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Compare What is it? Slim Sip Vs Skinny Sprinkles

What is Slim Sip

Slim Sip claims to be a simple, natural way to lose weight, whether you want to shed those excess pounds or are looking for a long term weight loss solution.

What is Skinny Sprinkles

Skinny Sprinkles is an instant strawberry drink mix that promises to help you with your weight reduction plans.


Compare how does it work? Slim Sip Vs Skinny Sprinkles

How does Slim Sip work?

Slim Sip asserts that it’s very easy to use and all you have to do is add it to water and drink it before a meal. Its secret lies in Glucomannan, which is a high quality natural fiber. This active ingredient gently expands in your stomach, which is why you end up feeling full. Hence you feel satisfied in spite of eating less, which leads to weight loss.


How does Skinny Sprinkles work?

It is a drink that has been created by renowned Nutritional Scientist Dr. N. Plummer Ph.D. It works for those who struggle with their weight loss regime because of snacking habit, as this drink makes them feel fuller. Its active ingredient Glucomannan is present in right proportions and it starts working instantly to form a gel in your stomach. As your stomach reacts to the gel just like it would to food, gastric emptying is delayed, which leads to the feeling of being fuller quickly.


Compare Features and Benefits: Slim Sip Vs Skinny Sprinkles

Slim Sip Features and Benefits

  • Slim Sip contains Glucomannan, which has been cleared by European Food Safety Authority to be the only ingredient in its category to not only make a positive difference to your weight loss plan but help you manage normal cholesterol levels too.
  • It emphasizes on the fact that it tastes great and is gentle on your system. Moreover it has only 9 calories per serving, which can be easily incorporated into your daily plan.
  • Importantly, you can reach your weight loss goals while you eat all your favourite foods, according to its claims.


Skinny Sprinkles

  • It is very easy to use; simply mix it with water, allow it to stand for a minute and give it a stir before having it around 30 minutes before your meal.
  • If you are looking for a way to lose weight while you eat everything you want, then Skinny Sprinkles claims to offer you the right solution.
  • With Skinny Sprinkles not only do you feel fuller for longer but it stresses that it is a source of Vitamin C and B3 for your needs. It also helps reduce tiredness and feeling of fatigue.


Compare Ingredients: Slim Sip vs Skinny Sprinkles

Slim Sip

Slim Sip has Glucomannan as its active ingredient, which is responsible for the results you get.

Skinny Sprinkles

Glucomannan in right quantities for weight loss, according to EFSA is the active ingredient in Skinny Sprinkles.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Slim Sip vs Skinny Sprinkles

Slim Sip Side Effects

According to Slim Sip reviews some side effects were noticed in the diet drink. One of the side effects that can happen on rare occasions is blockages of esophagus, throat or intestine. As Glucomannan is a fibre, there’s the potential risk of it expanding in your throat causing blockages. Hence those who have had any esophagus related conditions are advised stay away from Slim Sip.

Another review of Slim Sip can have slightly unpleasant side effects in the gastric area of your body. From loose stools to diarrhea, constipation, flatulence and bloating; there are several side effects that can be seen. Given the presence of Glucomannan, Slim Sip can be a risk for those who suffer from diabetes. That’s because it could lead to excessively high or low dips in blood sugar, which can be life threatening for those with diabetes.


Slim Sip Review, Complaints, Side Effects, Pros and Cons

Karen who reviewed Slim Sip says that the ingredient might not be as revolutionary as the manufacturers are making it out to be. She also adds that though it has stopped her from snacking but there has been an issue with stomach cramps and a headache.

Bridget complains in her review of Slim Sip that it has not worked for her at all. In spite of using it for five days, it doesn’t suppress the appetite like one is given to believe in the commercials. That makes it quite disappointing.

Layne who has been using this weight loss drink for a few days exposes it in her Slim Sip review by saying that it increases visits to the toilet. There’s also the problem of tummy ache. Thus though it might taste good and stop you from snacking, you have to time taking it according to your schedules. You have to think about when you want to go out because it has the effect on you in about 20 minutes.

Tina who has used it for a week complains in her Slim Sip review by saying that it only makes you feel bloated because of the amount of water you have to keep drinking. Even after a week-long use you don’t lose weight in spite of being on a good diet.

Venus exposes the weight loss drink in the Slim Sip review by saying it does not make you feel fuller before eating in any which way. The advertisements are misleading and it can be a total waste of your money.
Polly complains in her Slim Sip review that there were some serious side effects. There was the problem of feeling breathless and extreme swallowing difficulties. It’s an awful product, which can be risky to use too.


Skinny Sprinkles Review, Complaints, Side Effects, Pros/Cons

One Skinny Sprinkles review suggests that there are very few side effects that are often caused because of its misuse. Like for example, if you don’t have specified amount of water, chances are there will be blockages that occur in the intestine. Some of the other side effects of Skinny Sprinkles include Gas, bloating, nausea, feeling of fullness and abdominal pain. However feeling of fullness is its desired impact and the side effects don’t really happen to everyone. Side effects, if any occur; then they are experienced in a rather mild form. But you have to monitor its proper use to avoid them.


Skinny Sprinkles Pros and cons

One Skinny Sprinkles review maintains that it is a snack replacement instead of a meal replacement. It is meant to control your appetite between meals and it does that job well.

Another Skinny Sprinkles complains that it is not tasty to drink as projected in the advertisements. It tastes like soluble paracetamol with some strawberry flavour in. It recommends stirring everything quickly while it is floating before gulping it down in one.

One Skinny Sprinkles review says that it contains caffeine in the form of guarana and green tea. It gives you the extra perkiness without getting you wired because the caffeine amount is not that high. It gives your willpower the boost it needs and the results start to show as you begin to lose weight,

One reviewer in Skinny Sprinkles review complained it can be quite expensive because a week’s supply costs you about £29.95. If you are looking for a long term solution then this might not be it; however you can get its advantages for say a week or two.


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