Therapeutica vs Pillo1

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What is Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

It is a pillow that is ergonomically designed and claims to help you sleep comfortably in any position.
Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow maintains that it has been created by an ergonomic designer in consultation with a Chiropractor. Hence it takes the needs of people in mind who tend to sleep in different positions; on their back, side or both. The secret of good sleep lies in alignment of spine, which is at the heart of the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow as well. It promises to offer you right support while sleeping and corrects your posture too.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow features and benefits

• The ergonomic design of this pillow claims to offer you support, which lets you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling rested. You also get relief from pains that are caused by lack of support.
• Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow comes with a five year warranty to not lose shape or resilience.
• You get this pillow in five sizes and there will be just the right one for you. Child, petite and average sizes easily fit into standard pillow cases. You can use the king size pillow case for Large and X-Large pillows.
• Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is made using non allergenic foam that’s non toxic and can be recycled if needed. You also get this pillow with a free-fitted polyester/cotton zippered pillow cover that is also machine-washable.
This pillow claims to offer you convenience while you sleep peacefully and boost your overall wellbeing.


What is Pillo1

It is a luxurious and healthy cervical pillow that claims to offer you relief from neck pain as you sleep better too.
Pillo1 has been created by Dr. Hall and he is known to be an expert in spine, arthritis and repetitive stress injuries. Hence there’s clearly a lot of research that’s gone into making of this pillow and independent sleep study results have shown that people using it increased their REM sleep, fell asleep quicker and stayed asleep too. Thus Pillo1 claims to improve your overall sleep experience.

Pillo1 features and benefits

• Pillo1 has a unique design that cradles your head when you sleep on your back or side. Hence you sleep better while neck pain is reduced too. It thus has an edge over regular pillows that just push your neck upwards.
• The pillow ensures optimal spinal alignment so that you get comfort and healing while you sleep and relief from back and neck pain.
• Pillo1 is made using Talalay Latex from the milk of rubber tree, which is an eco friendly option. It’s made in the US and is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant. It’s also very breathable for your comfort.
Around 10 years of research has gone into the making of Pillo1. Its cervical pillow design gives it an advantage over the regular pillows and it thus claims to let you sleep comfortably at nights no matter what position you like to sleep in. And the stress to muscles of your spine is avoided too.


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