T-fal Airbake vs Pizza Stone |Compare T-Fal AirBake and Pizza Stone

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T-fal Airbake

Natural Insulated
It’s meant to boost your baking efforts whether you are making cakes, cookies or any other items for that matter. It ensures that cookies don’t burn and other baked goodies turn out moister. It works with two heavyweight aluminium sheets that surround a layer of air. Because the air temperature of the metal that comes in contact with food is reduced, it cooks evenly all around. Micro-dome technology used here is capable of reducing bake times by around 15% compared to regular insulated bakeware.

Non Stick Insulated
It works on the principle that air which is pressed between aluminium sheets reduces the contact temperature with the food. Thus it’s baked evenly and you don’t have cakes that dome in a centre to contend with. The Micro-Dome technology ensures that you can bake a lot quicker than your conventional insulated bakeware. The non stick surface here also makes it easy to clean when you are done baking.


Pizza Stone

It brings to you the magic of traditional bread and pizza ovens in Europe that were lined with brick and stone, which would store heat so that it could be redistributed evenly. As a result you can get that nice chewy crust you like.
Using it is quite easy as well and you can simply place it in a cold oven and preheat it to desired temperatures depending on whether you are making pizzas or breads. Pizza Stone is said to have thicker stone with high porosity that professional quality results at home. In fact it claims to duplicate pizzeria quality crispy pizza that can be devoured by all.

Its flat surface means pizza is released easily and durable texture ensures that there’s no cracking even in very high temperatures. Pizza Stone is made in the US.


T-fal Airbake Reviews/Complaints

Short Life of Airbake
The design of Airbake will result in limited life and you will need to replace it in time, depending on how often you use them, because they warp. It can get warped so badly that one end of the pan will be about an inch higher than the other half making your cookies roll down.

Too Large a Matter of Concern
T-Fal Airbake is too large and you can have problems fitting it into your oven and for those who do not have big sink washing these sheets could be a hassle.

Chemical Odor
Baking cookies in your T Fal Airbake can sometimes emit an odd chemical odor that could ruin your delicious smelling cookies. There is a chemical used in these sheets that is not safe for sure.

Baking Made Easier
This aluminum baking sheet is made for convenience. It features a nonstick coating and special AirBake construction to help prevent burning, so your treats turn out better and your cleanup is quicker too.

No More Burnt Cookies
With Airbake your cookies and other baked goods will cook up perfectly with without burning the bottom. Now you can get rid of the non-sticky cookie sheets completely as T-Fal Airbake with a new dimple design on the bottom is sure to give you fabulous results. These are large in size and will fit and fill both oven racks perfectly with out wasting space in the oven.


Pizza Stone Reviews/Complaints

Thinner than Promised
The thickness of the Pizza Stone is not same throughout, but consists of ‘feet’; making it non reversible or one sided because of which the placement can be shaky on oven’s wire shelf if the feet don’t line up with shelf wires.

Chemical Odor
Pizza stone when heated can sometimes emit fumes overpowering with chemical metallic smell which is not safe for sure and can ruin your delicious smelling pizzas for good.

Faulty Packaging
Pizza Stone is a fragile item and needs good packaging but at times it is faulty and you could land up with a broken stone which is sure to break your heart.

Pizza with a Perfect Crust
Pizza stone will help you make the best pizzas at home. The stone allows for much more even cooking and provides a true gourmet tasting crust that is impossible to achieve with the aluminum pans.

Small and Perfect
The smaller size of the Pizza Stone makes them quite easy to place in the oven and easy to adjust to fit your needs. The small size enables them to be placed in the sink for a good soaking and they even fit into the small dish drainer for a thorough drying. This set of smaller versatile stones makes storage easier is much better and convenient to use than a large stone.

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