ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

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Compare What is it? ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

What is ScaleRID? – It is an electronic hard water treatment system. Its units produce an electric field generated by a coil around the pipe to soften hard water. For more info on ScaleRID please see this page.

What is Easy Water? – It is a new salt-free conditioner which claims to be the perfect method to treat hard water.

What is Scalewatcher? – It is an electronic device that treats water by inducing a blend of magnetic and electric fields with a continuous changing frequency.

Compare how does it work? ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID, Easy Water and Scalewatcher Common Working Principles – They are attached around the water pipe, which produces an electric field that discourages calcium carbonate, magnesium and other minerals and ions from sticking to pipes, faucets and fixtures.

They helps in prevention of scale build-up on surfaces with which water comes in contact with and the hardness of water to flow out through the drain smoothly.


How does ScaleRID work? – It features a special component, the Quick Connect Coil which is designed to eliminate the unwanted scales in water when attached around the water pipe to produce an electric field. It makes calcium carbonate and other minerals to repel rather than stick to pipes and fixtures. The crystals present there remain in suspension and are discarded from the drain. The scales that remain are gradually taken back into water and then removed. What gives ScaleRID an edge over others is that it uses computer chips instead of integrated circuits.

How does Easy Water work? – It is a no salt conditioner that tackles hard water problems without use of salt or harmful minerals. It generates a wide range of frequencies and consequently make the minerals assume a disc-shaped form, which prevents them from sticking to pipes, faucets etc.

How does Scalewatcher work? – It employs a unique patented technology which creates an electric field and targets the calcium and magnesium ions. It keeps the ions in suspension and compels the hardness of water to flow out into the drain.

Verdict: All three hard water treatment systems have unique features, which empower them to remove hardness from water.

Compare Features: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID Features

  • Special quick connect coil that attaches to pipes in seconds
  • Employs electrical field treatment
  • It retains essential minerals in water and only removes the unwanted parts
  • Provides limescale protection
  • Uses computer chips instead of integrated circuits


Easy Water Features

  • Exclusive no-salt water conditioner treatment
  • Provides reverse osmosis at drinking water faucet
  • Covers entire home with toxin protection for bath and shower
  • No chemical additives
  • Guarantees limescale protection
  • Requires no filers and no maintenance
  • Portable



  • No salt or chemicals needed
  • No maintenance, easy to install, no plumbing needed
  • Environmental conscious
  • Saves energy, softens water
  • Improves water flow and soap lathering
  • Negligible power consumption
  • Effective on copper, lead, steel and PVC pipes

Verdict : Scalewatcher seems to score over others in this area.

Compare What to expect: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID, Easy Water and Scalewatcher Common Benefits

  • No need for additional salt
  • Pro at diminishing harsh effects of hard water, enhancing quality of water and eliminating existing scale in pipes
  • Improves water flow
  • Better cleaning of surfaces including baths, sinks and toilets
  • Retention of calcium and magnesium content in water
  • Healthy and safe for people, pets and plants
  • Efficient saving of water, reduction of energy bill
  • Easy to install


Unique ScaleRID Benefits

  • Low operating costs
  • Suitable for tankless heaters
  • Environment-friendly
  • Better durability of water heater, dishwasher, coffee pots and other appliances


Unique Easy Water Benefits

  • Protects appliances, including tankless and tank-style water heaters
  • No slippery or slimy feeling on the skin
  • Removes limescale and prevents fresh build up
  • Saves money with no filters and no maintenance
  • Perfect for all homes
  • Portable
  • Features proprietary coconut-carbon media in Toxin Shield line that absorb and remove all toxins
  • Shields from bacteria, acid and toxins
  • Low pH
  • No stains and sulfur odor


Unique Scalewatcher features

  • Makes water softer, hotter and healthier
  • Removes scale efficiently
  • Reduces amount of detergents, soap, cleaners, shampoo, etc.
  • Minimal energy consumption

Verdict : Easy Water shows more advantages as compared to others.

Compare Treatment Method: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID – Electrical field

Easy Water – No-salt conditioner treatment with use of electrical treatment

Scalewatcher – No salt treatment method with use of electrical field

Compare what impurities it remove?

ScaleRID – Removes existing scale in pipes, soap scum, limescale, harmful bio-growth.

Easy Water – Scale, toxins, sulfur odor, chlorine odor, limescale, pathogens like E. coli

Scalewatcher – Scale, bacteria, scum

Compare Installation: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID, Easy Water and Scalewatcher Common Installation Info – Very easy and quick installation. Designed to be mounted and screwed on the pipe by fixing it at the place where the water supply enters and then connected to an electrical outlet through wires. No plumbing needed in installation of all three.

Compare Guarantee and Warranty: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID – 3-year warranty

Easy Water – Warranty for Easy Water varies as per the model selected.

Scalewatcher – 1 year satisfaction guarantee and 10 year product warranty.

Verdict : Scalewatcher offers the most comprehensive guarantee and warranty as per available data

Compare What pipes it works on

ScaleRID – Steel, plastic (PVC), galvanized steel, and copper pipe.

Easy Water – Not mentioned

Scalewatcher – Copper, plastic, galvanized steel and lead pipes

Verdict :ScaleRID and Scalewatcher work on similar surfaces

Does it remove chlorine

ScaleRID – Not mentioned

Easy Water – Yes.

Scalewatcher – Yes.


Verdict : If elimination of chlorine is important for you, Easy Water and Scalewatcher would be more important for you.

Compare Price: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID – $247

Easy Water – Not mentioned

Scalewatcher – Not mentioned

Compare Pros and Cons: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID, Easy Water and Scalewatcher Common Disadvantages
Pros – Same as mentioned under the Benefits section.

ScaleRID Cons/Disadvantages – Some customers have complained that ScaleRID does not work as it promises. The customer service of ScaleRID is disappointing too.

Easy Water Cons/Disadvantages – According to some ‘expert’ reviewers, Easy Water doesn’t provide the requisite details and credentials about the technology they use. Easy Water doesn’t do what it claims, and that’s a fact which is a dampener.

Scalewatcher Cons/Disadvantages – Those who have used it for years report no significant change promised at the time of purchase. They say that Scalewatcher makes no difference as it doesn’t reduce scale build up nor improve the quality of water.

Compare Reviews: ScaleRID vs Easy Water vs Scalewatcher

ScaleRID Review

A customer recounts her harrowing experience with her purchase of ScaleRID which she made in Edenpure in January 2012. She says that she did not find anything good about it even after using it for nine months. She says that out of exasperation, she sent it back but the sellers refused to refund her money. She is understandably upset with it and so telling people not to listen to it. She says that her review wasn’t posted and so suspects that they choose only good reviews. She feels ScaleRID should be zero or one star rating.

Another reviewer has come down heavily on ScaleRID. He says that without a drain or a filter it removes nothing from water. He feels that though it controls the unwanted elements in water, they stay there nevertheless and come in contact with your body through the showerhead,,faucet etc. He criticizes the manufacturer for selling a scam tool like it for $89 in advertisements in top newspapers.

EasyWater Review

Some users believe that wrapping an electric wire of devices like Easy Water works only at the spot where it’s wrapped. They feel that around the pipe may prevent scale build-up to an extent.Some feel that such devices are useful only for industrial applications while others assert that they are more suitable for home use.

Some expert professional engineers on discussion board confidently state that devices like Easy Water are no use. They dismiss it as pure hype on which sellers are cashing in.

On the other hand, some customers insist they are satisfied with what Easy Water has done. They say that have noticed improvement in the quality of water, less scale build-up and better softening. And there are other users who say that even if it doesn’t work as well, you’ll definitely notice some level of improvement after installing it. The reviews, thus are mixed, with a slight tilt toward negative comments.

Scalewatcher Review

Scalewatcher is dismissed as the most expensive blinking light by a dissatisfied reviewer. He says that it simply doesn’t work and nor does the Company’s attitude. He claims that he’s saying it after years of using it. He warns that opting for it is a total waste of money as its makers offer no substantial support and guidance.

Another customer echoes his views and says that she’s not very happy with Scalewatcher either. She’s yet to notice any improvement and has begun to feel that the money she pad to purchase it feels like it’s gone down the drain. Others say that they have noticed only a marginal difference, if there’s any. One of the users has furnished the readings he gathered after installing Scalewatcher. He says that his water hardness tested 100 mg/L, which was 107 mg/L four months before installing it.

Feedback given by a plumbing professional also indicates very less satisfaction with Scalewatcher. He has decided to wait a bit and give more time to determine whether it’s worth using or not.

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