Silk’n FaceFX vs Tripollar Stop

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About Tripollar Stop

Tripollar Stop is a breakthrough skin renewal device that is capable of reversing the signs of aging and postpones it to provide a younger looking skin. Stop is a revolutionary device that works with a power supply to provide professional level treatment for smooth and young looking skin right at home, which can be self-administered saving a lot of clinic and personnel costs. It uses a clinically proven Frequency Technology that heats the skin to provide warm, relaxing sensation over the skin and starts to work from the inside providing a therapeutic action in the deeper layers of the skin. This increases the dermal activity to stimulate collagen production and thickens the dermis for a tight and firm looking skin. While using Stop the skin feels relaxed and is said to be used for approximately12-15 minutes for 2-3 times a week. The results of Stop are visually significant and so quick that they start appearing within 6 to 8 weeks. The Preparation Gel that comes along with Stop is formulated to work specifically with Tripollar Stop to protect the epidermis and ensure that the required warmth and energy reaches in the deep layers of the skin easily for optimal results.

Silk’n FaceFx

Silk’N FaceFX is an anti-aging device that uses a ground-breaking technology to reduce the effects of aging. It promises that it takes care of the wrinkles and fine lines that start to develop on the face. The tightening of the skin, younger look and radiant glow are few things that Silk’N FaceFX provides without any need of expensive professional treatment. It is a hand-held wireless device that can be self-administered at home and uses Home Fractional (HF) Technology to not just remove wrinkles and firm the skin but to also tighten the pores and improve skin color and texture. The combination of fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating from Silk’N FaceFX stimulates collagen production of the skin to develop a radiant skin with softness and firmness. Use of 15-20 minutes three times a week provides great looking skin and results start appearing in couple of weeks from application of Silk’N FaceFX. Since the treatment is about generating natural collagen from the skin with help of deep tissue therapeutic effects it is not harmful to the skin at all. Instead the results of Silk’N FaceFX are much long lasting than any other artificial treatments done in expensive professional clinics.


Tripollar Stop Reviews and Complaints

Tripollar Stop is not a satisfying device and doesn’t prove true to its promises and claims. Many people have used it for the recommended timeline but have not seen any distinct visual change in their skin. It doesn’t really reduce the wrinkles noticeably and doesn’t clear it up to brighten the skin tone and texture. Instead there are many complaints that with proper use of Stop there is only hot feeling over the skin. There is no recommendation for different skin types due to which it isn’t necessarily comfortable on every skin type. Also the device shape is such that it is difficult to use it over the skin and is not wireless so has to be near a power supply. Plus the device has a tendency to become hotter and can even give a burning sensation to the sensitive skinned individuals. Another drawback of Stop is that when the device becomes hot there is a light signal that can be easily overlooked and should at least have a beep or a buzzer for warning. Users who have used Stop for recommended time are advised by the company to use it further for 6 more months to see visible changes.

Silk’n FaceFx Reviews and Complaints

Silk’N FaceFX has the biggest advantage of similar devices sold in the market and that is its wireless capability. It’s another advantage is the red light therapy, which has good and positive reviews in terms of its effectiveness by proven clinical research. The problem that occurs with Silk’N FaceFX is that it really doesn’t work well enough due to the charging function. Most complaints related to Silk’N FaceFX states that the device stops working after first couple of uses and with some people experiencing non-functioning Silk’N FaceFX after the 1st use itself. The charging mechanism is also time consuming and needs an overnight charge to make it work. Plus the customer care is non-existing or not good at functioning, which makes it worse if a replacement or repair is needed under warranty. The effectiveness over the skin also isn’t that great and there has been mixed reactions amongst consumers due to different skin type. Silk’N FaceFX doesn’t specify what skin type it would work the best for and that is why for most skins it simply just provides a warm massage without any real results like diminished wrinkles, tightened pores, change in firmness of skin, brightened, toned color and texture.


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