True Cover vs Dermablend

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Compare What is it? True Cover Vs Dermablend

What is True Cover – True Cover is a cosmetic that camouflages discoloration, pigmentation, blemishes and imperfections of the skin without a trace. It adapts perfectly with the pigment of your skin.

What is Dermablend – Dermablend is a camouflage cosmetic that is created by a dermatologist to conceal whatever skin imperfections you need hidden. Suiting all ethnicities and skin tones, it lets you blend in with others perfectly.

Compare How does it work? True Cover Vs Dermablend

How does True Cover work? – It contains luxurious satin spheres fill in the lines and wrinkles to give your skin a smoother look and also conceal any imperfections. It also has pigments that reflect light and give you a soft complexion. It can be used all over your body.

How does Dermablend work? – It as camo-pigments, which is a blended formula consisting great levels of pigments that camouflage your skin flawlessly while looking natural. Dermablend comes in a full range of shades to suit any skin tone and ethnicity. High levels of pigments make shade-matching an important part of using Dermablend.

Compare Ingredients?

True Cover Ingredients – True Cover is rich in Vitamins A and E and soothes the skin with chamomile, lavender and aloe.
Dermablend Ingredients – No information

Compare What do expect? True Cover Vs Dermablend

True Cover Results – Get complete coverage on your face and body to conceal small and big discolorations. Being light as air, you won’t even remember you have it on. Use it for everyday makeup or hide deep scars and other skin conditions with the smudge-resistant, waterproof camo-concealer that does not come off on clothes or smear. Find it in any skin tone from dark, medium to light.

Dermablend Results – Cream, liquid and powder formulas that give light, medium and full coverage to cover and camouflage imperfections. The flexible and workable textures that blend perfectly and make for easy application all through the four steps of makeup routine. Dermablend covers problems as commonplace yet disconcerting as acne to high-coverage needs like Vitiligo, deep scars, Spider/Varicose veins, Lupus and more. The dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested formulas suit sensitive skin and are non-smudge and non-transfer.

Compare Reviews, Pros/Cons: True Cover Vs Dermablend

True Cover Pros/Cons – An elderly user’s wrinkles were concealed well and her skin looked flawless. Another customer was happy that it stayed on all day and gave good coverage to another user. A user bought this for its non-transfer feature but it stained her clothes. Other customers thought it looks unnatural, made their skin look very dry and didn’t stay on.

Dermablend – A user was able to hide her unsightly freckles successfully. Combined with bronze, it hid another customer’s prominent veins well and yet another user’s imperfections. One customer complained that it took a few coats to cover their tattoos, while another customer tried to hide scars but it worked only on a few of them. Ten minutes after application, it dried to an ugly fake tan-like color for a user.


Does it cover tattoos?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover hickeys?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover facial hair?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover psoriasis?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover eczema?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover wrinkles?
True Cover – Yes
Dermablend – Yes


Does it cover acne scars?

True cover – That seems to be the primary use of the product. But we couldn’t find any review which attests the fact that True Cover works on acne.

Dermablend – A lot of users have reported that Dermablend does a decent jobs when it comes to covering the acne scars.


Does it get on clothes?

True Cover – It claims to be touch proof, smudge proof and should not stain white clothes but they do warn that constant rubbing over the product from clothes and towels will results in some residue coming off onto clothes and towels.

Dermablend – Several users have reported that Dermablend will rub off on your clothes and permanently stain.


Does it cover moles?

True Cover – The Official Dermablend website does not claim to cover moles. Also none of the users have reported it to be effective in covering moles.

Dermablend – Although the official website says it covers all types of blemishes. We haven’t found any reliable review that attests this claim.

Does it cover stretch-marks?

True Cover – May not work that well as it is not the primary use of the product. Even the Official website does not confidently assure that True Cover will work on stretch marks. They just say it will cover some marks if applied properly.

Dermablend – Though the official website claims it works on stretch-marks. There are mixed reviews about Dermablend’s effectiveness on stretch-marks. Many experts suggest using a professionally tested and dedicated cream to conceal the stretch marks. also Dermablend being thick is difficult to apply and requires time and patience.


Does it cover melasma?

True Cover – True Cover can be effective in concealing melasma.

Dermablend – It is suggested that Dermablend’s Leg & Body Cover COULD be effective in covering melasma, though we haven’t seen any review confirming this.


Does it causes breakouts?

True Cover – No. We haven’t come across any such reports.

Dermablend – No. But if you fear it might. Try a sample product on a small area on your face and then you can use it on entire face.


Does it look natural?

True Cover – It is thick and difficult to apply and takes time, it may look UNNATURAL.

Dermablend – It has wide array of shades to choose from, if you could find the right one and apply it carefully it will look natural.


Does it cover black eyes?

True Cover and Dermablend – Not sure. Though some claim they might work, there is not a single reviews which confirms this.


Does it cover bruises?

True Cover – Again we cannot be sure.

Dermablend – Claims to work on bruises but claim not backed by actual user reviews.


Does it cover varicose veins?

True Cover – Claims to cover varicose veins.

Dermablend – Dermablend’s Leg Cover can be effective to cover varicose veins


Does it cover Spider veins?

True Cover – Claims to cover spider veins.

Dermablend – Dermablend’s Leg Cover can be effective to cover spider veins too.


Does it cover freckles?

True Covers – Yes, it promises to cover freckles. One user says in his review that she used True Cover to cover freckles.

Dermablend – Yes, it fades freckles.

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