Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx Leggings Review

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Compare What is It? Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx

What is Slim & Tone Leggings
It is a top of the line high-waist leggings that provides compression and comfort to give a slimmer look from the bust all the way down to the ankles. It is said to give a smooth and sleek looking silhouette with a fabric that does not cling to the body.

What is Spanx Leggings
These are slimming leggings targeted to provide a chic look while aligning the body in a sexy silhouette. It is meantto provide style and make it instantly perfect for any type of wardrobe without exposing fat, cellulites, muffin tops, etc.


Compare How does it work? Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx Leggings

How does Slim & Tone Leggings work?
The design of Slim & Tone Leggings is engineered with perfection to cover all areas of the lower body. There is an invisible shaper that targets the tummy region, hips, inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks without really clinging. The 360 degree Slimming Technology helps to eliminate the extra layers that is effective in concealing lumps, bumps, cellulite and bulges. The 5-zones mentioned above is seamlessly tucked in and comes with an option of wearing it as high waist leggings or rolled over to become a double control lower waist.

How does Spanx Leggings work?
The amazing design of Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow makes it perfect for providing a Slim & Toned look for the lower body. There is a chic shaping waistband that allows the tummy to fully flatten and provide a structured fit. The butt is lifted high thanks to its revolutionary design and the thighs are shaped to look the best. Also the ankle vents are flattering to work great whether one is wearing heels or flats.

Compare Fabric: Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx Leggings

Slim & Tone Leggings Fabric – The leggings is made with breathable cotton gusset and the fabric consists of 90% Nylon and 100% Spandex.

Spanx Leggings Fabric – The Trim exclusive material is made of 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex/Elastane.

Compare What do I get and Price: Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx Leggings

Slim & Tone Leggings Price – There is a wide range of variety available in Slim & Tone Leggings with a size range of S to 3X and leggings in different colors – Black, Charcoal, Cocoa, Taupe and Navy in full or Capri styles. On purchase, a pair of leggings is provided in desired size, color and style with prices that vary from $10.99 to $19.99.

Spanx Leggings Price – It is available in Black, Admiral Blue, Brownstone and Eggplant colors with size options of S, M, L and XL. The cost of structured leggings is $92.00


Is it machine washable?

Slim & Tone Leggings – Yes it can be machine washed.

Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow – Yes it can be machine washed with cold water.


Can it go in the dryer?
Slim & Tone Leggings – Yes

Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow – It can be tumble dried on low setting.

Compare Reviews/Complaints, Pros and Cons: Slim & Tone Leggings vs Spanx Leggings

Slim & Tone Leggings Reviews and Complaints
Disappointing Seam Work – Susan Cerny who reviewed Slim & Tone Leggings complains that the leggings are poorly stitched and which is why they unraveled and came undone at the crotch area. It is not with one single legging but on repeated purchase of the size suggested via the chart on the website and even with larger sizes the problem remains. She also states that the sole purpose of the leggings was to provide a comfort fit which is does by use of excellent fabric for using at gym 5 times a week. But with disappointing inside seams the leggings do not last for a long time which is wasting the money altogether.

See-Through Material – One customer, Yogi, who used Slim & Tone Leggings reveals that the reason of purchase for her was the leggings being thicker than the usual leggings so that it can be worn under a tunic easily. Instead they look like panty hose and give a feeling of nakedness. Kari, one other customer who used the Slim & Tone Leggings says that her reason of purchase was also the claim that these leggings are not see-through. But on testing a black leggings while putting white underwear on, reveals the color of the underwear which is not really good and the customer is seeking to return it for getting the money back.

Spanx Leggings Reviews/Complaints

Holes In The Seams – Samantha who reviews Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow says she did not like the quality of the leggings at all. On delivery of her first pair the leg portion had a hole in it and the one that came in as a replacement started developing holes in the seam region.

Very Comfortable – Cheryl reviewed the Spanx Leggings Ready -to-Wow and reveals it to be really great when it comes to fitting and shaping. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Not for short skirts – Cheryl also says that despite the fit being very comfortable there was the “Bend Over” issue with the leggings. The problem is one can see right through the seat when bent which is fine if it is used to wear with tunics or long tops but is not good for women who want to use shorter skirts.

Improper Fit – Renee who used Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow complains that the waistband of the legging is very tight and digs in the stomach as opposed to the regular cotton leggings. The fabric holds better but creates a muffin top in process of doing so. One other customer Bonnie who used Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow reveals that the leggings are not designed very well even though they are well-fitted and comfortable. They fail to provide streamlining to the essential parts when compared to the Look at Me leggings. One customer by the name Sally Gardner says that she returned Spanx Leggings Ready-to-Wow because it was very big even though she ordered a small size but liked the material’s comfort.

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