Tria Laser Hair Removal vs VISS IPL Hair Removal System vs Rio x60

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Compare How it works?

Trai Laser Hair Removal 4X
Tria Laser Hair Removal is an amazing permanent hair removal solution. It relieves the users from procedures of waxing and shaving on regular basis thus saving time and getting silky smooth skin permanently. It uses laser technology to achieve this perfect result and there is no doubt in its functioning since it undertakes the same laser technology used by professionals at the comfort of being at home. Its benefit is that it provides the convenience of such effective technology at home with very simple user friendly interface and ergonomic design. The highlight in its design is the sleek handle which is quite comfortable to hold for a long time and is equipped with an angled tip that gives the user a better visibility while delivering the laser light with precision to the treatment area.

Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X comes with a digital user interface window so that the users can easily check the treatment delivered or troubleshoots any errors. It has 5-comfort settings according to the skin and displays the battery charge and the lock status of device. The pulse counter is one key display which allows tracking of number of pulses delivered through the laser during the treatment process. This helps in making sure that the user delivers pulses which are best to treat the area exposed. For the safety of users it also comes along with a built-in sensor feature that automatically senses and checks the skin tone. If it doesn’t deem the skin to be suitable for laser treatment than the device won’t unlock and if it’s perfectly ready for treatment it will emit series of beeps and unlock for treatment. The best part about using Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X is that there has been a clinical proof of its functioning and is completely safe.


VISS IPL Hair Removal System

Viss IPL Hair Removal System is based on a Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. It is a technology that has been clinically safe and is professionally used from over a decade now packaged for safely usage at home. It treats the area to rid of hair by exposing it with light which makes sure that the hair growth is shunted right from the follicle level.


Rio x60

The Rio x60 hair removal system uses laser to remove hair permanently just like professional clinics but with lesser price and the privacy of being at home. It works on theory of photothermolysis that sends a laser beam right to the follicle level with enough energy to eradicate the hair from root level. It even has different treatment modes for treating differently sized areas for quicker results.


What Technology does it use?

Tria Laser Hair Removal is equipped with laser technology in comparison with bulb based light technology.

VISS IPL Hair Removal System Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is adopted for hair removal in the VISS IPL Hair Removal System.

Rio x60 uses Laser Technology.


Who Can Use It?

Tria Laser Hair Removal works well on light to medium skin tones and naturally brown or black hair. It will not work on white, gray, red or blond hair.

VISS IPL Hair Removal System is specific to natural hair color of blond, white, grey and red and works only on skin type VI. If wrongly used the system doesn’t safely shut down like Tria and can cause severe discoloration.

Rio x60 is limited works only on fairer skins and a relative darker skin of olive tone. It will not work on dark skin and will not effectively remove any white or gray hair.


Which of the Body parts Can Be Treated?

Tria Laser Hair Removal is well suited to clean up underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, back, stomach and face cheek line downward in case of women.

VISS IPL Hair Removal System works best on face, chest, bikini, arms, back, legs, underarms and abdomen area.

Rio x60 works well on legs, arms, underarm and bikini line but eyebrows should be strictly avoided.


Does it have any side effects?

Tria Laser Hair Removal is so gentle on the skin that when compared with other two system it does not have any side effects on the skin at all.

VISS IPL Hair Removal System though termed safe to use does have some side effects vs other systems. It can cause skin redness, tingling sensation temporarily after using the device. It can also cause skin burns and reactions may leave the skin dry, red and swollen. It may even lead to infection, discoloration and excessive pain if flashed repeatedly or on open wounds, tattoos, burns, inflammations, etc.

Rio x60 is generally safe but can cause some mild redness or swelling just after use which does subside in a day or two.

Compare What do I get? and Price

Tria Laser Hair Removal

Tria Laser Hair Removal package consists of handpiece, skin sensor, battery charger, instructions booklet, instructional DVD, warranty card and storage case. In comparison with most other products it is priced very low at just $395.00

VISS IPL Hair Removal System

The VISS IPL Hair Removal System comes with the IPL Device, a Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge, AC Power Adaptor Cable, Safety Glasses along with Pouch and Safety Manual. Price – $485.00

Rio x60

Rio x60 comes with the main unit with treatment wand, a 3 pin UK power plug for 230V~50hz, user manual and a instructional DVD at a price of £199.99 + VAT (£239.99). It comes with a CE mark and a 2 years warranty.


Does it need to replace the bulb? Tria Laser Hair Removal the main benefit of Tria’s laser technology vs IPL devices is that it does not need any bulb and is good for indefinite amount of use. VISS IPL Hair Removal System IPL technology compared to laser need lamp cartridges and lasts 4000 flashes for hair removal purpose. Rio x60 There is no information available regarding the need of bulb in Rio x60.


How long does a single treatment session last? Tria Laser Hair Removal lasts for minutes for smaller target areas like the underarms and can take around half n hour for larger areas like the legs. VISS IPL Hair Removal System No information is available about how long it takes per session. Rio x60 There is no information available for Rio x60’s single treatment session.


Do I need to wear safety glasses or goggles when using it? Tria Laser Hair Removal is safe in itself and doesn’t need extra protection for the eyes while using it. VISS IPL Hair Removal System when compared to other systems does need goggles that come in the package. Rio x60 Since laser is safe and doesn’t harm the eyes no goggles are required to use along with Rio x60.


Does it hurt? Tria Laser Hair Removal is quite easy and gentle on the skin. Still there might be a little pain for the first uses and on sensitive skin areas. VISS IPL Hair Removal System doesn’t necessarily put any pain on the skin but can give warm heating sensation due to the system. If used properly it is comfortable to use. Rio x60 Some mild redness and swelling can occur just after using Rio x60 system and goes away in a day or two. A slight pain can be incurred due to the same.


Can men use it? Tria Laser Hair Removal is universal and works well on men and women effectively. VISS IPL Hair Removal System can be used by both men and women. Rio x60 works perfectly well on men too.


Is long-term use of it hazardous to my skin? Tria Laser Hair Removal is totally safe to use and bears no ill effect if used for a long-term. VISS IPL Hair Removal System no side effects on long term use are observed while testing VISS IPL system in the labs. Rio x60 is safe to use for long-term purpose.


How long is the period between treatments? Tria Laser Hair Removal For effective hair removal Tria should be used after every 2 weeks. VISS IPL Hair Removal System should be used every 2 weeks for the initial 3 months and once between 3 to 6 months, and gradually once a month or as need arises after that. Rio x60 The idea is to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks to check which follicles have shed off and which are remaining.


How many treatments are needed to notice results? Tria Laser Hair Removal Results with Tria come quickly within 2 sessions and permanent results can be noticed in just 6 months time. VISS IPL Hair Removal System It takes 6 months to notice permanent hair loss. Rio x60 needs at least 4 to 6 sessions of treatment to give permanent hair removal.


Is it FDA approved? Tria Laser Hair Removal Tria Laser Hair Removal is safest vs the other two systems since it is tested to be safe in the labs and has FDA approval. VISS IPL Hair Removal System has a drawback of not being FDA approved. Rio x60 No information regarding Rio x60 being FDA approved is available.

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