Slap Chop vs Magic Bullet

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Slap Chop Features

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • You never need to switch blades
  • An all-purpose chopper for all your chopping needs
  • The more you slap it, the finer it gets
  • Separates outer skin from onions and garlic
  • Also combines food as you chop
  • Butterfly opening to clean blades; no changing of blades
  • Rotating stainless steel blades

Magic Bullet Features

  • Does any job in 10 seconds or less
  • 17-piece high-speed mixing system chops, whips, blends, and more
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe cups and mugs; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Durable see-through construction; press down for results in 10 seconds or less
  • Features specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design
  • Make Smoothies and Protein Shakes… in seconds
  • Make Instant Snacks and Sandwich Spreads
  • Make Life in the Kitchen Easy
  • Make Fancy Frozen Coffee Drinks
  • Make Complete Meals – Made and COOKED in the Magic Bullet
  • Make Perfect Frozen Cocktails – Right in the Party Mugs!

Compare What do I get? And Price

Slap Chop

  • 2 Slap Chop
  • 2 Graty (Cheese Grater)

Price: $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website


Magic Bullet

  • High-Torque Power Base
  • Cross Blade and Flat Blade
  • Tall and Short Bullet Cups
  • Shaker/Steamer Tops
  • Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids
  • Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lip Rings
  • The Magic Bullet “10 Second Recipe” Book
  • 1 Bullet Blender
  • 1 Bullet Juicer

Price:$99.99 + $39.98 S & H. Official website


What does it do?
Slap Chop : The Slap Chop is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part. Every slap triggers the 3 blades below to chop and cut the food. The more you slap the Slap Chop, the finer the food gets. Dice, chop & mince in just seconds.

Magic Bullet : The secret to the Magic Bullet’s time-saving efficiency is the specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design that automatically circulates food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone region with so much force and speed that it can do virtually any job in 10 seconds or less.


Is it dishwasher safe?
Slap Chop: Yes, Dishwasher safe

Magic Bullet: All of THE BULLET parts except the Magic Bullet power base, Cups, blades, Party Mugs, lids and lip rings are dishwasher safe.


What material is it made from?
Slap Chop: Plastic body with stainless steel blades

Magic Bullet: The components are made out of high-impact plastic. Unlike glass, they do not shatter when dropped.


Is it patented?
Slap Chop: No

Magic Bullet: No


Does it chop hard food?
Slap Chop: Chops up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly and easily.

Magic Bullet: High-speed blender grates, grinds, blends and mixes drinks in 10 seconds.


How is it powered?
Slap Chop:
No electricity required. It is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part.

Magic Bullet: Electricity required, Wattage Output: 250 Watts


Compare Warranty
Slap Chop: 3 Year Limited Warranty

Magic Bullet: 1 Year Limited Warranty


Compare Weight
Slap Chop: 1.15Lb
Magic Bullet: 6.350Lb


Compare Bowl Capacity
Slap Chop: 1.5 cups

Magic Bullet: 16 OZ, 3/4 cups


Does it crush ice?
Slap Chop: No

Magic Bullet: Yes


Can it grind meat?

Slap Chop: No

Magic Bullet: Yes, it will grind meat as long as you add a small amount of liquid


Is it BPA free?
Slap Chop: YES

Magic Bullet: YES


Does it make juice?
Slap Chop: No

Magic Bullet: Yes it can make juice


Is it microwave safe?
Slap Chop: No

Magic Bullet: Only the short and tall containers are microwave safe


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