Tria Laser Precision vs Tria 4x

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About Tria Laser Precision

Tria Laser Precision is the only laser device that easily removes unwanted body hair permanently right at home. The scientists who created laser technology for professionals have designed the handy device that emits energy and light that is absorbed by melanin and hair follicle thus shutting it down and preventing hair growth without damaging the skin.
The supposed small, lightweight, cordless and ergonomic design of Tria Laser Precision works great on small and sensitive areas like underarms and bikini line. Tria is extremely easy to use – just place the device on cleaned and shaved skin, wait for a beep, lift and treat other areas.
Tria Laser Precision is said to be extremely effective, affordable, convenient, and safe and you can remove hair in the privacy of your home. Using Tria Laser Precision every two weeks for three months eliminates the need to wax or shave ever again leaving your skin silky smooth.

About Tria 4x

Tria 4X is an at-home hair removal device that uses the same diode laser technology used by dermatologists in their clinics for permanent hair removal. The invisible laser light of Tria 4X shuts down the hair follicle to prevent unwanted hair from re-growing. Tria 4X is FDA-approved and easy to use. It has five power settings that can be increased and decreased for comfort. Place the tip of Tria 4X on the skin and wait for two beeps, then place it about ¼ inch away creating an overlapping pattern. The new pulse counter in Tria 4X ensures the coverage of laser treatment is accurate and even. Tria 4X is FDA-approved so safe for your skin. It is small and cordless to be used anywhere and anytime and great for removing hair on small areas like face and underarms. Tria 4X is affordable, easy, and gives you privacy to remove hair.


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