Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

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Compare what is it? Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

Tablo Dual, Tablo 2-Tuner, and Tablo 4-Tuner, all three are whole-home networked over-the-air (OTA) HDTV DVRs. Cord cutters can use these devices to access free TV without the expense of commitment of cable or satellite contracts. These next-generation digital video recorders (DVR) have the ability to plug into an HDTV antenna and capture free TV, including news and sports. Users can not only stream channels but can also record them. The Tablo Dual and Tablo 2-Tuner come with 2 tuners meant for streaming and recording while the Tablo 4-Tuner has 4 tuners that can be simultaneously used to watch and record channels.

Compare how does it work? Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

The three tuners, Tablo Dual, Tablo 2-Tuner, and Tablo 4-Tuner are not tethered to a single TV with an HDMI connection. Instead, these three DVRs feature a whole-home-network system that utilizes Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity to stream live and recorded HDTV content to Tablo apps on all connected smart devices such as TV, Xbox, Cellphone, and Tablets.

Compare what to expect? Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

Users who purchase any of this Tablo Dual, Tablo 2-Tuner, and Tablo 4-Tuner DVRs can get rid of cable and satellite contracts since they can capture over-the-air channels available for free. They can watch a channel, pause it, and record as well. Users have the capability to browse upcoming shows, schedules and manage the recording by episodes or series. Plus, they have the power to skip the commercials, fast-forward and rewind the recordings. These DVRs have the ability to stream simultaneously on up to six devices at the same time using 100 Mbps Ethernet 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi with MIMO. Apart from streaming free broadcast HDTV channels such as CBS, ABC, NBC, and more, users can discover more content via the TabloConnect Subscription. The Tablo Apps used for streaming the channels on any devices is available for iPad, Android devices, Kindle, Chrome, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


Compare Requirements: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

To set up either of the three Tablo Dual, Tablo 2-Tuner, and Tablo 4-Tuner DVRs, the users will require an over-the-air HDTV antenna and an internet connection. For viewing purposes, the devices should have Wi-Fi or internet connectivity to stream the channels via their custom app. Users can directly access channels via a Smart TV powered by Roku, Android, or LG WebOS operating systems. Alternatively, users can use streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Xioami MiBox. It can also connect to a computer or laptop via the Tablo web app for Chrome or Safari and gaming systems such as Xbox One.

Compare No. of tuners: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

As the name suggests, Tablo Dual and Tablo 2-Tuner come with two tuners while Tablo 4-Tuner has four tuners that can stream or record up to two and four live OTA TV channels at respectively.

Compare Storage: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

Tablo Dual DVR comes with a 64 GB onboard storage facility that facilitates cord cutters with 40 hours of HD recording storage right away.

Tablo 2-Tuner and 4-Tuner DVRs come with a USB port that can be used to connect a hard drive up to 8 TB capacity to record up to 2000 hours of full quality HDTV.

Compare Connectivity: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

All three DVRs, Tablo Dual, Tablo 2-Tuner, and Tablo 4-Tuner can be connected to an HDTV antenna and a powerful internet connection at home. Once set up, it starts to stream channels via the DVR onto the Tablo apps with rich-interface and multitude of options available for all types of smart devices. The Dual has a built-in recording option while the 2-Tuner and 4-Tuner boxes come with USB ports to connect external devices for recording purposes.

Compare Price: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

Tablo Dual: $199.99

Tablo 2-Tuner: $99.99

Tablo 4-Tuner: $239.99

Compare Reviews: Tablo Dual vs Tablo 2-Tuner vs Tablo 4-Tuner

Tablo Dual REVIEW

According to Nettie McCoy’s review, the DVR fails to stream any channel if two channels are being recorded. This might be because the two tuners are utilized at the current moment. The user suggests the 4-Tuner system if people are into recording simultaneously and streaming at the same time.

Archie Glover, a Tablo Dual customer states in his review that the DVR system is decent but it will work only if the users have a strong internet or Wi-Fi connectivity, else they will face streaming issues.

Another customer, Penny Flores faced an issue of checking the schedule of live TV that she would like to record. In her review, she mentions that she sees a page showing thumbnails of all the shows she is recording and makes it difficult to see what is coming up this week.

Dave Nelson reveals in his Tablo Dual review that even though the dual tuners are busy recording channels, the antenna signal is split between the TV and Tablo input. This way users can access channels via the antenna’s signal directly too.

One John Padilla claims in his Tablo Dual review that the $50 cost for the guide is not a deal-breaker but has decent features. He did find the guide to be a little slow to load when the mode is changed. Another issue that his review highlights is that Tablo Dual has a buffering issue even when it is hardwired at the highest resolution. It freezes the video while the audio continues for a few seconds and resumes back. The problem does go away when he drops back to the second best quality level. He does suggest users go for 4-Tuner DVR if there are multiple people streaming and recording at home.

Another customer, Roman Wolfe asserts in his review that the device isn’t worth the money since it doesn’t catch a lot of channels in his area. Also, he had difficulty installing the Android version Tablo app and connecting the DVR to it. He tried to access channels using a Roku stick app but found no way to control the device.

Hazel Walker discloses that she is happy with the setup and functioning of Tablo Dual but has issues with the box getting too hot while working. Her review adds that Tablo wouldn’t work if the internet goes away and thus negates the antenna feed.


Tablo 2-Tuner REVIEW

Jacqueline Price complains in her Tablo 2-Tuner review that even though the idea of using a Tablo might be fascinating, setting it up can be time-consuming. She is disappointed since there were no detailed instructions included with the DVR. Instead, she had to search the internet and follow setup instructions online.

Another wishful reviewer, Don Daniels liked the idea of Tablo 2-Tuner but says that it would have worked better if it had an HDMI output, an infrared remote control, and a way to adjust the tuner sensitivity.

A Tablo 2-Tuner review by Natalie Castillo cautions users against false advertising of Tablo. She reveals that the TV doesn’t operate without a computer while using Tablo unless it is connected to the outside antenna as well. The manufacturers don’t mention it anywhere about connecting the TV to an antenna to use it in a normal way.

Tablo 4-Tuner

As per Jacob Harvey, a Tablo 4-Tuner reviewer, it is unreliable, locks up frequently, and might get stuck in a loop while streaming live TV. The system will resume after trying to make it work frantically or at times simply crash. He also complains that there are times when he sees an Error Weak Signal output even when a station has a strong signal.

Elias Cortez’s review exposes Tablo 4-Tuner to be a time-consuming system since it requires multiple steps and takes a lot of time to respond right. Instead of selecting up and down channels, it requires many clicks to start to get to the desired station. He says that people who prefer watching live TV and are prone to changing channels often will struggle a lot with its poorly designed interface.

According to Sherry Web’s Tablo 4-Tuner review, the interface for Roku Tablo channel is not user-friendly at all. There is no way to set manual recordings and requires an app on the computer for the same. Also, the Tablo app is more like a maze where several steps are to be cleared by hitting OK to begin playing a recording.

One Mona Davis, a Tablo 4-Tuner customer, states in her review that the Tablo apps are poorly designed and has flaws that require constant reboots to make it function smoothly. She also noticed that it lost a lot of sound quality from the original Dolby Digital transmission while watching a surround sound system.

One other customer, Erick Floyd mentions in his review that Tablo supports streaming on 7” or larger devices only and doesn’t work on phones. Another problem he faced with the tuner is that after spending so much money on it, he had to purchase a hard drive separately since it lacks any storage space.

Alberto Holt, a Tablo 4-Tuner customer discloses that the DVR is highly dependent on the ability of the antenna and the distance of the transmission tower in the area. He says that the box can run very hot sometimes due to passive cooling in the device. His review shows concerns regarding its heating up as he suspects that it might fail sooner than it should.

Another customer, Lola McDaniel criticizes Tablo 4-Tuner for its lack of surround sound. The unit transcodes the signal to be compatible with various devices and loses the raw audio and the surround sound ability.

One Tablo 4-Tuner review by Colin Gutierrez advises users to be ready to put time setting it up since it is a little complicated over typical off-the-shelf devices. Users might require some general idea of electronics and a knowledge to set up their Wi-Fi router for the setup. He does mention that there are good support video tutorials by Tablo to help through the setup.

Another review of Tablo 4-Tuner by Kerry Carter uncovers the fact that there is no HDMI out from the unit and it is completely dependent on an internet connection. For people who don’t have Smart TVs, they would have to put extra money to purchase Smart Streaming Devices such as AppleTV, Roku, or Amazon Firestick. She also complains about an additional expense that she had to make in purchasing an external hard drive since Tablo 4-Tuner doesn’t have any internal storage space to record the data on.

Jane Wilkins, a Tablo 4-Tuner customer asserts in her review that its interface is slightly different on every device and this is why the experience on each of them is different as well.

According to Aaron McKinney, Tablo 4-Tuner requires a powerful LAN network to ensure that it functions smoothly since it only works using the internet. Ensure that the other streaming devices also have a good Wi-Fi connectivity or have a wired connectivity since it might require a little more horsepower than Netflix.

Ann Flores’s review discloses that Live TV streams on Tablo 4-Tuner has delays and it takes some time for buffering. Also, she says that channel surfing and switching is also slow using the DVR.

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