Torpedo Blender vs Ninja

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Big Boss Torpedo

What is Big Boss Torpedo:

It is an all in one kitchen appliance that claims to replace all the kitchen appliances you need in the house.
Big Boss Torpedo promises to be ten kitchen appliances in one so that you can handle all your tasks from blending to mixing, chopping and grinding without any hassle. It is supposed to be a juicer, blender, coffee and meat grinder, speciality coffee drink maker, hands free cheese grater, mixer, chopper, frozen dessert and margarita maker in one go. Thus Big Boss Torpedo claims to save you time and space in the kitchen.

Big Boss Torpedo features and benefits

• It is boosted by the Smart Electronic Technology and has three functions; On, Pulse and Auto. The latter makes the most of this technology, which ensures that you can just set your Big Boss Torpedo and walk away while it does the job for you.
• It has six, razor sharp, patented stainless steel blades that make your Big Boss Torpedo powerful for any kind of ingredients. The 600 watt motor and serrated blades ensure that no task is difficult for it and you don’t even have to change the blades.
• The vented safety lid in Big Boss Torpedo means you can make hot soups without any accidents. It also lets you add ingredients into a working mix for variations. It doesn’t function till the lid is secure in place making it extremely safe for your regular use.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is meant for anyone who wants to eat healthy without dealing with the inconvenience of making healthy items at home. Ninja Cups, processor bowl, pitcher and easy to use attachments all work together to ensure that Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is the perfect kitchen appliance you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle without any difficulty.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse features and benefits

• It keeps the control of healthy lifestyle in your hands. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is known for single-serve blending and 48 oz. Pitcher, which is meant to be ideal for complete juicing and frozen blending.
• You can also knead dough for pizzas, cookies, breads etc in the 40 oz processing bowl. Hence you can make delicious healthy treats at home.
• Ninja Kitchen System Pulse also has a slicer/shredder attachment that can turn it on a complete food processor. It comes with attachments 2 Nutri Ninja cups with lids and grating disc for your convenience.
• It is compact, lightweight and a smart addition to your kitchen worktop.

Ninja Ultima Blender

Ninja Ultima Blender is a powerful blender that lets you get the maximum out of the natural goodness of food items. It is supposed to be one of a kind blender with dual stage processing. Total Crushing and High Speed Cyclonic Blades that Ninja Ultima Blender has, also makes it the effective solution for all your blending needs at home.

Ninja Ultima Blender Features and Benefits

• Dual Stage Blending means the crushing blades crush everything from fruits and veggies to ice for you. The cyclonic blades on the other hand handle the task of blending ingredients and give you smooth consistency every single time.
• Ninja Ultima Blender has a 2.5 Peak Horsepower motor and the blades function at 24,000 RPM, which lets it function on par with the top quality blenders used by professionals.
• This blender can replace several appliances in your kitchen because it does everything from mixing and grinding to ice crushing, soup making and a lot more. The juicing is very healthy because it doesn’t get rid of natural fibres like other blenders do.
• It comes with many different accessories to let you make all your favourite healthy recipes and more, rather quickly.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System lets you enjoy a healthy lifestyle at home with complete convenience. All your good intentions of incorporating healthy items in your regular diet can be take care of by this kitchen system that boasts of Ninja Blade technology and an extra large 72 oz pitcher. Ninja Mega Kitchen System also has a 64 oz processor bowl plus Nutri Ninja cups and attachments that give the power of healthy lifestyle in your hands.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System features and benefits

• It can blend whole fruits and nutritious veggies into healthy drinks. It’s known to offer complete nutrient juicing, which brings you the best of these healthy ingredients.
• Ninja Mega Kitchen System also lets you mix up to 2 lbs of dough in a matter of 30 seconds.
• Frozen blending is another feature of this blender and now you can make creamy smoothies that have ice and fruits, instantly.
• It lets you make ice creams of your choice because you can add your own ingredients and any mix-in to create mouth watering treats.
• Ninja Mega Kitchen System can turn into an effective food processor because it is known for its chopping performance as well.


Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional Blender is a blender that gives you professional quality results from the comforts of your home. You might want to make healthy drinks, nutritional recipes or delicious treats at home, this blender will take on several of your tasks with ease. Thus you are saved time and the hassle while you get professional quality results, according to its claims.

Ninja Professional Blender features and benefits

• It’s said to be quite powerful with its 1100 watts motor, which makes it effective on just about any ingredient you could think of. No task is meant to be too hard for this blender.
• Ninja Professional Blender has a 72 oz pitcher with blade and lid for your regular needs.
• Three different speeds plus pulse make it a versatile option for you.
• Besides being powerful, Ninja Professional Blender is quite sleek to look at. Its smart design means it can be the handsome addition to your kitchen.


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