Snuggie vs Slanket vs Nuddle vs Blankoat Review

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Compare Features

Snuggie Fleece Blanket

  • Hands free – use phone, remote, laptop
  • Oversized sleeves – stay wrapped in warmth
  • Super large – one size fits all
  • Perfect for outdoor events
  • Includes special press and open booklight
  • Made of Super-Soft Fleece
  • Features Oversized Pockets
  • One Size Fits All Adults (71 in x 54 in)
  • Machine Washable


  • Gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves.
  • Super-Soft to the touch, lightweight, warm fleece blanket.
  • Large, loose sleeves let your hands run free. You don’t feel like you’re wearing the blanket.
  • Designed to keep your whole body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands.
  • Recommended for anyone 5 feet tall and over or if you want a bunch of extra fleece to wrap up in.
  • Non-pilling
  • Available in 14 Colors, 14 Patterns
  • 60″ X 95″ and over-sized sleeves
  • 100% Polyester Microfibers (Super-soft)


  • Ultra-plush lounging blanket
  • OPENINGS for your arms
  • FOOT POCKET at the bottom to keep your feet tucked in warm and cozy.
  • Long enough to cover your body from your neck to your feet.


  • Gigantic 120-inch long blanket made out of natural wool from Icelandic sheep.
  • Embossed testudine shields corrupted by placement of two colossal Sleeves and edged around with a shell stitch.
  • It is grown, shorn, knitted, cut, sewn and boxed in Iceland*, measuring 306.5cm x 130cm.

What do I get? And Price


  • Snuggie Camouflage Price: $14.99
  • Snuggie Penguins Price: $14.99
  • Snuggie Microplush Leopard Price: $19.99
  • Snuggie Sassy Owls Price: $14.99
  • Snuggie Kids Neon Green Price: $7.00 (BONUS Slipper Socks Included)

Official website


  • Alaskan Blue Slanket for just $29.99
  • Bits Slanket for just $29.99
  • Bubble Pop Slanket for just $29.99
  • Camo Slanket for just $29.99
  • Castlerock Slanket for just $29.99
  • Floral Leaf Green Slanket for just $29.99
  • Floral Leaf Red Slanket for just $29.99
  • Houndstooth Slanket for just $29.99
  • Hunter Green Slanket for just $29.99
  • Impending Bloom Slanket for just $29.99
  • Limoges Slanket for just $29.99
  • Magenta Slanket for just $29.99
  • Nicks Lunch Slanket for just $29.99
  • Night Rain Slanket for just $29.99
  • Peace Keeper Slanket for just $29.99
  • Princess Armour Pink Slanket for just $29.99
  • Ruby Wine Slanket for just $29.99
  • Slankadelic Slanket for just $29.99
  • Sleevin Las Vegas Slanket for just $29.99
  • Slumberjack Slanket for just $29.99
  • Sofa Safari Slanket for just $29.99
  • Texas Long Horange Slanket for just $29.99
  • Texas Tea Slanket for just $29.99
  • Turquoise Slanket for just $29.99
  • Walk The Slank Slanket for just $29.99
  • Beige Slanket for just $29.99
  • Chocolate Slanket for just $29.99
  • First Light Yellow Slanket for just $29.99
  • Moss Green Slanket for just $29.99
  • Royale With Sleeves Slanket for just $29.99
  • Wintergalactic Slanket for just $29.99
  • Zebra Cadebra Slanket for just $29.99

Official website Each Slanket comes with PVC Bag with Zipper

Nuddle Blanketa
Adult Nuddle Blankets
Chocolate – $68.00
Latte – $68.00
Merlot – $68.00
Midnight – $68.00

Kids Nuddle Blankets
Blueberry – $48.00
Cherry – $48.00
Fudge – $48.00

Nuddle Baby Stroller Blankets
Bubblegum Pink – $11.99
Cloud Blue – $11.99
Oatmeal – $11.99

Official website

Sruli Recht Blankoat
Price – $330

Is it machine washable?
Snuggie: Machine Washable
Slanket: Machine Washable
Nuddle: Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low.
Blankoat: Machine Washable

Compare Colors/Patterns available
Snuggie: Available in Camouflage, Penguins, Microplush Leopard, Sassy Owls and Kids Neon Green.

Slanket: Please visit the Official website to see all the colors/patterns available.

Nuddle: Nuddle Adult is available in Chocolate, Latte, Merlot, Midnight. Nuddle Kids is available in Blueberry, Cherry, Fudge. Nuddle Baby Stroller Blankets are available in Bubblegum, Cloud Blue, Oatmeal.

Blankoat: Available in natural, undyed coal, finished with a sleet-colored edge or a dyed teal with a mint finish.

What material is it made of?
Snuggie: Made of Luxurious, Thick Microplush Fleece
Slanket: High Quality 100 Percent Polyester Fleece
Nuddle: Made of Coral Fleece, an incredibly soft polyester fiber.
Blankoat: Made from the wool of The Icelandic sheep

Is it a backwards robe?
Snuggie: Yes
Slanket: Yes
Nuddle: Not to be “worn” like a backwards robe.
Blankoat: Yes

Does it have a patent?
Snuggie: Yes
Slanket: Yes
Nuddle: Patented and trademarked so there is no other blanket quite like it in the world.
Blankoat: Yes


Does it have a hood?

Snuggie: No

Slanket: Information not available

Nuddle: Information not available

Blankoat: Information not available


Does it have pockets?

Snuggie: No

Slanket: Yes

Nuddle: It has OUTER HAND POUCH and an exclusive FOOT POCKET

Blankoat: No


Is it flammable?
Snuggie: The Snuggie passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s flammability test for children’s sleepwear, which means that it’s harder for flame to spread than with your average clothing.

Slanket: Information not available

Nuddle: Information not available

Blankoat: Information not available


Does it cover your back?
Snuggie: NO

Slanket: Yes it covers back

Nuddle: Information not available

Blankoat: Yes


Is it open in the back?

Snuggie: Yes

Slanket: It is open in back

Nuddle: It is open in back

Blankoat: No


Where is it made?
Snuggie: Imported (China)

Slanket: USA

Nuddle: USA

Blankoat: USA


Does it have openings for hands?
Snuggie: Yes

Slanket: Yes

Nuddle: Yes, it was designed to give you hands-free access through the arm holes in the blanket.

Blankoat: Yes

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