Speedout vs Grabit

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It is a screw and bolt remover that can do the job easily for you. You can now remove screws in 10 seconds or less and can thus ensure that you will never be slowed down. It also means you don’t have to struggle with a stripped screw or a broken bolt for that matter.

Speedout is very easy to use and you can start with drilling the area that has been damaged. You can then use the extracting end to pull out the screw without any hassle. This patented process is meant to work so well that it can remove four inch long and stubborn deck screws out of wood too. The good news is that even if the entire screw or bolt is broken, you can extract it out.

Speedout is made out of durable hardened steel and comes with lifetime warranty. It is reusable thus giving you maximum use out of it.


Alden Pro Grabit 8440P

Removing stripped screws and bolts can be a pain and you often end up wasting a lot of time on it. But Alden Pro Grabit 8440P claims to do the job easily and without too much effort. It is said to be made out of high quality tool steel and is known for its industrial strength. It’s versatile enough to be used in a variable reversible drill and ¼ inch hex screwdriver as well. Moreover it can also remove different types of fasteners and various tamper resistant screws as well.

It’s a two step drill bit and extractor, in one tool with a self drilling tip; hence there’s no need for walking, wandering or grinding. Alden Pro Grabit 8440P has been tempered twice to have it hardened and it can result in multiple extractions for every tool. It’s also said to be made in the US, which says a lot about its quality.


Alden Pro Grabit 8440P Reviews/Complaints

Poor Quality With No Warranty
Alden Pro Grabit 8440P though states that it has been tempered twice for extra hardness can break while extracting a wooden screw or even the smallest screw. The lack of response for the complaints makes you wonder if the warranty given is of any use at all.

Short Life Makes It Undesirable
It is good for just few extractions and after that it can be a real hassel to even extract a small screw with Alden Pro Grabit. If you are planning on a minimum usage maybe this is the kit your looking for but its just not the right one for heavy usage.

A Handy Kit a Must in Every House
With Alden Pro Grabit you do not require any multiple tools as it is a two-step drill bit and extractor in one tool. With this you can get rid of the frustration of removing stripped screws and bolts as you can get the broken bolt extracted in less then 5 minutes and your job is done with no disasters.

SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor Reviews and Complaints

Simply rebranded
The website and the promotional material talks about Speedout, so does the box it comes in, but Grabit can still be seen on extractors. It’s just Grabit-Pro 4 Piece Kit, which has been around for a while. There’s nothing new about Speedout; they have simply re-branded it.

Doesn’t work according to the claims
You are given to believe that the screw extractor can remove screws with chewed out heads too. But that doesn’t happen when you actually try it. Speedout works in some cases and with regular screws, but you can’t have high expectations from it.

Deceptive Advertising
It’s often seen that more advertising there is for a product, lower in quality it turns out to be. Good products work on word of mouth publicity because people really like them and then talk about them. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here because there’s a lot of advertising hype built around Speedout. Makes one wonder why would they have to go into a hard sell mode if the product was decent in the first place. More money people spend on advertising, less is left to keep tabs on its quality.

Poor quality
Speedout is made in China and that shows in its quality. You can’t expect something durable and sturdy here. It works within limitations and can help remove some screws; but that’s about it. The quality of this screw extractor leaves a lot to be desired and it’s definitely not a keeper.

3 thoughts on “Speedout vs Grabit

    • It is industrial strength and is made from high quality tool steel and is designed to be used in a variable reversible drill and extracts many type fasteners. With the Alden Pro Grabit 8440P now you can even bring down the metal gazebo that is rusted and stripped without a second thought.

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