Shark Rocket vs Shark Rocket Pro vs Shark Rotator vs Shark Navigator Lift Away

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What is it?
Shark Rocket: A versatile vacuum cleaner that gives professional quality results when it comes to deep cleaning.
Shark Rocket Pro: It is a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose power from the first use to the last room.
Shark Rotator: It is a vacuum cleaner that helps you do your cleaning jobs faster and better.
Shark Navigator Lift Away: It is said to be a portable and powerful upright vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight too.
What does it do?
Shark Rocket: It can be used to clean everything from floor to ceiling, bare floors to rugs. And it keeps its power and suction at all times.
Shark Rocket Pro: It separates fine dirt from air so that filters aren’t clogged and suction power is maintained.
Shark Rotator: It is designed to be versatile and clean your carpets and bare floors with equal ease and without losing any suction.
Shark Navigator Lift Away: It has deeper cleaning capacity so that you can clean effectively, and greater dust cup capacity for your convenience too. It is lighter and quieter as well.
How does it work?
Shark Rocket: With this vacuum cleaner you don’t have to move the furniture around the house because it can get to those otherwise hard to reach areas with ease. Firstly, it’s ultra light to be moved around easily and the swivel head helps it get to all nooks and corners. It is also known for its handheld versatility and comes with a booster pack for better performance.
Shark Rocket Pro: Advanced Cyclonic technology comes into play here and is responsible for separating dirt from air. Thus it results in unclogged filters and cleaner air. It has enhanced Swivel Steering, which ensures that you can get to those difficult to reach areas without too much of a hassle. It’s lightweight for your regular use without any inconvenience.
Shark Rotator: It has four different models; Pro Lift Away, Pro With XL Reach, Professional and Vac or Steam, with each one of them having their own unique benefits. To start with, they are meant to be ultra light so that they can be handled easily and they are super quiet too. The swivel steering means it can be moved around obstacles and under the furniture as well.
Shark Navigator Lift Away: It is boosted by No Loss of Suction technology, so that suction is not compromised. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology means 99.99% of dust inside of vacuum. It is also known for its swivel steering so that it can be moved around easily and it can get to otherwise inaccessible areas too.
Shark Rocket: From the ergonomic handle to cleaning wand, two speed brush roll to easy emptying cup, storage hooks and wall mount; it has features that are meant for your convenience.
Shark Rocket Pro: It has an ergonomic handle, brushroll shutoff, large capacity dust cup, headlights, washable filters, HEPA filtration and brush roll to make your cleaning chores a breeze.
Shark Rotator: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology is a highlighting feature of this range of vacuums and is responsible for trapping dust and allergens. Hence you breathe cleaner air in your surroundings. They are available with efficient cleaning tools and accessories for your convenience.
Shark Navigator Lift Away: It’s versatile, portable and lightweight with a large capacity, bottom empty dust cap. It also boasts of a unique detachable canister, which leads to portable cleaning convenience. Its performance is boosted by accessories and it comes with a 10 year warranty too.

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