Tommie Copper vs. Rehband vs. Phiten Review

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What is Tommie Copper?

Tommie Copper is a brand of sportswear that utilizes the benefits of science as well as skin health which allows athletes to improve and increase their mobility, performance, recovery and relief. Tommie Copper’s INNERGYWEAR™ has come out with our Recovery Line as well as Performance line of apparel. Our Recovery line is designed with 4D compression that allows you to wear the apparel all day and all night with the maximum amount of comfort. Apart from this, the Recovery line of apparel also instrumental in aiding faster muscle recovery and rejuvenation relief from all the aches and pains you might be suffering from. Our Performance line of apparel is ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort and a full range of motion to help you give your best performance. Tommie Copper apparel also have the unique benefit of being manufactured with material featuring 100% CopperZnergy copper and zinc infused fabric which not only eliminates odors nut also provides you with UPF50+ protection against the harmful UV rays. Tommie Copper’s Cool Copper technology also ensures that it keeps your skin dry for skin health benefits.

How does it work?

Tommie Copper has come out with a new category of sports apparel called INNERGYWEAR™. INNERGYWEAR™ wear has two lines of apparel, one of which is the Recovery line of Compression Sleeves and the other being the Performance line of compression fit and active fit apparel.


Tommie Copper Recovery – The Tommie Copper Recovery line of compression sports apparel aim at providing the maximum support for improved circulation and rejuvenating relief from those aches and pains you are constantly complaining of. With the increased level of comfort and the right amount of compression used in all of our products, the Tommie Copper Recovery line of apparel can be worn at all times. That said, we recommend our customers to wear the Recovery Compression socks, sleeves, gloves, tops and bottoms during light to moderate physical activity while you’re at work, around the house, and even at night while sleeping.


Tommie Copper Performance – the Tommie Copper Performance line of apparel are best suited to improve and increase your level of comfort, agility and stability to give you the best performance. The Tommie Copper Performance Line is ergonomically designed to suit your body type in a manner that complements the natural movements of your body. The Tommie CopperPerformance line of apparel ranging from the compression sleeves, socks, tops and bottoms can be worn all day – whether you’re at work, playing a game of tennis or at a strenuous work out in the gym.
All the Tommie Copper products have a light weight design with their proprietary Cool Copper technology which is a moisture wicking and anti-odortechnology keeping your body cool and dry inspite of you sweating it out at your work out. It also features anti-chafe seaming making it extremely comfortable for any activity.

The Rehband Real Compression wear is a brand of exceptional functional clothing for a wide range of activities. Developed in collaboration with a number of dedicated medical experts and professional athletes from all over the world, Rehband Compression Wear helps you get more of out of each training session. With our unique technology and that perfect anatomical fir, we guarantee that our products give a better compression fit of up to 24% compared to similar products of other brands. The compression technology used in our products gives you higher levels of endurance by keeping in place muscles and other tissues during your training sessions. Flat lock seams, anatomical cuts and maximum moisture transfer makes the Rehband Real Compression Wear provide you outstanding comfort as compared to other similar products. Had enough of the soreness you suffer after your last workout? Rehband has a solution for that too. Therapeutic pressure, support and warmth provided by the Rehband Compression garments reduces muscle soreness allowing you to look forward to the next training session instead of suffering from the previous. Lab tests have proven that the material used by Rehband not only gives you a better compression effect but also has higher thread density and durability.


Phiten products have been used by world class athletes to achieve their best performance. Phiten products incorporate a form of technology that involves metals broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. Phiten products make use of this type of technology to help customers’ realize their potential in a variety of extents that leads to restore their normal relaxation status. The Aqua Metal Technology used in the Phiten products includes Aqua Gold, Aqua Titan, Aqua Silver, Aqua Platinum and Aqua Palladium. All of these materials disperse nanoscopic particles of each of the mentioned metals in water by using Phiten’s water soluble metal technology. Using this unique proprietary technology, all Phiten products have one thing in common and that is to help enhance the user’s quality of life.

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