Superbeets vs BeetElite

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Compare what is it? Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets – It is a supplement of dietary nitrates that promises to boost your Nitric Oxide levels, energy and enhance circulation as well. It is easy to use and delicious too.

BeetElite – It is a health supplement that delivers dietary nitrates to help your body produce Nitric Oxide and boost stamina, energy levels, circulation, oxygen efficiency and exercise endurance as well.

Verdict – Both the products work on the same principle, but BeetElite claims to be ideal for athletes as well, which is why for us it is the winner in this category.

Compare how does it work? Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets – Nitric Oxide is responsible for optimum functioning of cardiovascular system that enables arteries to relax, dilate and improve blood flow and thereby circulation. The patented technology used in Superbeets ensures that mechanisms are boosted, which in turn metabolize dietary nitrate and nitrite in your system. It leads to optimum nitric oxide production, essential for the body.

BeetElite – It brings to the fore the scientific prowess of Neogenis Sport, which is a renowned expert in Nitric Oxide production and performance nutrition. It makes the most out of a patented clinical technology to boost body’s production of Nitric Oxide. The state of the art drying process keeps the nutritional value of beetroots as much as possible and packs a punch compared to other products.

Verdict – The same process is used in making of both the products, but BeetElite amps up Nitric Oxide production in the body. That’s why we call it the winner in this category.

Compare Features – Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets – Rigorous growing standards are maintained in harvesting beets that have highest concentration of dietary nitrates. They are used in formulation of Superbeets with the help of a patented low heat drying process that ensures higher Nitric Oxide power than your regular products. 1 tsp of Superbeets claims to be equivalent to 3 Non GMO beets or half litre bottle of beet juice.

BeetElite – It uses Non GMO beets that are grown from carefully chosen seed of the highest quality. It is grown in a nutrient rich environment to ensure that the beets have the highest concentration of dietary nitrates. It can be used 30 minutes before exercise to deliver NO that is 3 times more than other alternatives. Its ingredients are vegan and gluten free and you get it in two delicious flavors. One shot of BeetElite has Nitric Oxide that is equivalent of 6 Non GMO beets.

VerdictBeetElite is definitely more powerful and takes the game to a higher level. It wins this category because of that.

Compare what to expect? Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets – It stresses that it can improve your heart health and lead to healthy bloody pressure. You can expect it to improve your energy levels, stamina, and better circulation and enhanced exercise endurance. Laboratory studies have shown that it has a quick and lasting impact on nitrate levels when compared to other beetroot products.

BeetElite – Some of the benefits you can get from BeetElite include increased oxygen efficiency, enhanced energy efficiency and circulation. You will see a noticeable difference in your stamina and exercise endurance too. It claims to fuel delivery to working muscles and you also get benefits of beets that are rich in antioxidants and electrolytes. It has clinically proven results.

Verdict – While both the products give similar results, BeetElite can be used by enthusiasts and professionals because they are on much higher scale. BeetElite is the clear winner here.

Compare Ingredients – Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets – Non-GMO Beetroot Crystals, Malic Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Natural Flavors.

BeetElite – Non-GMO beets, natural flavor, malic acid (derived from fruit) and a small amount of stevia.

Verdict – There is absolutely nothing to choose between both of them in this category and they are even on this front.

Compare Reviews – Superbeets vs BeetElite

Superbeets Review

Tastes Bad – Jenny who bought Superbeets complained in her review that the juice tastes horrible and makes her sick if she drinks it on an empty stomach. She believes it can work for those who can ingest it without any trouble but in her case it is only nauseating. She suggests that people could buy a bottle to taste it and see if it works for them. Otherwise it is a better idea to get a filtered variety of juice or powdered alternatives.

Has benefits but it is disgusting – Alan who used Superbeets exposed in his review that you need to look at it as a medicine that you drink purely for health reasons. He negates the claim that it is a delicious tasting juice and asserts that you will not really be drinking it like you chug down orange juice for example. However according to him it has the benefit of beets for those who are on high blood pressure medication.

Not worth it – Robert who reviewed Superbeets revealed in his review that he couldn’t even wait to see its benefits because it was quite horrible to taste. He also brings to attentions certain aspects of marketing, which are completely false. For example, he found out that it has added lemon juice in it, which he had no clue about. It also has around 75 mg of Sodium per serving, which is more than your regular beet juice. According to him it was a lot worse than he had expected and recommends other brands or powdered alternatives that are a lot better.

BeetElite Review

Doesn’t last long – Camilla who reviewed BeetElite complained in her review that though she was excited when the product arrived it was short lived. Since she had a small injury, she stopped working out and taking the juice. She tried it again in a couple of months when her fitness regime was back on track. Unfortunately by then it had gone completely hard though its expiry date was way off. She had stored it exactly as per the instructions and is disappointed by the result.

Bad product – Matthew who bought BeetElite exposed in his review that the product arrived in a rock solid form and he had to use a spoon to break it and use. The underside of the package seal was brown in color. For the price he had paid for it, this product was a big disappointment for him.

Doesn’t show benefits – Larry who used BeetElite complained in his review that he just didn’t see the expected results. There was no staying power during workouts and it didn’t do much for him at all.

4 thoughts on “Superbeets vs BeetElite

  1. I️ have not tried this product yet. Was trying to decide (by the reviews) whether or not the product works. I️ will purchase beer elite and Send my review after 2 weeks of religious usage.

  2. thanks for your review. Beets, being cheaper than greens powder, may be the deciding factor in taking a veg powder supplement at all.

    – “Natural Flavour”.
    My understanding is any ingredient under a certain percentage of the total product is not required to disclose composition on the product label. ‘Natural Flavour’ is made by a third party. ‘Natural Flavour’ has been found to have a single molecule variant of MSG, derived from seaweed. MSG sufferers do your research. Natural Ingredients, being under 3% of a products total composition, are not required by law to be listed on lable (I am Canadian) . Superbeets lists it. I am Canadian. I may be misinformed about any of these things.

    Superbeets, feel the love: being ‘rigorously’ grown, may have a broader spectrum of micro-nutrients. This could be a positive and deciding cucial x-factor for health. for some people.

    Amusing ‘Bloody Pressure’ spelling error in superbeets review.

    Beet Elite:

    -“A hard product”
    Is this a spurious complaint? Does a hard product mean it was oxidized? Perhaps requires a moisture absorbing pak? or not? PLs contact manufacturer about this.

    When you were, as you say, sick and off workout– that is precisely when you should have been taking beet powder. Perhaps if you had been more attentive to your body state of nutrition, you would have maintained health and /or been back to gym sooner.

    -‘Big Disappointment’
    Buyer remorse, and flawed testing methodology?
    (label was brown on bottom? How is this relevant, or secifically indicative of product quality? Was the temp sensitive printing paper exposed to heat at some point in its journey, perhaps rendering the actual product oxidized? The lable could possibly have been an ilegible expiry date”

    -“Didn’t do much for him at all.’:
    What were your objectives: greater stamina or bigger muscles? What is the testing methodology, your pre-workout nutrition, the before and after stats? This subjective statement should not be in an objective review. Altho, it does suggest it did not make you feel jacked and motivated.

    Taste: I think most people will be putting this into their smoothies.

    Thanks for doing the comparison.

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