Shark Rocket vs Dyson Hard DC56

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What is it?
Shark Rocket: It is a vacuum cleaner meant to give you deep cleaning results that are on par with professional quality.
Hard DC56: It’s a vacuum cleaner that can eliminate dirt and grime in one single action.
What does it do?
Shark Rocket: It is meant to clean carpets and bare floors as well. It doesn’t lose its power or suction so that it can keep doing its job at the optimum level. You can use it to clean just about anything from floor to the ceiling as it has been designed to be extremely versatile.
Hard DC56: Now you don’t have to keep cleaning your hard floors twice because Hard DC56 will get rid of dirt and grime at one time. It is one of a kind vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction and a wet wipe.
How does it work?
Shark Rocket: It is known for its handheld versatility and that’s the reason you can use it to clean every corner of your house, even those hard to reach areas without any difficulty. It also has a swivel steering, which makes this task a lot easier. This two in one cleaner doesn’t lose suction either and is meant to be quite light so that you can manoeuvre it around with ease. You can also make the most of the booster pack to ensure that its performance is top notch.
Hard DC56: It is boosted by the Dyson Digital Motor V2, which makes it so powerful. Moreover it works with the patented Root Cyclone Technology, which ensures that there is constant suction. Importantly it doesn’t lose its suction and can be a constant cleaning companion for you for a long time to come.
Shark Rocket
Some of its outstanding features include the ergonomic handle for ease of use, the cleaning wand and the easy emptying cup. Two speed brush roll, storage hooks, washable filters and wall mount are other important features of the Shark Rocket.
Hard DC56: It’s packed with features like hygienic bin emptying, convenient docking station and boost mode for enhanced performance. You get it with extra tools that make your cleaning tasks more convenient and works on Li-ion battery that gives 15 minutes of powerful constant suction. Like all other cordless vacuums from Dyson it is available with a two year warranty for parts and labour.

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