Tommie Copper vs Under Armour vs 2xu Review

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Compare What is it? Tommie Copper vs Under Armour vs 2xu

What is Tommie Copper? – Tommie Copper is a brand of sportswear that utilizes the benefits of science as well as skin health which allows athletes to improve and increase their mobility, performance, recovery and relief. Tommie Copper’s INNERGYWEAR has come out with our Recovery Line as well as Performance line of apparel. Tommie Copper apparel also have the unique benefit of being manufactured with material featuring 100% CopperZnergy copper and zinc infused fabric which not only eliminates odors nut also provides you with UPF50+ protection against the harmful UV rays. Tommie Copper’s Cool Copper technology also ensures that it keeps your skin dry for skin health benefits.

What is Under Armour – Under Armour was developed by athletes for athletes. By employing only the finest microfiber fabrics, Under Armour has engineered the ultimate Moisture Transport System in garments that slide over your body like a second skin to keep you cool, dry, and light throughout the course of a game or workout. As the originator of the industry, Under Armour remains dedicated to new technology and is determined to enhance the performance of every athlete on every level.

What is 2XU? – 2XU is a brand of sportswear that features compression technology that promise to improve your performance as well as reduce any related injuries. 2XU assures you that its engineers have come out with high performance compression fabric through rigorous testing with the help of world famous athletes as well research institutes.

Compare How does it work? Tommie Copper vs Under Armour vs 2xu

How does Tommie Copper work?
Tommie Copper Recovery – The Tommie Copper Recovery line of compression sports apparel aim at providing the maximum support for improved circulation and rejuvenating relief from those aches and pains you are constantly complaining of. With the increased level of comfort and the right amount of compression used in all of our products, the Tommie Copper Recovery line of apparel can be worn at all times. That said, we recommend our customers to wear the Recovery Compression socks, sleeves, gloves, tops and bottoms during light to moderate physical activity while you’re at work, around the house, and even at night while sleeping.

Tommie Copper Performance – the Tommie Copper Performance line of apparel are best suited to improve and increase your level of comfort, agility and stability to give you the best performance. The Tommie Copper Performance Line is ergonomically designed to suit your body type in a manner that complements the natural movements of your body. The Tommie Copper Performance line of apparel ranging from the compression sleeves, socks, tops and bottoms can be worn all day – whether you’re at work, playing a game of tennis or at a strenuous work out in the gym.

How does Under Armour Work?Under Armour Cold Gear – Are you getting ready to rave the harsh winter? Well, Under Armour has come out with a line of apparel called the Cold Gear family range of apparel,help you deal with those harsh winter conditions. Having a range of apparel within the Cold Gear line, you can choose from the ever popular Regular Cold Gear to the Brushed Cold Gear used in many of the mid-level Cold Gear garments during those moderate winters. For those winters that make your teeth chatter the Cold Gear garments use Metal Fabrication in their material to protect you against the harsh conditions. All the garments are designed in a manner to protect you by maintaining the body temperature, depending upon the weather conditions you are faced with. The brand has a variety of garments ranging from Compression Base Layer gear to the Loose fit and Outer layer apparel for thermo regulation during the uber cold winters. The thermal properties in the Cold Gear apparel helps in retaining the body heat and maintain the optimum working temperature of the body.

Under Armour Heat Gear – The Under Armour garments also have the Heat Gear feature which allows the fabric to absorb any body moisture and ensures that the moisture evaporates quickly leaving you dry, cool and light. . HeatGear fabrication is designed as an easy care “Wash n Wear” fabric to reduce garment care time to the absolute minimum but still manages to make you look great with the Under Armour line of apparel.

Under Armour All Season Gear – These are a series of garments designed to suit variable weather conditions allowing you to use them when you find yourself in environment that is subject to certain minor changes in the weather conditions but not extreme changes. These garments are designed to allow you to wear the garments if you have an early start to the day with a round of golf that ends up extending to the afternoon. By wearing the All Season Gear line of apparel you will feel perfectly comfortable because of the design used to deliver core regulation as well as maximum breathability.

Under Armour Tech Feature – Exceptional Moisture Transport, Temperature Regulation and Performance Stretch & Recovery are the features that make all the Under Armour garments feel as good as cotton but are made of high caliber technical fabrications. The UA Tech feature is what makes the UA garments a must have for most athletes.

How does 2XU work? – The material used for the 2XU line of sportswear comes with a number of advantageous features. The high power mesh waist band gives you a flat and streamlined fit for enhanced performance and stability. The PWX FLEX fabric not only delivers optimum power and flexibility but also protects the abductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles. The graduated compression technology that 2XU uses helps in increasing the blood circulation for improved recovery and also reduces the stiffness that generally accompanies you post exercise.Flat lock seams that reduce chafing, powerful Invista LYCRA for an exceptional fit, support and recovery makes the 2XU line of sportswear an athlete’s trusted companion. The 2XU line of sportswear makes use of high filament yarn to give you the cool, dry feel even when youre sweating it out during your work out. The material wicks sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior allowing you a moisture free, cool dry feel. Another advantage is that the material is not only anti-bacterial but also provides you UPF50+ sun protection against the harmful UV rays.

Compare Compression Knee Sleeves Price

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve for $29.50

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Performance Compression Knee Sleeve for $39.50

Under Armour – Under Armour does not have Knee Sleeves

2XU – Thermal Knee Warmers $54.95

Compare Compression Elbow Sleeves Price

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Recovery Compression Elbow Sleeves for $29.50

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Performance Compression Elbow Sleeve for $39.50

Under Armour – Under Armour does not carry Elbow Sleeves at this time.

2XU – Compression Arm Sleeves for $44.95 and $29.95

Compare Compression Ankle Sleeves Price

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Recovery Compression Ankle Sleeve for $29.50

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Performance Compression Ankle Sleeve for $39.50

Under Armour – Under Armour does not carry Ankle Sleeves. The have compression socks instead.

2XU – 2XU too have compression socks instead of Compression ankles.

Compare Compression Calf Sleeves Price

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Performance Compression Calf Sleeve for $39.50

Tommie Copper – Men’s/Women’s Recovery Compression Calf Sleeve for $29.50

Under Armour – Men’s UA HeatGear ArmourVent Calf Sleeve for $39.99

2XU – Compression Calf Sleeves for $44.95

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