Shred Emulsifier vs Ninja Ultima vs Ninja Mega Kitchen System

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Compare Features and Product Info: Shred Emulsifier vs Ninja Ultima vs Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Shred Emulsifier

Shred Emulsifier with its powerful 1500 watt 2 HP motor and 4 surgically sharp blades that spin spin up 30,000 revolutions a minute, pulverizes, liquefies, and emulsifies fresh fruit and vegetables. The combination of all these create powerful cyclonic force that sucks ingredients down through the BPA-Free carafe. One of the unique feature of Shred Emulsifier is that the centrifugal friction cooks the food in the carafe itself. You have nutritious and fiber-rich hot soups in little time. Shred Emulsifier claims to make everything from smoothies to soups. Shred Emulsifier claims to do the job of 20 different kitchen appliances. Features one-touch button simplicity.


Ninja Ultima

Ninja Ultima features a powerful 1500 watt 2.5 HP to 3 HP motors. Ninja Ultima features 2 types of blade, Total Crushing Blades that rotate at 5,000 RPM and crush whole fruits, vegetables, seeds & ice. High-Speed Cyclonic Blades at the bottom spin independently at 24,000 RPM to liquefy ingredients into a silky smooth consistency in a matter of seconds. Ninja Ultima features a XL 72 oz. made from Tritan Material Durable, stain resistant BPA-free, ergonomically designed pitcher, it has a pour spout build in to the pitcher lid. Ninja Ultima Blender features 5 models – BL800, BL810, BL820, BL830 and BL830CB.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Powered by a 1500 watt 2 HP motor and combined with Total Crushing Technology, Ninja Mega Kitchen System extracts nutrients and vitamins by blending whole fruits & vegetables into delicious drinks leaving all the nutritious pulp. Good for mixing dough, creating frozen healthy drinks, and food processing, even makes ice-creams. Features 72 oz. pitcher.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Shred Emulsifier vs Ninja

Shred Emulsifier Review

We cannot comment on whether the Shred Emulsifier really works or not because none of the customers who ordered it have received it yet. People have ordered Shred Emulsifier as early as Feb 2014 and still haven’t received the product. Many people suspect that the product is not yet manufactured!! TriStar Products INC is the same company that marketed the Healthmaster Elite and other infomercial products which have very poor ratings. So don’t expect Shred Emulsifier to be a magic product that would change your life. As a thumb rule nothing that comes from the TV infomercials really live up to the claims.

Ninja Ultima Blender Review

Though Ninja Ultima blends very well and creates good smoothies, it uses all plastic parts at the bottom they mention “IT MAY CONTAIN LEAD”. The lid is flimsy and feels like it will break easily. Not suited for daily heavy-duty tasks, it certainly is not an alternative to Vitamix or Blendtec. Some customers have complained about motor over-heating and melting the plastic parts. Ninja Ultima does not make soup, the lid is air-tight and not vented. Customers have also complained about issues with cleaning the Ninja Ultima. People are also not satisfied with the warranty of the Ninja Ultima Blender – you have to ship the blender to the manufacturer at your cost with all the accessories included and they will fix it in 5-6 weeks.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

Many people feel Ninja Mega Kitchen System is an under-designed product masquerading as a top quality product. Ninja Mega Kitchen is a cosmetically pleasing and is a large machine. Takes lot of space on the counter. It is fairly good at blending yogurt and protein shakes. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System features a powerful motor and is loud. Many customers are not happy with the blade design. The blades tend to just throw stuff around inside and the blending is not uniform. You have to run the machine for a really long time (10-15 mins) to get consistent smoothies. One customer reccomended re-designing the blades to suck in the contents and rather than throwing it. Some have complained about blades getting dull too early and have dings and chips all over them after a few months of use this results in unusual long time in making smoothies. Ninja Mega Kitchen System does not crush ice, it does not blend veggies and Cleaning the blades is a big hassle. There is no hole at the top so you cannot pour food while the blender is in use so you cannot make dough with this blender. It claims to be a juicer but it is not – it leaves lots of pulp behind. It is not suited to blend chia and hemp seeds, kale and cacao nibs in your smoothies, or any berries with seeds. Made in CHINA.


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