Swivel Sweeper Max vs Swivel Sweeper G2 Review

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Swivel Sweeper Max

This ground breaking sweeper makes brush cleaning ever so easy for you because it traps dirt and debris in a built in tray. There’s no need for expensive and messy bags because the tray opens once you press the tabs at the top of this sweeper. You can then get rid of the dirt without touching the tray. Its low profile design means you can clean under furniture and hard to get areas. Corner brushes that spin at 4000 rpm ensure that dirt and mess is cleared effectively and it folds away nicely for easy storage too.

Swivel Sweeper G2 Reviews

Not a well-made Sweeper
The joint handle in the sweeper is just not up to the mark, and if you apply even a little bit of pressure, it breaks. It’s clearly made out of poor quality plastic and it’s extremely annoying. The back saver handle, which is meant to be of great use, snaps easily too, so what’s the point of it? You spend a good deal of money on this sweeper but it only seems like a waste.

Doesn’t last long
This sweeper clearly seems to work only for a short span of time. With regular use over a period of few months it just stops working. Things like bad connection creep up, making it impossible to use.

Functions okay but it has its limitations
It’s clearly mentioned that this sweeper should not be left on charger for long and if you follow that, it works alright. It does its job on laminate floors and porches with thin carpeting; using it on thick carpeting is quite pointless. It can clean up light dirt and debris but you are promised easy emptying of trash, which is not the case. It has to be tipped over the garbage and you have to use your hands to get stuff out if it gets stuck.

2 thoughts on “Swivel Sweeper Max vs Swivel Sweeper G2 Review

  1. I had the original swivel sweeper and it was great and lasted for years! afte wearing it out I bought the Max and returned it! when I would pull it back toward me it flipped over and dumped the dirt out on the floor! Disappointed because I loved my first swivel sweeper….wish I could find another

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