the handle height. Be sure to snap the button into place to secure its height.


How can the Cane be folded? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
Push in the lock button and separate each unit of the cane to fold them up together. There is an inner cable that keeps the separate sections together so the cane won’t come fully undone.

Starting with the button, detach each section of the cane in a reverse counter-folding motion. The inner cable will make sure the sections remain together after folding.

How much does the cane cost? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane


What are the color options available? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
You can get it in Black and Butterfly and garden print

It’s available in black colour

Where on the cane are the Led lights present? Trusty Cane vs Hurry Cane

Trusty Cane
Your light will be lit by one forward and two down LED lights.

There are no LED lights on the cane.


Does it have FDA approval? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Trusty Cane
Not available

Yes, it’s been approved by the FDA.


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HurryCane Pros/ Advantages

HurryCane will help you keep constant balance no matter where you walk. Unlike traditional canes that fall on the ground when kept against a wall or a table, HurryCane can stand on its own by your chair when not in use, making it easier to reach and less noticeable. It is easy to fold, does not clatter loudly to the floor or clutter the room. Its sturdy construction can withstand bad weathers and tough conditions.

HurryCane Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages

Even the lowest setting of HurryCane makes it too tall for most people making it a little unstable and unsafe while walking. Even though it can stand on its own, the prongs are narrow and the cane does not stand on flat surfaces or a low pile carpet. A slight movement can topple the cane to the ground. The handle of HurryCane does not allow it to hang consistently on a chair or other surfaces.


2 thoughts on “Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

  1. I bought the Trusty Cane because of the lights, and I do love it, even though in my experience it does not stand up by itself well. I think the batteries for the lights is what throws it off balance. For me though, the lights are essential. I normally only use it when I’m out of the house, inside I use a regular adjustable cane.

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