StoneDine Pan vs Orgreenic Pan vs Flavorstone Pan vs Stoneline Pan vs ScanPan

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Where is it made?
StoneDine Pan: Made in Germany
Orgreenic: USA
Flavorstone Pan: Germany
Stoneline Pan: Invented and developed in Germany
Scanpan : Denmark


Compare what do I get and price?
StoneDine Pan:

  • 1 Stonedine Frying Pan
  • 1 Stonedine Cooking Pot
  • 1 Stonedine Stewing Pot
  • 1 Stonedine Roasting Pot
  • 1 Stonedine Saucepan
  • 3 Glass Lids
  • BONUS 11” Pan
  • BONUS 11 Piece Knife Set

All this for just $299.97 + $27.75 S/h. Official website


Orgreenic Pan:

  • 1 OrGreenic 9 inch Non-Stick Ceramic Pan
  • 1 OrGreenic Cookbook
  • 1 Food Chopper

All this for just $19.99 plus S&H of $13.98 It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Official website


Flavorstone Pan

  • 1 28 cm/ 11″ Deluxe Flavorstone Deep Pan
  • 1 Saute Pan
  • 1 Casserole Pan
  • 1 Tempered Glass Lid
  • 1 Family Favorites Recipe Guide
  • 1 Tasty Sensations Recipe Guide
  • 1 Thunderstick Blender

You can buy Flavorstone Pan for $149.85 plus P&H of $19.95. Official website |


Stoneline Pan
You get Stoneline 11″ Eco-friendly Stone Coated Non-stick 2pc Frying Pan Set /Glass Lid
You can buy this pan for $73.99.


1 Scanpan Classic 9-1/2-Inch Fry Pan
This pan comes with a full lifetime warranty and is available for $79.99.


Does it let cook food without oil, fat and butter?
StoneDine Pan
No oil, butter or grease is needed and the food won’t stick to the fan. That’s why it’s ideal for fish and steaks; your food will be browned and cooked with perfection without any sticking. You can now make delicious stakes at home the healthy way.

Orgreenic Pan
It has a specially created ceramic, non stick surface that lets you cook without any added oil, butter or fat.

Flavorstone Pan
You can cook without oil, fat, butter and make low fat healthy and delicious dishes.

Stoneline Pan
You only need oil to season your food; that’s it. You can cook food without added oil, butter, fat and make perfect steaks at home.

It’s just right for those who want low fat diets because food can be cooked without added oils and grease.


How can it cook food so quickly?
There is a 4.5 mm magnetized steel plate in StoneDine, which has been designed to absorb heat efficiently. It also evenly distributes the heat across the pan and there are no hot spots left so that food cooks quicker and has amazing flavours without any oils and fats.

Not available

Flavorstone Pan
In this case the heat gets conducted from the base and throughout the pan so that there are no hot spots and food can be cooked perfectly and there is no flash burning.

The thick aluminium base of 4.5 mm is responsible for absorbing heat brilliantly in Stoneline so that you get sensational cooking results. High conductivity of the pan also means cooking is quick and efficient.

The pan was created by squeezing liquid aluminium alloy under 200 tons of pressure so that you get no air or other inclusions. Thus a perfectly flat pan base was created and it’s known for its even heat distribution, greater heat retention and absence of hot spots. Its thickness was decided scientifically to quick and even heating.


How do I clean it?
Simple cleaning with paper towel can do the trick but if you want to go a step further, you can use nylon brush. But it’s recommended that you don’t put StoneDine in the dishwasher as the detergent can adversely affect the non stick surface.

You can clean it with a paper towel but for more thorough results Scotch Brite kind of cleaning pad can be used. You cannot clean this pan in the dishwasher due to the reaction of detergents on non-stick surfaces.

Flavorstone Pan
You cannot place the hot non stick pan in lukewarm dishwater because it will get warped and lose its heat distribution capabilities. Hence it’s recommended that the pan is cooled down completely before immersing it. Using dishwasher regularly and for prolonged periods could lead to the pan losing its colour and bubbles making an appearance on the handle and knobs. The maximum temperature for the pan in the dishwasher is 158 degree F or 70 degree C.

You can use a paper towel for cleaning it well or use a nylon brush for thorough cleaning.

You can clean the pan with warm and soapy water. It can then be wiped clean with a sponge. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher but you will have to take added care so that other glassware etc in the washer doesn’t get damaged.


Can it be used in the oven and at what temperature?
Like all StoneDine cookware it’s safe for use in the oven till 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. But a hot pan should never be placed in cold water because it can crack.

It is safe to be used in the oven till about 400 degrees F.

Flavorstone Pan
It can’t be used in the oven because the handles of this pan are not designed for it.

It can be used in the oven till 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. But cookware coating can crack if the hot pan is placed in cold water. While placing it in the oven, you can cover handles with tin foil for their protection.

The pan, including the handles and glass can be used in the oven till 500 degrees F.


What cooking surfaces can you use the pan on?
StoneDine All stovetop surfaces including gas, electric, induction and ceramic.

Orgreenic Gas, electric, induction and ceramic.

Flavorstone This advanced cookware works on gas, electric, induction and ceramic.

It works on all the regular stovetop surfaces like gas, electric, induction and ceramic.

It’s ideal for glass and ceramic ranges but works very well with electric, induction and gas tops too.


Is it safe for use and does the coating give out fumes?
StoneDine: The coating for contact with food is compliant with FDA’s regulations. Moreover strict procedures are maintained in laboratory testing to ensure that the quality is top notch and it’s safe for use.

Orgreenic: It’s safe for use, the coating doesn’t give out any fumes and it’s compliant with FDA regulations.

Flavorstone: Flavorstone cookware is PFOA free, which is something you should look for if you have pet birds at home because it affects their wellbeing. This cookware is extremely safe for use.

Stoneline: It’s in keeping with FDA regulations and compliant to the standards for coating that comes in contact with food. Proven quality control measures mean safety standards are always met.

ScanPan: The specially formulated cooking surface in ScanPan is safe for use in the oven till 500 degrees F and doesn’t show any decomposition at such high temperatures. It’s one of a kind feature; however the pan has a substance called PTFE, which can decompose and give out fumes at about 660 degrees F. You won’t get to these temperatures while cooking but if it’s left unattended and cooks dry or overheats, it can happen. Hence it’s advisable to not have pet birds in the area, which should also be well ventilated.

Compare Features And Benefits

Stonedine: It’s your way to cooking delicious, mouth watering food without the need for oils and fat. You can also save yourself cooking time. It’s scratch resistant and nothing sticks to it, which makes cleaning easier even with a paper towel. This superior quality pan comes with a 12 year warranty.

Orgreenic: This pan has been created so that you can sauté, braise, bake or fry efficiently. The ceramic non stick surface is a highlight and its ergonomically designed handles mean it stays cool to touch. It doesn’t contain any PFOA making it safe for use and scrubbing doesn’t affect it. The ceramic coating comes with a last for a lifetime guarantee.

Flavorstone: Sapphire non-stick surface is the heart of this pan and its PFOA free too. Its multi-ply construction is responsible for eliminating any hot spots on the pan. It works on all your regular stovetops including ceramic, electric, induction and gas. Flavorstone cookware comes with one pan stove top recipe guide too.

Stoneline: Stoneline pan lets you make yummy dishes in a healthy way because there are no added oils, fats or butter involved. This pan has also reduced the cooking time for people and the fact that it’s scratch resistant makes it ideal for regular use. It’s easy to clean and comes with a 12 year warranty.

ScanPan: The pan base has been scientifically researched to give you optimum results and superior heat distribution. It means you can heat food quickly and there are no hot spots. The non stick surface is permanent and nothing sticks. It doesn’t peel, warp or leads to blisters. There is no need for seasoning or pre-oiling food and you can use metal utensils with it. It is dishwasher safe, can be used in the oven till 500 degree F and comes with a full lifetime warranty as well.

2 thoughts on “StoneDine Pan vs Orgreenic Pan vs Flavorstone Pan vs Stoneline Pan vs ScanPan

  1. How do I cook fish fillets and steak in a stoneline frying pan. Does the pan have to be heated first and to what temperature?

  2. Stonedine Pros

    Stonedine cookware comes with a 12 year warranty. It saves on cooking time, calories and cleanup. It is made with safe reinforced natural stone coating which makes it 10 times stronger and last 10 times longer. It is not made with harmful chemicals. Food cooked in Stonedine gives a gourmet flavor without added fats or oils. It has a magnetized stainless steel plate base for even heat distribution and no hot spots. It is abrasion tested which makes it 10,000 times more durable than ordinary non-stick pans. It can be cleaned easily. No harsh scrubbing is required even for the toughest messes. Food cooked in Stonedine makes it crispy from outside and juicy and full of nutrients from inside. The food cooked tastes as if it has been made on a natural stone surface. It is also recommended by the Chefs. It makes the home food taste good.

    Stonedine Cons
    The Stonedine cookware’s cooking surface is not made of 100% stone. The pricing of the cookware is on the higher side which makes it not worth it. The coating of the cooking surface is very thin. It can only be heated to 350 degrees. Since the pan is made by using stone, it takes more time to cool down due to which food tends to burn. Also, it takes more time for the pan to heat up. The cooking of the food is not eventually distributed. The heat at the bottom of the cookware turns black and the edges of the pan retain grease and burn into the sides. The inside of the cookware cannot be scrubbed hard which makes the coating wear off. It loses its non-stick properties gradually. The main pan that requires oil while cooking cannot be cooked properly on this cookware. The coating of the cooking surface wears soon.

    Orgreenic Pros
    Orgreenic cookware is made by organic ceramic which is not harmful for health. It does not emit dangerous substance to the food that we eat. It has a non-sticky cooking surface. Some foods in Orgreenic can be prepared without using oil. The handle contains non-heating properties which prevents us from burns while cooking. The cookware retains heat for a longer time which is ideal for those who want to save fuel. It is durable and easy to clean. It does not contain PFOA or carcinogenic chemicals in the entire product line. It has a ceramic surface on aluminium body which prevents the material from flaking, scratching or getting into food. The aluminum body of the pans keeps the cookware durable and sturdy. The pan can be cleaned by just rinsing it off and wiping with a sponge. This cuts down on the cleaning time in the kitchen.

    Orgreenic Cons:
    Orgreenic pan needs preseasoning, which means we need to place small amount of oil in the pan and place it over heat until it starts to smoke and then wipe it down. This needs to be done at least twice a year to keep it in order. Orgreenic pans needs to be washed with hands rather than putting it in a dishwasher. Washing it in a dishwasher diminishes the effectiveness of the pan. Orgreenic Pan finds it extremely difficult to cook food which contains high amount of sugar. The moment you add the sugar in the pan, it starts dissolving which sometimes become a hard task to deal with. Sometimes the order takes approximately 3 months to deliver the product instead of their promised 3-6 weeks.

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