Squishy Sand vs Brookstone Kinetic Sand Review

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Compare What is it? Squishy Sand vs Brookstone Kinetic Sand

What is Squishy Sand?
It is a new kind of sand that is sticky and can be molded into any shape allowing kids of any age to have creative fun making cool shapes and play indoors instead of sitting hunched over their tablets or glued to their videogames.

What is Brookstone Kinetic Sand?
It is sand that that sticks to itself to form a soft clump so kids can mold it and shape it the way they want to create different shapes. Brookstone Kinetic Sand is sand in motion that flows and takes shape like wet sand but makes sure the surface is dry and mess-free.

Compare How does it work? Squishy Sand vs Brookstone Kinetic Sand

How does Squishy Sand work?
With Squishy Sand kids can go very creative and make tons of designs from the clump of sand using the roller, shovel and scratch knife. Whether the kids want to make a dolphin, castle, race tracks or anything else, Squishy Sand will open up their imaginations because it can be shaped and molded to whatever from the kid fancies.

How does Brookstone Kinetic Sand work?
Brookstone Kinetic Sand sticks together by a bonding agent and flows like wet sand. When pressure is applied to the sand it retains its shape so that you can sculpt and mould it the way you want. Not just kids but adults can also get creative making sculptures and molds with Brookstone Kinetic Sand.


Compare Features and Benefits: Squishy Sand vs Brookstone Kinetic Sand

Squishy Sand Features and Benefits
Squishy Sand is non-toxic sand that is safe for kids from the age of 5 and more. It sticks together to itself, does not scatter or stick to the hands, clothes or even floors. Because of this, cleaning up after playing is not a hassle at all. Squishy Sand does not dry out at all so kids can play with it for ages. The sand encourages kids to be creative and mothers to be worry-free because their kids are doing something constructive. Squishy Sand also makes for great holiday or birthday gifts.

Brookstone Kinetic Sand Features and Benefits
It does not disperse and stays glued together. Brookstone Kinetic Sand is dust and allergen free, naturally antimicrobial and non-toxic so it’s safe for small kids to play with. Brookstone Kinetic Sand does not leave residue behind and keeps your hands and body clean, too. Because its only sticks to itself and keep the surfaces mess-free and dry cleaning it from the floor is hassle-free. Brookstone Kinetic Sand is easily packable, sticks to itself and since it does not scatter you do not need a sandbox to store it. It is soothing and relaxing to play with and great for motor skill development. Kinetic San does not dry out so kids can reuse it and sculpt and mold for years to come.


Compare price and What do I get?

Squishy Sand : The kit includes Squishy Sand, Roller, Scratch Knife and a Shovel. It is available for $14.99 at any retail shop. Official website: SquishySand.com

Brookstone Kinetic Sand : The 1 Kg box of Brookstone Kinetic Sand costs $19.95 and 5 Kg box costs $54.95. The molding tool set is patent-designed to enhance the sculptural details and costs $9.95. Official website: KineticSand.com.au


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  1. I got squishy sand and it was really hard to clean up every video I see only one said it was hard to clean up someone else who got squishy sand tell me is it hard for you to clean it up too.

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