Shred Emulsifier vs Vitamix

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Shred Emulsifier vs Vitamix

Compare Features and Benefits: Shred Emulsifier vs Vitamix CIA Series

Shred Emulsifier

What is Shred Emulsifier:

It is a kitchen appliance that claims to turn your regular diet into a high nutrition, weight loss solution.
Shred Emulsifier promises to help those looking to lose weight while staying healthy at the same time. Our eating habits today mean our bodies don’t often get the nourishment they need. But Shred Emulsifier claims to get you the goodness of fruits and veggies by using four blades that retain their flavour too. These surgically sharp blades are at the heart of this appliance that creates a super cyclonic force that pulls ingredients down towards the blades. Hence healthy food items are pulverized, liquefied, emulsified ensuring that fibre and essential phytonutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

Shred Emulsifier features

It has eight pre-programmed buttons that offer you one-touch simplicity. It’s also important to remember that Shred Emulsifier doesn’t do any shredding. It derives its name from the popular Shred Diet, created by Dr. Ian Smith, who is also at the heart of this appliance. Shred Emulsifier has a heavy duty motor that operates at 30,000 RPM. Moreover 1500 watts of power create cyclonic force, which is why it’s so effective.

Benefits of Shred Emulsifier

According to its claims, Shred Emulsifier can pulverize, liquefy and emulsify fruits and veggies, which retain their nutrients and flavours intact. It can also help you make a wide range of foods; from soups to smoothies, whole grain flour, frozen drinks and more.


Vitamix CIA Series

What is Vitamix CIA Series:

It is a blender that has been brought to you by Vitamix and Culinary Institute of America, and claims to train professional chefs of our times.
Vitamix CIA Series seems to have been created with the needs of professional chefs in mind, who want to get their blending jobs done efficiently and quickly. Vitamix is a family owned and run company for almost a century now and has become a market leader in the world of blending technology. Vitamix CIA Series is a product of it joining hands with CIA, which makes it a promising blender for professional chefs of today and tomorrow.

Features of Vitamix CIA Series

It’s known for its commercial grade 2 peak horsepower motor, capable of propelling blades up to 240 mph, making it powerful enough to blend toughest ingredients. Vitamix CIA Series is said to be versatile; it can chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, and more. It’s easy to use for your convenience. Vitamix CIA Series also has variable speed control, which ensures that you can process a variety of textures and ingredients, which is a requirement for professional chefs.

Benefits of Vitamix CIA Series

For starters, it’s said to offer you impeccable performance and long term durability, which is indicated by the 7 year warranty it comes with. Vitamix CIA Series is simple to clean with a drop of soap and warm water; all you have to do is run it on high for 30 seconds. Importantly, chefs can benefit from ongoing recipe ideas and community support as well.


7 thoughts on “Shred Emulsifier vs Vitamix

  1. I purchased my Shred Emulsifier last year. I was very pleased with how well and efficiently it made my smoothies for both breakfast and lunch. My friend has a Vitamix, which works very well too but this is at a fraction of the cost.

    Unfortunately, my poor Emulsifier got a bit too much electricity, now rendering it useless. I am currently looking for parts as I really do not want to purchase another one. I miss my Emulsifier… 🙁

  2. Hello my name is Kimberly and I just got the emulsifier and I’m trying to learn how to work it please be patient with me. I’ll get it soon. thanks mrs .Lindsay

  3. We ordered our Shred Emulsifier several months ago and it has performed perfectly. It does anything a Vita Mix can do at a much lower price. We love it.
    My wife somehow managed to drop a spoon in it while it was running. The spoon got chewed up pretty good. Even though the Emulsifier seems to have suffered no harm, I would still like to put a new blade in it. Are the blades sold separately? How would I go about ordering one? I want to keep this machine in top working order. Thanks for a great product. I highly recommend it.

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