Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

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Compare How does it work: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

How does Shred Emulsifier work

Shred Emulsifier asserts that it isn’t a blender but a sophisticated emulsifier that pulverizes, liquefies and emulsifies fresh fruit, vegetables and more peeling, dicing or chopping them. Its 4 surgically sharp blades that spin up to 30,000 revolutions per minute create a cyclonic force that processes ingredients flawlessly. It employs 8 per-programmed buttons for simple one-touch control and centrifugal friction that cooks food in the carafe.

How does Healthmaster Elite work

Healthmaster Elite is powered by emulsifying function, which helps it prepare a wide range of delicious and healthy meals as well as hot and cold recipes with equal flair. It is equipped with specifications like the exclusive uni-body blade design that pulverize and process ingredients flawlessly.


Compare Features and Benefits: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier Features

Shred Emulsifier features one touch button technology for advanced emulsifying functions. It comes with sophisticated technology that includes surgically sharp blades that spin up to 30,000 revolutions a minute, 8 per-programmed, centrifugal friction power, 2 motor horsepower and 10 speeds along with 2-9 plus Stir and High.


Shred Emulsifier Benefits

Shred Emulsifier is a versatile appliance that can perform functions of 20 kitchen appliances. It guarantees a mind-blowing wide array of meals, soups, smoothies, frozen drinks, and several more recipes that are wholesome and healthy. It features incredibly sophisticated technology that deems it a cut above the rest.

Healthmaster Elite Features

Healthmaster Elite features power-packed emulsifying functions. The unit is constructed of stainless steel uni-body blade, comes four with sharp serrated blades and processes ingredients with 22000 RPM. It has extra large lid opening, stainless steel panels, easy grip pitcher handle and several impressive features.

Healthmaster Elite Benefits

The emulsifying power of Healthmaster Elite allows you to prepare a wide range of healthy meals, ice cream, soups and a lot more in a jiffy. It helps you prepare a wide array of delicious recipes that boost immunity, assist with weight loss and empower you with unbridled energy. It also provides the perfect liquid nutrition that is packed with minerals, fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants and more.

Compare motor horsepower: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : Heavy-duty 2 horsepower motor
Healthmaster Elite : About 2 horsepower motor

Compare wattage: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : 1500 watts
Healthmaster Elite : 1200 watts

Compare material it is made from: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : It is made from Eastman Tritan BPA free plastic.
Healthmaster Elite : Its pitcher is made of Eastman Tritan BPA Free plastic and some parts of stainless steel.

Compare pitcher capacity: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : 70 ounces /2 quarts (2000 ml)
Healthmaster Elite : 70 ounces /2 quarts (2000 ml)

Compare speed settings: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : 10 speed settings
Healthmaster Elite : 10 speed settings

Is it loud?

Shred Emulsifier : Yes. Noise output in decibels not specified.
Healthmaster Elite : Yes. Noise output in decibels not specified.

Does it make soup?

Shred Emulsifier : Yes
Healthmaster Elite : Yes

Compare Dimensions and Weight: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster

Shred Emulsifier : 19.5″ H x 8″ W x 8″ D. Weight not mentioned.
Healthmaster Elite :



Compare Reviews and Complaints: Shred Emulsifier vs Healthmaster Elite

Shred Emulsifier Review


A customer who has used Shred Emulsifier is pleased to note that it makes wonderful steaming hot soup with it. Another customer is pleased with its ability to perform functions of a blender.


A number of customers complain that the Shred Emulsifier simply doesn’t live up to your expectations. Many have reported that it does not blend well but certainly makes a lot of noise. You’d naturally expect it to blend your ingredients regularly, but many customers complain that their emulsifier did not do it more than once or thrice. It just broke within days and never worked again. They now feel compelled to call it a defective piece that doesn’t fulfill the tall promises it made to attract you.

Some even say that it is a scam as it doesn’t just fail to deliver what it promises but also seems to fleece you. Its customer service is, according to the, pathetic as they even make you pay for shipping it back, which is rightly unfair. Naturally, no one would be pleased to pay for a defective item, and also wait for several days just to see things get moving.

One customer has even stated that he did not receive all the accessories. Another revealed that he was directed to some reward company obviously for an ulterior motive, and he ended u paying due to the ludicrous episode. Getting a refund is a herculean task as they make you slog for it and take their own sweet time.

Healthmaster Elite Review


A customer has appreciated Healthmaster Elite for the splendid performance it furnished in initial stages. She says that it won her over by making preparations like delicious smoothies and cream of broccoli soup.



A customer unhappy with substandard performance of Healthmaster Elite called it a piece of garbage as it worked for only three times and just broke down. When she asked the customer service for a replacement of the motor, she was made to pay $29.99 even though she had a lifetime warranty. She now feels that all her money went down the drain and has decided to switch over to Magic Bullet.

Another customer says that her Healthmaster Elite worked alright for the first two times but when she set out to prepare a recipe that demanded medium force, it could not process even small quantities of boiled ingredients smoothly. Instead, in a minute, she could smell the electrical burning smell followed by smoke. She has dropped the idea of continuing with it.

Yet another customer even reported that she got her Healthmaster Elite with a disclaimer on paper that asked her to “wait 20 minutes if machine stops due to overheating.” She now says that she was not surprised when her piece stopped working after a few uses.

Besides these issues, problems like leaky pitchers have also been found by dismayed customers, who also came across uncooperative customer service professionals who actually made them wait as long as 2 months for a replacement of the faulty unit.

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