Tommie Copper vs Zensah vs CEP Review

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Compare what it is? Tommie Copper vs. Zensah vs. CEP

What is Tommie Copper? Tommie Copper is a category of apparel that helps you improve your mobility, performance and relief. Tommy Copper has the recovery line as well as the performance collection of apparel. Recovery line apparel of Tommy Copper helps in speeding up muscle recovery and relief from aches and pains. The performance collection is designed to provide comfort and mobility to enhance your performance.

What is Zensah? Zensah is a brand of compression gear that helps athletes improve their performance, comfort and mobility through its revolutionary seamless sportswear. They help in faster recovery, increased muscle support and enhanced blood circulation amongst other physiological benefits.

What is CEP Compression? CEP socks use compression technology to improve blood flow of athletes allowing them to use lesser energy while increasing their performance. Decrease in exertion, improved timing, and a quicker recovery are some of the benefits that CEP promises its customers.

Compare how does it work? Tommie Copper vs. Zensah vs. CEP

How does Tommie Copper work? Tommie Copper product feature the proprietary CopperZnergy copper and zinc infused fabric which not only gets rid of odor issues but also offers protection against the harmful UV rays. Designed with 4D compression, you can wear Tommie Copper all day and all night to speed up the muscle recovery as well as gain relief from any aches and pains.

How does Zensah work? Zensah garments have graduated compression features which aids in improved venous return in addition to other physiological benefits. Zensah’s seamless design with its breathable and moisture wicking fabric, allows the athlete to stay cool, dry and light. Zensah socks and sleeves provide just the right amount of compression to improve blood circulation, muscle support and leg power.

How does CEP work? CEP compression socks improve blood flow allowing athletes to improve their speed with reduced amount of energy. CEP compression socks utilize their compression technology to increase the blood flow to the calves by up to 40%. With their graduated compression, CEP ensures that the compression on the calf is lower than that of the ankle to allow proper blood flow back to heart and in turn improving performance.

Compare features and benefits: Tommie Copper vs. Zensah vs. CEP

Tommie Copper Features and Benefits – Tommie Copper makes use of sport science and skin health to provide benefits of improved mobility, performance and relief. With its 100% CopperZnergy copper infused fabric which eliminates odors and the Cool Copper technology which keeps you dry, Tommie Copper represents the next evolution of performance apparel.

The recovery line of compression sleeves and apparel uses 4D compression that not only speeds up the process of muscle and joint recovery but can also be worn comfortably all day and all night.

The performance collection of Tommie Copper is ergonomically designed for superior motion, comfort and mobility which helps you perform at your peak.


Zensah Features and Benefits – Zensah’s revolutionary seamless design gives the athlete a true second skin fit allowing them to improve their performance, comfort and mobility. The ultra-breathable moisture wicking fabric allows the athlete to stay cool, dry and light.

The seamless construction of Zensah garments eliminates chafing. Zensah boasts of state of the art technology that does all the precision engineering allowing the garments to be very different from that of the usual sports stores.

Zensah has unique features like the silver Ions that reduce bacteria growth and eliminates odor. Zensah garments also provide protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.


CEP Features and Benefits – CEP uses science behind medical compression to help athletes maximize performance and recovery. CEP compression socks help athletes improve their performance though higher speeds and lesser energy consumption by improving their blood flow.

CEP improves arterial blood flow aiding better performance and faster recovery of the athletes. It also helps in reducing a number of injuries through its use of graduated compression technology.

CEP uses performance yarns that transport moisture away from the skin by increasing the evaporation through temperature reduction as much as 7 degrees Fahrenheit.


Is it odor resistant?
Tommie Copper – Yes, it is.

Zensah – Yes, it is.

CEP – Yes, it is.


Does it relieve soreness?
Tommie Copper – The recovery line aims to provide relief from aches and pains in addition to muscle and joint recovery.

Zensah – Reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness, also prevents micro trauma to the muscles by reducing muscle oscillation/vibration.

CEP Compression –Increases oxygen to Achilles provides padding to prevent damage. Reduces calf cramps and pulled muscles by increasing blood flow.

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