Tapout XT Vs Insanity Review

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Here is a comparison of Tapout XT Vs Insanity . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.

Compare What is It and Methodology: Tapout XT vs Insanity

Tapout XT: What is it, How does it work and Methodology

It’s an extreme Mixed Martial Arts fitness program that you can do within the comforts of your home. Now you don’t have to pay those astronomical gym membership fees or lift weights and do pull ups for that matter. Getting those ripped muscles you always wanted is possible through Tapout XT, which gives you sensational results within 90 days. You can get into the shape of your life, lose weight and build lean muscle so that you get toned and fit.

MMA style fitness programs are much talked about today because people have realized their brilliant benefits. And Tapout XT comes from pro trainer and MMA conditioning coach, Mike Karpenko. There are 12 super charged MMA style routines that are not only sweat inducing but will also give you that ripped body that you only dreamt of. With the help of this program you will be able to burn about 1200 calories per every workout. Now, not many workout routines can deliver such results.

This extreme home fitness program is not only for fitness fanatics and professionals but practically everyone can make the most out of it and get amazing results. There are 12 different DVDs for different workout routines that make your task easier and let you into the world of MMA style fitness, which will give you the rock hard body like professionals that you aspire to have. Tapout XT programs are effective, can be carried out at home and show results within a short span of time.


Insanity: What is it, How does it work and Methodology

If you want that perfectly chiseled, hard body just another workout program won’t do. You need a fitness program that’s tough and effective bringing in those outstanding results you were hoping for. And that’s what Insanity program; arguably the toughest one out there on DVD is for you. Insanity workout with its 10 specially chalked out programs on disc, will help you take your fitness few notches higher as you get that hard and toned body you want. Under the helm of your personal trainer Shaun T, you get to work out with discs that have plyometric drills besides resistance, power, strength, core and abs training moves at nonstop intervals to get these exceptional results.

Insanity workout works for you also because there are no special equipments or weights needed to achieve your goals. If you have the will and the desire to get a rock hard body, Insanity workout will show you the way. The magic of Insanity workout lies in the Max Interval Training, which has turned out to be a revolutionary method in many ways. Here personal trainer Shaun T has taken the leaf out of traditional interval training and turned things on their head so that you can get the results you want.

For starters, in Insanity workout programs you will be doing long bursts of high intensity exercises interspersed with small intervals of rest. You end up performing each of these workouts at your MAX while your body is continuously challenged through a series of aerobic and anaerobic intervals. It’s this technique that helps you burn around 1000 calories in about an hour, which is truly phenomenal. And you don’t have to wait for long to see results as you can stake a claim to that insane, hard body in about 60 days.


About Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact combat sport that has become incredibly popular in recent times. Here you are allowed to use striking and grappling techniques against your opponents and you can use these techniques either when you are on the ground or while standing upright. Thus Mixed Martial Arts combines skills used in Karate, Boxing, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwando and several other styles. While the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts might have significantly grown in recent years, it has a deep rooted tradition, which goes as far back as ancient Olympics where it was used in a form of sport called Pankration. Mixed Martial Arts have been practiced in different forms in Europe, Japan and South America. In fact, Vale Tudo, a combat sport developed in Brazil made its way to the US in early 90’s. It was the time Ultimate Fighting Championship came into being and soon started capturing the world’s imagination. While initially these bouts might have been considered dangerous, but with new rules being incorporated, MMA you see today is properly regulated. The name Mixed Martial Arts was coined in 1995 and within a short span of time the sport has become a favorite of many all over the world. Today professional championships are held in different parts of the world and some of the fighters are household names and have become role models for fitness enthusiasts. It’s not uncommon for these fighters to train with different coaches because they need to work on speed drills, cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility as well. While these training methods were initially conceived for fighters, today these techniques are considered to be safe and beneficial for enthusiasts of all ages with varying degrees of fitness levels. That’s why; these training methods have come into mainstream in a big way today.


About Max Interval Training If you are looking for a way to burn calories and build muscle in equal proportion, Max Interval Training is the way to go about it. It’s a simple and easy way of achieving sensational results that you hope for. It’s a type of interval training where you can push your body to its maximum exertion level. Thus typically, this type of training involves huge amount of effort on your part compared to other training methods. In regular interval training, you exert your body in several intervals. However in Max Interval Training the amount or duration of high intensity intervals is drastically increased. Hence in Max Interval Training you will spend more time sprinting rather than jogging. In fact jogging here becomes your resting period and you push your body again to sprint and achieve further results. That’s why; Max Interval Training comprises of three phases; Regular pace, Flat out pace and recovery pace. You can alter the duration of these phases so suit your needs and goals. For example, you can choose to go flat out for most of the time while choosing to opt for smaller recovery period to get results you want. You can also add resistance to your training to boost its intensity. Max Interval Training has become incredibly popular today because of one main reason; it helps you burn large amount of calories in a short time. Now you won’t have to spend hours trying to burn calories when you can easily do that by opting for high intensity training. Max Interval Training is also known to boost production of growth hormones, which are crucial in helping you burn fat and build muscle. Thus with the help of this training program you can burn more fat and build more muscle than other regular intensity training programs followed for long periods of times.


Compare Price and What do I get? Tapout XT Vs Insanity

Tapout XT: What do I get? You get 12 workout DVDs that help you work on different parts of your body and get that ripped and toned look. These DVDs include: • Strength and Force • Plyo XT • Cross Core Combat • Competition Core • Buns and Guns XT • Yoga XT • Sprawl and Brawl • Muay Thai • Ripped Conditioning • Ultimate Abs XT • Cardio XT • Legs and Back With your package you also get • Strike Training DVD to learn proper techniques from professionals. • A Fitness Guide to track the results you get. • A Nutritional Guide, which consists of many delicious recipes that not only fuel your muscles but boost your metabolism as well. • XT Extreme Resistance Band, which is ideal to sculpt lean muscle. • And a TAPOUT XT Training Band for ultimate leg burn. And there are four additional bonuses • Ultimate ABS XT DVD • 10 day Slimdown Plan • Workout Towel • Progress Calender Insanity: What do I get? You get 10 insane workout DVDs: • Dig Deeper and Fit Test • Plyometric Cardio Circuit • Cardio Power and Resistance • Cardio Recovery • Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs • Core Cardio and Balance • Max Interval Training and Fit Test • Max Interval Plyo • Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs • Max recovery With your offer you also get: • Elite Nutrition Plan, which is specially designed so that you can fuel your body for intense workouts. • Fitness Guide for precise information you need. • Insanity Workout Calendar that can be organized in month 1 and 2 to track results and stay motivated. • Free Online Support Tools, which get you peer support and access to experts in the world of fitness. You also get a risk free, 60 day full refund guarantee, which puts your mind at rest.

Compare Pros: Tapout XT Vs Insanity

Insanity Pros The first glance at the package and you know you have bought a well made product. The instruction guide is informative and the DVDs are helpful and engaging without being overtly authoritative. They make it easier to follow the program even for novices, which is heartening. The production quality of these DVDs is quite good too, which is an added bonus. While the workouts are not always easiest, you can’t expect them to be. However it doesn’t take long to start mastering one workout form after another. And since results start showing sooner rather than later, it’s not very difficult to stay motivated and keep focusing on the next step in the program. What makes things interesting is the fact that there are many different variations on the DVDs and although you might repeat a few exercises in a month, they are nicely mixed up, which is why the routine never gets monotonous. Although these are high intensity workouts, they have been carefully designed to suit practically everyone and one doesn’t have to worry about risks of injuries. Simple touches like running clock at the bottom of the screen, which shows you how long you have worked out for make for a more personal experience. Even if one can’t keep up with all the exercises initially, there’s no reason to fret. You tend to get better each passing day and your heart rate stays high at any rate. The workout calendar is quite helpful as well and helps you keep track of your progress, which can serve as a huge motivation. Tapout XT Pros Pros: Tapout XT is definitely an extreme program as it claims to be and you can easily achieve very high heart rates here. It also means one can lose about 1000 calories per workout as expected. Those who already rely on other extreme workout programs will realize that Tapout XT is not just an addition to their repertoire but is a whole lot more because it has unique moves that lead to explosive power and amazing endurance levels. It’s very easy to follow the workouts as such even though they are quite extreme. Trainer Mike Karpenko spells things out for you, rather than being overbearing, which makes for a refreshing change. Moreover you also get to see MMA professionals doing some of the workouts, which is quite inspiring as well. The programs are quite cleverly designed and have their own unique fortes. Hence your fitness program never really gets boring or monotonous and you keep feeling motivated to keep going further and pushing your body to greater levels of fitness and endurance. The workouts are doable and you don’t have to be an expert to follow them. They are not gut wrenching, stomach churning exercises that will leave you gasping for breath. You can get used to these workouts within a short period of time and take your fitness to a whole new level. These workouts range from about 16 minutes in duration to about an hour. So you don’t have to spend a long time getting into prime shape that this fitness program can get you in. Results are often seen within a short time, which is an added motivation for beginners. The quality of equipment you get with the Tapout XT programs is top class and customer service is excellent as well, which is a huge relief.

Compare Cons: Tapout XT Vs Insanity

Insanity Cons Some might find it difficult to understand why a human body has to be pushed to such extremes unless you are preparing for a professional bout or are an athlete. There is not much of a scope for resistance training and the moves can seem a bit repetitive, which can slacken the pace for some and make things boring. If you have had any joints related issues, following the Insanity workout is next to impossible. It’s particularly true if you have had problems with your knees and there are chances that you could aggravate your past injuries or develop new ones. There’s a warning about this right at the start of the program and one needs to pay heed to it. There are some who might struggle with keeping up with the exercises. They are difficult and will need a lot of getting used to, especially if you have not been following any kind of fitness routine in the past. It can be quite disheartening for some, who might be tempted to give up rather early into the program. While the workout itself might not take very long, you are likely to take some time to recover from the workout. Hence you will need to make sure you manage your schedules cleverly to fit the Insanity workout into your daily routine. It might also not be a bad idea to modify some of the exercises for your convenience and avoiding any injuries. Tapout XT Cons: One of the main issues with Tapout XT is the fact that the resistance band that comes with the product is not adequate. If you are looking for additional resistance, you might have to buy a band separately.

Tapout XT Vs Insanity - Side By Side Comparison

Review Tapout XT/Insanity

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