Slap Chop vs Vidalia Chop Wizard

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Slap Chop Features

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • You never need to switch blades
  • An all-purpose chopper for all your chopping needs
  • The more you slap it, the finer it gets
  • Separates outer skin from onions and garlic
  • Also combines food as you chop
  • Butterfly opening to clean blades; no changing of blades
  • Rotating stainless steel blades


Vidalia Chop Wizard Features

  • Chop vegetables, fruit, cheese, and more in half the time
  • Handy gadget chops and dices veggies with one swift motion
  • Make fresh tomato salsa, perfect stir-fry, juicy fruit salads and more
  • Catch container doubles as a measuring cup with marks from 1/2 cup up to 2 cups
  • The base has rubber stoppers so the unit sits firmly on your counter with no clumsy sliding around
  • Includes 2 super sharp insert discs for perfect chopping and dicing every time
  • The smaller dicing blades are great for real small cubes like onions for egg salad, and the larger pieces for fruit salads
  • Includes handy lid cleaning tool; dishwasher safe


Compare What do I get? And Price

Slap Chop

  • 2 Slap Chop Units
  • 2 Graty (Cheese Graters)

Price: $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website


Vidalia Chop Wizard
Two Sets of Vidalia Chop Wizard. Each includes a 2-cup catch container, a chopping blade, fine dicing blade and lid-cleaning tool.
Price: $19.95 Plus $15.90 S & H. Official website


What does it do?
Slap Chop: Manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part. Every slap triggers the 3 blades below to chop and cut the food. The more you slap the Slap Chop, the finer the food gets. Dice, Chop & Mince in just seconds.


Vidalia Chop Wizard has ultra sharp precision cutting blades that do the work quickly and efficiently work for you. It does all this without any tears or sliced fingers! You get to chop your kitchen preparation work in half! Dice tomatoes without the mess, chop lettuce, asparagus and carrots, dice garlic and pepper and save precious time.


Is it dishwasher safe?
Slap Chop: Yes, It is Dishwasher safe
Vidalia Chop Wizard: Yes, It is Dishwasher safe


What material is it made from?
Slap Chop: Plastic body with stainless-steel blades
Vidalia Chop Wizard: Plastic body with stainless-steel blades


Is it patented?
Slap Chop: No
Vidalia Chop Wizard: No


Does it chop hard food?
Slap Chop: Chops up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly and easily. For hard foods you need to slap over 20 times. Hard food tend to get trapped in the blades.

Vidalia Chop Wizard: Yes it can chop any hard food, BUT you need to apply more force to push harder vegetable.


How is it powered?
Slap Chop: No electricity required, It is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part.

Vidalia Chop Wizard: No electricity required, Just close the lid and slice, dice, chop and julienne vegetables, fruit and cheese with the glass reinforced lid, in one easy fluid motion.


Vidalia Chop Wizard: 2-YEAR WARRANTY


Compare Product Dimensions and Weight

Slap Chop: 9.8 x 4 x 4 inches. Weighs 1 lbs.
Vidalia Chop Wizard: 1.2 x 10.5 x 11.9 inches. Weighs 3 lbs

Compare Bowl Capacity

Slap Chop: 1.5 cups
Vidalia Chop Wizard: 2 Cups

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