Shark Sonic Duo vs Rug Doctor vs Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub Review

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Shark Sonic Duo

It’s a path breaking hard floor and carpet cleaner that gets rid of all the stuck on particles, dust, debris etc that you just can’t seem to manage with your ordinary vacuum cleaner. It’s a lot more than just a vacuum cleaner because not only does it do precision cleaning jobs within no time, it also protects your carpets from discoloration, odours and staining.

The dual scrubbing action, that works at 1000 times per minutes means grime and dirt stuck to floors is pulled out and the advanced airglide manoeuvrability ensures that you get best results without too much effort. Not only do you get a smooth, streak-free finish the surface smells fresh too.

Rug Doctor

It’s been used and trusted by professional cleaner for about three decades now and it has great advantages for home owners who are done with grimy, grubby carpets in the house. It lets you get the professional quality carpet cleaning results at home. In fact for the cost of one professional carpet cleaning job, you can have the power the Rug Doctor provides you, at your fingertips, whenever you want.

It’s powerful and makes sure your carpet is shining bright with a simple 1-pass cleaning. You will be saved all the effort going back and forth to scrub dirt on carpets. It’s easy to use because it’s completely assembled and comes with a full upholstery kit that also has Universal Hand Tool for your convenience.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus

It has the power and professional cleaning ability of Rug Doctor although it’s quite lightweight for your convenience and ease of use. It can be hand folded for storage and it doesn’t take a lot of space around your house as well. The vacuum motor is on par with the other models, which make this compact system equally powerful.

Rug Doctor Wide Track

It does the powerful cleaning job quicker because it gives you 34% more coverage with every fill and there are fewer refills required. It’s dual pump and jets work to your advantage as the cleaning job that’s already simplified is made a lot easier for you.

Rug Doctor X3?

The coverage it offers is closer in range to the Wide Track but it does have single pump and jets. It might be slightly heavier than the Mighty Pro Plus but it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience while cleaning. It will do the job as simply as you expect a Rug Doctor to do for you.

Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub

Now you don’t have to get down and dirty on your hands and knees trying to clean floors because Hoover Floormate does the cleaning job for you. Its Spin Scrub technology is a highlight and it’s known for its 3 in one cleaning; it vacuums, washes and dries floors with ease.

It has many fantastic innovations in a Hoover so that it can vacuum, scrub, wash, rinse and dry. The Hoover suction gets rid of dry messes and spills and water extraction feature cuts down on the drying time. It’s generally quite quick and built to last as there are no belts to manage. Tested in Hoover’s American engineering lab is the perfect solution for your floor cleaning needs.

Rug Doctor Wide Track Complaints

Repairs, returns are an issue
Firstly it doesn’t really work well and if you need any repairs or wish to return it, you have to pay shipping fees for it. That’s just too much effort and cost for a product that’s not efficient enough.


Handle is the problem
There are several design flaws in the machine but the handle issue stands out. Over time you realize that it warps, which is a strict no-no. This is not the professional grade cleaner that you find in the market for sure.

Rug Doctor Wide Track Pros

It is efficient
It’s a powerful cleaner that does the job brilliantly. In fact you will rarely find cleaners that are as powerful. If you follow the instructions then you will also be able to do the cleaning job in double quick time.


It’s designed for your convenience
One of its advantages is the fact that it’s cleverly designed; the wide coverage makes a lot of sense for those who have wide floors. You also have the power of controlling the speed to your convenience. Cleaning it when required is not tricky either and it works on all kinds of dirt you might have on the carpet.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus Complaints

Not well made
You notice that with the floor attachment that might do the job but it’s made out of flimsy plastic. It can break at the most inopportune place making it impossible to use. The problem is only aggravated by the customer service, which is abysmal to say the least. You might be better off buying the cleaner from a retailer that stands by it.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus Pros

Works magic on carpets
If your carpets have been looking worn out and you haven’t found an effective solution for it, then this one will do the trick. It brings life back into your carpets and cleans them effortlessly.


So easy to use
It comes in a ready to use pack, which is a big relief. No major installations are required. You get started and realize that it’s cleaning the carpet well in the first pass itself. But just to make sure you are getting all the dirt out of your carpets, you might want to use multiple passes.


Built to last
It’s sturdy and very well made. There are no tacky pieces that fall off here. You are definitely getting your money’s worth, which makes it great value for your investment.

Rug Doctor X3 Complaints

Several problems to deal with
Firstly it leaks, which adds to the mess rather than cleaning it. It only works backwards and you wouldn’t mind that if it would clean the carpet. But after using a whole bottle of cleaning solution, the carpet still looks grubby. Water doesn’t get soaked up either, so it’s very hard to dry.


It’s very tricky to fill water into it and you need to keep filling the tank every couple of minutes. The tank is just too small and within a couple of passes it gets emptied. That’s just a nuisance while you are cleaning.


Rug Doctor X3 Pros
Easy to use
You will find that it’s not top-heavy, which means you can work with it without much hassle and putting a strain on your wrist. You can thus use it about once in three months and it will have an astonishing impact on your carpet. Its life will also be prolonged, which is just what you want. It doesn’t leave any residue on the carpet either.


Great for all kinds of dirt
If you have pets in the house you know what a nightmare cleaning can be. But it’s a breeze in this case because it’s so powerful. And the good news is that it’s also lightweight and very compact. So you can easily store it away when you are done using it.

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Complaints

Doesn’t work on wet setting
In fact it can be an absolute nightmare in such instances because it takes ever so long as you have to go over it very slowly. Handle has to be pressed constantly to squirt water and in the process the solution gets over quite quickly. Switching the setting as suggested doesn’t help either.


Doesn’t work well
It’s just not good enough as the floors end up looking splotchy. There are no extensions to pull out the debris etc. It also ends up leaving a sticky film on the floor you think you have just cleaned and it attracts more dust and grime. That makes it cleaning with it a self-defeating exercise.


It breaks
You spend a fair bit of money on it and you expect it to last you for a significant amount of time at least. But that just doesn’t happen and it breaks, stops working after a few uses. That’s hugely disappointing, especially since returns are not made any easier.

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Pros

Cleaning is effective
It’s boosted not just by the microfiber pad but there’s the moving and agitating brush that can clean tiles efficiently. It also cleans grout brilliantly, and that’s more than what you can say about other cleaners out there.


It’s easy to use
You don’t have to flip it, twist it or turn it to get the results you want. It has brilliant suction that will ensure that dirt is removed off the floors. It simply glides over tiles without any hassle and it’s quite light; hence there’s no strain on your back, hands too.


It’s great value for your money
You often have to spend huge amounts to get those professional quality cleaners that can do cleaning jobs to perfection. But you get the same kind of finish with this cleaner that is quite reasonably priced. And what’s more, it’s durable and long lasting too, thus it is fantastic value for your money overall.

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