Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

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Compare What is it? Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite
Gives you tighter skin without surgery, and also helps in the reduction of wrinkles.

The TriPollar STOP Facial Skin Renewal Device is an easy to use non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment device that you can use at home.

Silk’n FaceFX is an advanced at-home, anti-aging device that uses a combination of fractional red light therapy and deep dermal heating to stimulate collagen production and leave you with long-term radiant skin.

Compare what to expect? Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite
Helps in the reduction of superficial sun and age spots, rejuvenates collagen and elastin fibres, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.


The TriPollar technology has been clinically proven to create a thicker, suppler dermis layer containing higher amounts of collagen fibers. The dermis layer serves as the skin’s infrastructure, so making it stronger will ensure better support to the upper (epidermis) layer of the skin and result in:
• Reversing the signs of ageing – a non-surgical face lift
• Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Firmer skin with a tighter and improved texture
• Younger more supple looking skin



Helps in the stimulation of collagen production and attain long-term radiant skin. It also improves skin texture resulting in soft and smooth skin and brightens dull color for a fresher, younger appearance.

During a session with Silk’n FaceFX it is normal to experience and feel:

A Sensation of Warmth – You may feel slight warmth which is normal and should disappear up to an hour after the session.

Some Mild Red Color –After each Silk’n FaceFX session you may notice a slight reddening of the skin (mild erythema) over the treated area. This is normal and should fade within an hour or two.

A Fan Noise – It is normal to hear a fan noise turning on and off during FaceFX treatments. This safety feature helps regulate the skin temperature during use.

Best results can be expected 3-7 weeks after completing the recommended course of treatment.

After treating with Silk’n FaceFX – On completion of the FaceFX session turn it off by pressing the POWER ON/OFF SWITCH. After each session it is recommended that you clean your FaceFX device.

Compare how does it work? Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite employs revolutionary HT anti-ageing technology that helps in:
• Wrinkle reduction & facial skin tightening
• Rejuvenation of collagen and elastin fibres
• Lifts facial contours & reduces superficial sun and age spots
• Strengthens the deeper layers of the ski
• Improves the structure and elasticity of the skin 5 levels of treatment intensity


TriPollar technology is a 3rd generation RF solution that has proved it to be the most advanced RF technology for facial contouring. Patented TriPollar RF technology employs three poles to deliver high-frequency electrical energy simultaneously, to both the deep and shallow dermis layers while protecting the skin surface. The internal heating stimulates fibroblast activity, increasing collagen fiber production and replenishment. Employing several poles allows the device to focus the TriPollar energy deep into the dermis, thereby rendering it both safe and effective for anti-aging treatment.

Penetrating the skin layers, the TriPollar RF energy selectively heats the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby increasing new collagen and elastin fibers production.

The contraction of collagen fibers and the regeneration of the collagen and elastin deposits tighten the skin layers leaving skin smoother, healthier and younger looking.


Touching FaceFX against your face makes the 24 small red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) light up and at the same time FaceFX gently warms your skin to the perfect temperature allowing the red light therapy to stimulate multiple layers of your skin for a total solution.

Active HF technology targets the top layer, working on fine lines and pores to improve skin texture, while the Deep HF technology penetrates the skin deeply to target larger wrinkles and discolored spots.

How often should you use it?

Silk’n FaceTite – 2x/week for 15 minutes per treatment zone, treating each zone separately.

TriPollar – It is recommended to use the TriPollar STOP 2 -3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. Also, the STOP device should not be used more than once every other day. It is important to let the skin rest in between each treatment. This allows the natural process of the skin’s collagen renewal to take full effect. On completion of the initial treatment, it is recommended to use TriPollar STOP once every 2-4 weeks and as needed to maintain the long term anti-aging results.

FaceFX – Treatment Schedule: For the first month, use FaceFX 3 times a week for 5-7 minutes on each treatment area. Each treatment session should be around 15-20 minutes.

Compare how long before you see the results?

Silk’n FaceTite – You will see visible results in 5 weeks. For optimal results -repeat twice a week for 10 weeks.

TriPollar – 6-8 weeks

FaceFX – Use FaceFX once a week to maintain your results. Visible results can be noticed in 3-7 weeks of treatments.

What areas can it be used on?

Silk’n FaceTite – Forehead, cheeks, upper lip, neck, chin and jawline for women and men, suitable for all skin types and colours.

TriPollar – Tightens the skin on your face, neck, arms. It is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types.

FaceFX – Cheeks, forehead, neck, and around the eyes.

Compare Technology: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite
The revolutionary HT Home Tightening technology synergises between 3 potent energy sources: Bi-Polar RF energy, Red LED light and IR Heat Energy.

Utilizes safe and effective RF (radio frequency) technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten skin, eliminate wrinkles and leave you with a tightened, younger looking appearance. TriPollar technology enables a non-surgical, pain-free, quick and effective ‘face lifting effect without the need for surgery or a long recuperation period.

Home Fractional (HF) Technology is one of the best and most revolutionary methods to skin care and treating wrinkles. Red light therapy has been proven to help in the reduction of wrinkles and improve skin texture, tone and color. It is not available for home use so far. FaceFX divides the single red light into 24 much smaller Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs making it safe for non-professional use.

Compare Light Type: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite – Infra red light.

TriPollar – Radio Frequency.

FaceFX – Single red light into 24 much smaller Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs.

Compare Wavelength: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite – Wavelength Red light- 620nm±20nm; Wavelength IR- 850nm±20nm

TriPollar – No information available.

FaceFX – 635 nm

Compare Safety Feature: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite – Comes with a unique built-in heat stabilizer designed to measure skin temperature and stabilize the emitted heat energy.

The TriPollar is designed with internal safety features which ensure your safety as long as you use it as intended. Between the four electrode polar dots which emit the radio frequency, there is a heat sensor, measuring the right heat and there is an indication light which tells you when the right heat level is reached and when it is time to add or decrease the energy settings.

FaceFX – A temperature sensor is embedded in the treatment tip of the Silk’n FaceFX to help protect your skin. This sensor ensures the skin’s surface will not exceed 41°C / 106°F.

Compare Cleaning: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite
Unplug Silk’n FaceTite before cleaning. After every treatment session, it is necessary to clean your Silk’n FaceTite device, especially the treatment surface.

Use absorbent paper (such as toilet paper or hand drying napkins) to gently wipe the gel residue off the treatment surface.

Do not immerse Silk’n FaceTite or any of its parts in water.




FaceFX – It is recommended to clean your Silk’n FaceFX device after every session.
• Turn Silk’n FaceFX off by pressing the POWER ON/OFF SWITCH
• Unplug Silk’n FaceFX from the electrical outlet
• Allow cooling down of its TREATMENT SURFACE
• Use a dry, clean cloth and a specially formulated cleaner for electronic equipment to gently wipe the device, especially its TREATMENT SURFACE.
• Never immerse Silk’n FaceFX or any of its parts in water
• Never clean the FaceFX or any of its parts under the tap or in the dishwasher.

Compare Price: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite – $249.99

TriPollar – $409.00

FaceFX – $96.85

Compare Warranty: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite – 1 year

TriPollar – 2 years

FaceFX – 1 year

Compare Pros and Cons: Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

Silk’n FaceTite Pros
Marie Wilkins says that it is the best at home device for overall skin tightening. It’s easy to use, compact, and does the job.

Monica Silva writes that her skin is getting smooth by using it.

Kate Moore states that her face became firm and bright after she used it 8 times.

Kathy Wells says that it has a beautiful design and is easy to use.


Silk’n FaceTite Cons
Leticia Perkins complains- “From the purchase of the Silk’n FaceTite to now, less than half year, the number of uses has not more than twenty times, now the button is bad, and the device stopped working.

Marianne Barber says- “Firstly, the switch button has yellowed, not clean; it seems to have been used. I suspect it was not new. Another reason is that I purchased at Amazon UK,I do not understand why its manuals are available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch, but not in English. I only understand English and Chinese. So I hope I can receive the English version of a manual.”

Belinda Sparks writes- “It is probably very good but I have found that it breaks me out in tiny pimples all over my face. I can only imagine it’s the slider gel rather than the machine itself. I’m disappointed as I think it would have made a difference but I can’t see the point in continuing to use it only to be covered in spots.”

Miranda Rodriguez says that she spends 15 minutes on each zone which seems a very long time, and makes her arm ache.

Hazel Richardson claims that after she used it her face was red and itchy.

Whitney Jones writes- “It’s got a big, flat treatment head, which is convenient to use on most of the targeted areas, but can also be annoying if you try to target smaller areas or an area which is not flat enough, for example, under the eye and forehead. Because it can only be turned on when the treatment head fully comes in touch with your skin it doesn’t work on curvy areas. It would have been better if there is a changeable head for the smaller areas.”


TriPollar Pros

Tamara Williams states- “It works fine mechanically, it comes with plenty of gel.”

Katrina Austin says- “Instructional DVD is good. It is easy to use and has safety features so you don’t burn yourself. It can get warm but as long as you keep it moving it is not unpleasant at all.”

Lora Estrada writes- “It is handy and easy to use. The cream is not sticky and you will start seeing improvement on the skin.”

Betsy Massey says it works and is worth the money.


TriPollar Cons
Marilyn Lyons complains that it did not bring her any anticipated results.

Irene Brown says “The green indicator light works, but no heat is generated.”

Tonya Peters complains that it left some very tiny red bump on her arms.

Angelica Hale claims that each time she used the TriPollar she got a bad headache.

Josefina Andrews is not happy with the TriPollar and mentions- “Used three times a week but I feel it’s drying my skin and giving me more wrinkles.”

Pam Ramsey complains- “The cord is awkward and doesn’t stay in well while in use. I have to unplug and re-plug it into the unit repeatedly throughout a treatment to keep the unit on.”

Virginia Ortega writes- “The light that indicates when to move to another section on the face only works sometimes.”

Juanita Dunn says the first time she used it she got red, rough patches on her skin a day or two later.

Sadie Holloway states that the company suggested she use more prep gel but the prep gel is very expensive and you do have to use a fair amount.

Sophie Wise says- “The gel is gooey like honey and stinks like a bad men’s cologne.”

Alicia Brooks writes- “It can’t burn your skin but it gets uncomfortably hot and leaves red marks for a few minutes.”

Shelia Perez states that the treatments can get a little painful.

April Hunter claims that it would get unplugged or just shut off for no reason.

Sherri Meyer complains- “It gets very hot, and it is critical to keep the head moving on the skin. It starts buzzing when not enough gel covers the skin.”


FaceFX Pros
Marlene May is happy with the FaceFX and writes-“My pores are smaller and skin looks healthier with better color.”

Doris Bennett says she noticed immediately that her pores were tighter and that the dark circles under her eyes were less prominent.

Jasmine Collins mentions that it is so simple to use.


FaceFX Cons

Cecilia Abbott states- “This needs a charger and the cord is short.”

Diana Roy mentions-“I spot checked at first on a hidden patch of skin and read all the directions. It was fine on the patch test on the upper thigh. Once I used it on my face, it made my skin bumpy and itch at first like an allergic reaction.

Toni Lane says that there was no change or difference on her.

Chelsea Moody writes- “No improvement on wrinkles. Not really worth the money.”

Maggie Green says she is very frustrated that the device only works while plugged in to charge.

Delia Wallace complains- “I have sensitive skin and found if I used it for too many minutes my face felt burned, like a sun burn. I think it should come with goggles also. The light is very bright even with your eyes closed. I didn’t see any improvement in pore size.”

Lynne Lewis claims that she had a bad breakout.

Pauline Lawrence states- “Treatment time is much longer for pain, so I have now used it twice for 15-20 minutes.”

One thought on “Silk’n FaceTite vs TriPollar vs FaceFX

  1. Cool gadget!
    First I want to start off by saying this isn’t a paid review as I know people think when someone gives a sparkling review that it isn’t “real” This device has 7 different functions. SEVEN. It’s an all in one beauty tool that I have used for awhile now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I use this everyday and if you purchase it and want to see results. Use it everyday. The goggles are funny, but, honestly the red light is a bit strong so I do use them! It’s smart that they include the goggles! I thought initially that I wouldn’t use the goggles, however definitely use them! My mother just came to visit me and she was looking at my skin and said “did you do anything to your face?” I really think she thought I had Botox as the lines on my forehead have drastically diminished! This product with a good skincare regimen will most certainly give you amazing results! My favorite option is the red light therapy ( for help with aging skin). A second favorite option is the blue light therapy, when I feel like I’m getting a pimple I spend extra time to use the blue light on my face and if it doesn’t completely make the breakout not occur it lessens the look of it! I barely ever write reviews, but, this product is very worthy of me taking time to write about it. My advice is make time in your day to use all of the features. I am a mother and I own my own business and I have VERY LITTLE TIME. But, now I make time to use this every night. I think that’s the trick. Stay consistent with this and you will not be disappointed! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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