Stompeez vs Silly Slippeez

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Stompeez are cool, fun, funky slippers with personality for all little boys and girls. They are comfortable for wear and make for ideal presents for birthdays, holidays or any special occasions.

Silly Slippeez are soft and comfortable slippers for your kids and the cool thing about them is they pop to life as kids skip, jump or walk in them.

Compare Special features

Stompeez – You can stomp, jump and walk wearing Stompeez that pop up as you walk in them. They also keep kids’ feet warm and your carpets safe.

Silly Slippeez Won’t let your kids’ feet get chilly, they are perfect for sleepovers and slumber parties; what’s more, they even glow in the dark, so the fun doesn’t stop.

Compare Material

Stompeez are made out of top quality material with durable stitching.

Silly Slippeez are comfortable to wear because they are made using superior quality, soft material with long lasting stitching.


Compare Characters available

Stompeez The collection of Stompeez includes Unusual Unicorn, All Blue Puppy, Perky Puppy, Growlin Dragon, Be-Pop Bunny, Playful Puppy, Sir One-eyed Monster and Peek-A-Boo Kitty. Silly Slippeez Mr. Monster, Princess Kitty, Sneaky Shark, Lucky Leopard, Zany Zebra and Dizzy Dinosaur are the characters available in the range of Silly Slippeez.

Compare Prices and Offers

Stompeez - You can buy Stompeez for $19.95 plus S&H at You can get a mystery gift with your offer by paying additional S&H of $7.95. Silly Slippeez - You can buy Silly Slippeez for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge at


Compare Pros/Reviews/Advantages

Stompeez are fun to wear and they are quite comfortable as well. If you don’t have very high expectations from them, they can be a source of some amount of entertainment for your kids.

Silly Slippeez can be comfortable to wear to an extent and kids will have fun with them in the beginning.

Compare Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages

Stompeez - One of the most annoying things about Stompeez is the bellow they have in the heel of the slipper. It makes them extremely uncomfortable to walk in. The slippers don’t Stomp and work as they are meant to for long, which is a letdown.

Silly Slippeez You have to be careful when you order Silly Slippeez because they can be defective and look to be of poor quality. The shipping can take long and the customer service is appalling. They don’t work as they are meant to after some time.



Stompeez: Fun slippers but don’t expect them to work or last for long.

Silly Slippeez: An okay product, which you cannot have great expectations from.

One thought on “Stompeez vs Silly Slippeez

  1. What do you expect from Idea Village and Tristar, two companies with no ethics at all. Idea Village are the original pump and dump company that over charges for everything and makes poor quality products and Tristar has become the home of knock off products. You cant trust either company’s products, ethics, and more. All you have to do is google either company and you will see they are in more lawsuits for infringement, class action, and more. Stand clear of both of them, their products are terrible..check out boycott stompeez on Facebook to see the consumers response to the quality of Idea Village products….

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