The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station Review

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How does The Rack Work?
How does Ultimate Body Press Dip Station Work?
Compare Exercises – The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station
Compare What do I get? and Price
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How does The Rack work?

If you are looking to get that perfectly toned and chiseled body, The Rack can be the key to achieve your goals. This revolutionary method has Zone Progression Training at its heart, which is why it gives sensational results. This all in one gym transforms into three different positions for your convenience and can support up to 300 lbs of weight.

The Rack can be used by people of all ages and beginners as well. You can also fold this system, which makes it easily portable and convenient for storage too.

The Rack Method

ZPT uses the traditional exercise moves, which have their own benefits and combines them with compound and super sets, which have to be performed in a sequential order. This high intensity, non-stop circuit training thus offers you phenomenal results within a short span of time.

When you follow ZPT, you burn out different zones of your body almost completely and then without getting any rest, the burn can be taken to another part of your body. With its specially designed form, The Rack helps you burn out certain zones of your body to complete failure and you can choose levels according to your requirements and comfort levels, while you reap the benefits of cardio workouts coupled with resistance training. As a result you burn more fat, build lean muscle and boost your blood circulation as well.

The Rack can be used be people of all ages and beginners as well, which is an added advantage.

The Rack Workout Station Features

Besides being extremely versatile and portable, it is also durable for regular use. Vinyl Cover Foam Handles offer you utmost comfort while working out and the heavy duty steel frame used for construction means it can support up to 300 lbs of weight and it’s quite strong too.

How does Ultimate Body Press Dip Station work?

If you are looking for a smart and effective way to work out at home, you have found it with Ultimate Body Press. This Dip Bar is known for its open ended design and its super strong steel construction. Moreover you can have it free standing and can do many more exercises using this product than just the dip. Now even if you don’t have the luxury of space around your house, you can do your strength training exercises without any difficulty thanks to the patented space saving design of this product. One of the advantages of using this product is that it can support up to 350 lbs of weight, which makes it convenient for use for practically everyone. What’s more, you can also easily store it under your bed when you are done using it. Two brilliant exercises; The Dip and The Bodyweight Rows can be performed using this product, which will be the perfect addition to your home gym.

Ultimate Body Press Method

  • The Dip: It is known to be the most effective bodyweight exercise for you and helps you gain chest and triceps strength. Now you can work out these muscles just the way you wanted using this outstanding product for you.
  • Body Weight Rows: With the help of this exercise you get results that are on par with pull ups and it helps strengthen your back, shoulders and biceps as well.
Together these workouts give you sensational results as you can tone your muscles and gain strength in different parts of your upper body. The helpful and easy to follow workout guide will let you perform these exercises without any difficulty as you start seeing results sooner rather than later.

Ultimate Body Press Features

This product can be used to perform several exercises; from triceps dips, chest dips, knee raises and bodyweight rows etc. The product is easily collapsible making it very convenient for storage. The assembly is quite straightforward thanks to being colour coded and there are no tools required. Importantly the thick walled construction made out of steel makes it deceptively strong.

Compare Exercises - The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

The Rack exercises

Dips - You can use The Rack to perform dips by placing it in standing configuration and using the force of your arms on the uppermost handles. Pushups – You can work out your biceps, triceps and chest by using it in the bench configuration to perform Pushups. Pullups – Horizontal dip bars in this equipment can also be used in the standing position to do Pullups. Ab Rolls – It can also be used to do AB Rolls and all you need to do is fold the sides of the equipment in and place it flat on the ground. You can then kneel on the rack and place your hands on the floor. By moving your body back and forth, you will be able to get a good ab workout. Light curls - can also be performed using this equipment by holding it with your palms or you can also do hammer curls with it and get a fabulous upper ram, biceps workout. Presses - You can get hold of the equipment with both your hands and press it overhead. You can then lower it to your shoulder level and then press it up again to do Presses. Leg Exercises – You can also wrap it around your body and use the resistance to get a good workout for your legs too.

Ultimate Body Press Exercises

Exercises to gain muscles You can perform Wide Grip Pull Up, Resistance Knee Raise, Weighted Dips, Ring Push Ups with your feet elevated, One Arm Body Weight Row and Bulgarian Squats. 3-4 sets of these workouts can be done every other day. If you are a beginner and want to boost your speed and agility you can do exercises like: Stationary March, Windmill, Modified Pull Up, Body Weight Row, Body Weight Squat, Assisted Dip, Bent Knee Push Up In the Neutral Grip, Donkey Kick and Hip Abduction. You can do these exercises in 2-3 three sets every other day. Intermediate workouts for users include Progressive Training and some of the exercises involved include Ring Push Up, Windmill, Stationary March, Resistance Knee Raise, Triceps Dip, Body Weight Row with Plank, Squat, Modified Pull Up with elevated feet and fire hydrant. These exercises can be done in sets of 2-4 every alternate day. Those at an Advanced stage of workouts can do following exercises in sets of 2-4 every other day. Stationary March, Weighted Dip, Resistance Knee Raise, Body Weight Row with feet elevated, Supine Eagle, Ring Push Up with elevated feet, Bulgarian Split Squat, Pull Up and Fire Hydrant With Kick Out. For recovery from your workouts you can follow these workouts for duration of about 20-40 minutes. Jump Rope and Distance Running for speed and agility, and Rise And Shine Morning Workout.

Compare What do I get? and Price

The Rack Workout – What do I Get? The Rack Unit • Nutrition Guide • Workout Guide • 6 Workout DVD's • BONUS: Bartendaz Workout DVD Ultimate Body Press – What do I get? The original dip bar by Ultimate Body Press Specifications of The Rack Workout Heavy-Duty, 1½ inch diameter steel framing and bolts - Weighs 30 pounds - Solid • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 24 x 34 inches ; 30 pounds • Shipping Weight: 33 pounds Specifications of the Ultimate Body Press Weight Capacity: 350 lbs, Shipping Weight: 22 lbs ,Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 4 inches Price of the rack workout 1)1 easy payment of $159.96 + FREE P&H ($19.99 Value) + WAIVE TRIAL FEE ($14.99 Value) + FREE 'INTO THE ZONE - THE NEXT LEVEL' DVD($19.96 Value) INSTANT SAVINGS OF $54.94 2)30 Day Trial $14.99* Plus 4 Monthly Payments of $39.99 + Shipping & Handling Price of the ultimate body press $79.95

Compare Pros: The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

The Rack Advantages/Pros

The Rack works effectively - For starters, the assembly of this sturdy unit is quite straightforward and you are better off getting the model that weighs around 30 lbs. Using it on a matted bar and getting a good quality chin up bar can also be beneficial for regular use. Taking a close look at the starter video is also advisable. In fact the exercise videos are extremely helpful and will help you get your desired results. If you are more into lifting weights then it can be used to get flexibility training. However if you use this equipment for its desired purpose and follow the workout videos to the T, you will get sensational results. It’s a brilliant calisthenics machine that will give you good core training. The Rack lives up to expectations - Body weight exercises have their benefits and this equipment helps you realize that. What’s more, if you have never worked before or are slightly older too, you will be able to work out well using The Rack. That’s what the product description says and it lives up to that expectation to the fullest. You can perform a wide variety of exercises, from dips to different levels of pushups. You can do leg raises and under pushups to strengthen your core as well. It’s also brilliant for shoulder presses and curls too. If you figure out ways to do different exercises, you will not have to worry about the results you get as they will be simply brilliant. The Rack Workout is effective and exciting - There is no dearth of options when it comes to exercises you can perform with this equipment. It can also be used to do Pilates kind of exercises to add variety to your routine. It’s extremely safe for use as well and you can take it outdoors if you want to break the monotony of working from your home. It will be a lot of fun to workout using The Rack and you will never get bored of following the same routines as you often do. And as the results will keep coming, you will be motivated to keep working harder as well.

Pros of Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

The Little Dip bar works its magic - This is one of the highlights of this product and shows sensational results. It’s simply because dips give much better results than pushups as they tend to use your whole body weight for resistance. The dip bar also lets you perform bodyweight rows, which like pull-ups help you work out your shoulders and back. Thus you have a balanced and effective workout right within the comforts of your home. If you like to push the envelope while working harder then you will be able to make the most of the Little Dip Bar, which will be your way to getting bigger arms and chest just like you’d want to. Best piece of home gym gear for a small space next to dumbbells If you don’t have the space in your home for heavy duty gym equipments or don’t want to shell out those huge amounts one has to pay for them, then this is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy and gives fantastic results. It helps you take your fitness to a whole new level altogether and you will be able to get results you were hoping for. From toning your muscles to getting a fabulous workout for your chest and shoulders, the results will be just phenomenal. And you will be able to work out your biceps to have those rippling muscles as well. It doesn’t put undue strain on your joints - Many workout equipments although bring good results can leave you prone to injuries and add a lot of strain on your joints. However that’s not the case with this brilliant equipment because the dip stand has handles that come out at angles, which will not put any strain on your elbows. Regular handle angles can lead to injuries like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel, but the ergonomic design of this model means you don’t have any such worries using it. You can perform as many dips as you like without worrying about hurting yourself in the process.

Compare cons: The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

The Rack Workout Station Cons

It is flimsy and hollow tubes can be rusty - It is important to look at the package carefully when it arrives because there can be some defects, which is hugely disappointing. If the piece is slightly bent then you might have a problem with aligning it the way it should be and it can hamper your workouts to some extent. But the bigger problem with this equipment is the fact that it can be quite flimsy, which makes you wonder whether it will last you for a long time to come. What’s worse is that it obviously looks rusty from the inside, which is worrying because you think it might fall apart with regular use in a short time. The protective caps tend to fall off early on as well, which makes having them quite pointless. Hidden Costs are annoying When you order a product, you know you have to pay a certain price for it and you are fine with that. But what happens here is that you get charged for items that you haven’t ordered in the first place. And you keep getting charged for these items in the box that you don’t care for much, month after month. And it’s not a small amount either; almost close to $30 get charged. When you try and complain on the numbers given to you, there’s no way you will be connected to a real person who can explain why this is happening and you are stuck in a loop of automatically answered calls. The only option left for you is to speak to your credit card company and ask them to take these items off your list. But it’s hugely distressing to say the least. Customer service is appalling The product works decently but the problems begin when one of the parts fall apart or get damaged. And it’s very likely with the plastic wheels, which are quite flimsy. Then you are stuck with having to call the customer service and it’s a miracle if you get through them. If you actually get through them eventually, you are not likely to get any helpful advice from the concerned staff because they just don’t know what they are talking about. When you go through the warranty that comes with the product, you realize that you have to pay them $30 for shipping, which is a bit much. If you are looking for products that work well and also give quality customer support then this is not the one for you.

Cons of Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

The Dip Bar has its limitations - There is no doubt working out with the Dip Bar has its advantages but it has several drawbacks as well. You are given to believe that it’s extremely easy to assemble and disassemble it, but that’s a myth. It’s quite difficult, tedious and time consuming, which isn’t the best start possible. It’s also quite tricky to maintain the balance when using the floor pads because they keep rocking back and forth to some extent, which can be quite a nuisance when you are working out. These might seem like minor issues but they can cause a lot of trouble when you want to get into the groove of working out. Exercise caution while working out - While you want to get good results with your workouts, you want to avoid injuries as much as possible as well. That’s what this product claims to do for you, but the problem is that it doesn’t. And that’s because the Dip Bars are not parallel at all and that can lead to a lot of difficulty while using them. What’s worse is that it can leave you susceptible to injuries as well. Different types of injuries and joint damage can occur when dips are not performed the way they should be and you certainly can’t guarantee that with the dip bars in this product. You can find a cheaper alternative - If you are concerned about the costs involved in buying this product, then there’s no reason you should settle for it. You will easily be able to find a cheaper alternative that will give you results that are on par with this product. For example, you can use a walker to do dips on a regular basis. There are no worries of injuries because these walkers are built to support your body weight and what’s more, you don’t have to struggle with assembling them as well. If you want to do back exercises then you are better off buying a pull up bar, which you can get for reasonable costs. You can use the walker and pull up bar to get similar results as this product without paying huge amounts.

Side by Side Comparison: The Rack Vs Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

Review The Rack/Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

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