Super Stubble vs iStubble

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About BaByliss Super Stubble

Super Stubbleby BaByliss for men is an advanced trimmer that provides great stubble control every time. It has an advanced floating contouring head tracks that uses the curves of the face with a ultra-precise adjustment of 0.4 mm shadow with memory settings to accurately trim hair with great comfort. It comes with 24 highly precise length settings to suit most facial hair styles. Super Stubble is cordless and can work for hours thanks to its Lithium-ion technology that provides great trim at lower charge too. Another benefit of Super Stubble is its water-proof capability which makes its usage worry free even under a shower or cleaning it under a tap. Super Stubble uses next-gen blade technology which is electro-chemically sharpened so that it provides easy cut and stays durable for a long time. It also features LED screen displays to show the selected cutting length and the remaining battery level.

Conair iStubble

Conair iStubble is the next generation facial trimmer and comes equipped with technology that makes maintaining facial hair an easy process. It has 15 different length settings that provide great precision and accuracy in maintaining the desired length of facial hair. Conair iStubble has electronic motorized length control which means there is a fine adjustment option between 0.4mm to 5mm. Thus it is perfect for precisely shaping up beards, mustaches, goatees and much more. The secret is the unique floating head tracks that contours over the curves of the face with great accuracy. It also provides greater comfort since there are no nicks and bumps faced due to the head. Conair iStubble has a dual-battery system which makes it efficient for longer hours as there is an extra battery life and even charges faster. It has an LCD display that provides readings for the settings selected and the battery life.


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