Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

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Compare What is it? Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

What is Edge of Glory? – Edge of Glory is a knife sharpener that is so sharp and precise that it can sharpen just about any knife – filet knife, chef’s knife, pairing knife, or serrated knife – to make it cut like a new knife. It has a suction cup base to hold on to any smooth surface firmly. You can slice tomatoes, pineapples, cucumbers and more ingredients perfectly with the knife. With Edge of Glory you no longer need to spend money on buying new knives time and again but just get a brand new knife in seconds.

What is Samurai Pro? – Samurai Pro is a knife sharpener that can sharpen knives, shears, and cutting tools to make them work like new in just a few seconds. It states to be versatile and can sharpen the knife under any condition. Even if it’s a serrated knife it will be razor sharp in seconds. Samurai Pro straightens and aligns dull, bent teeth and creates razor sharp micro blades. It has a vacuum seal that makes it mountable on any smooth surface, vertically or even horizontally. With it you can slice, dice and filet fish, chop apples, tomatoes, pepper, bread and many more ingredients easily.

What is Swifty Sharp? – Swifty Sharp is motorized and cordless knife and small hand tools sharpener that has a professional-grade and high-speed rotating sapphire sharpening stone to restore a blade’s razor sharp edge. It works on chef’s knife, cleaver, chopper, steak knife, hand tools like screw drivers, household scissors, and even hedge clippers and garden tools. Swifty Sharp has a catch tray at the bottom of the guide to gather metal shavings so that you do not have to clean the mess later. It has a compact design allowing it to be stored in a drawer easily unlike bulky electric sharpeners. It is safer to use than sharpening by hand.

Compare How does it work? Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

How does Edge of Glory work? – Edge of Glory is very easy to use. You just need to slide the knife through the sharpener and it will be sharpened in just a few seconds. The sharpener has dual-hardened ceramic teeth that can restore the razor sharpness to any knife instantly.

How does Samurai Pro work? – You need to lock Samurai Pro down and its suction seal will hold on to the surface firmly. Then slide the blade across to sharpen it. The sharpener features tungsten carbide blades that adjust to sharpen knives, shears, scissors, and cutting tools making it a must for n any kitchen to give you’re the sharpest edge in seconds.

How does Swifty Sharp work? – Push the button of Swifty Sharp on, insert the blade in its guide and glide the blade thrice pulling it towards you to sharpen it. The guide will hold the blade at a perfect angle and the professional-grade sapphire sharpening stone rotates at a high speed to sharpen and hone the blade instantly.

Compare Features & Benefits: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Samurai Pro Features

  • Get the sharpest edge possible on all blades. Sharpens serrated knives, kitchen shears, scissors and all blades.
  • Slices everything with ease
  • Tungsten carbide steel sharpening blades
  • Suction cup on base holds Samurai Pro onto counter top
  • Straightens and aligns dull, bent teeth, creating razor sharp micro blades along prominent teeth


Edge of Glory Features

  • Features dual-hardened ceramic teeth to sharpen your knives
  • Get absolutely perfect slices each and every time
  • Super suction locks it to virtually any surface
  • Works on chef, paring, filet, and serrated knives
  • Place on smooth surface, lock it down, and it’s ready to use!

Compare What do I get? and Price: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Samurai Pro

  • Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener
  • Cut and Cook DVD
  • 8” French Chef’s Knife

All this for just $9.99 + S/h at


Edge of Glory

  • 2 Edge of Glory Knife Sharpeners
  • 2 3-Knife Sets

All this for just $8.99 + S/h at

Compare Weight: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Samurai Pro : 5.5 OZ

Edge of Glory : 8.5 OZ

Compare Battery Type: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Samurai Pro : Does Not Contain a Battery

Edge of Glory : Does Not Contain a Battery

Compare Dimensions: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Samurai Pro : Product in Inches (L x W x H): 5.75 x 3.5 x 6.5

Edge of Glory : Product in Inches (L x W x H): 5.5 x 3.25 x 9.3

What kind of knifes it can sharpen?

Samurai Pro: The Samurai Pro is the only sharp versatile knife sharpener to sharpen any kind of knife. You can even use the Samurai Pro to sharpen serrated knives.

Edge of Glory : It can be used to sharpen chef’s knives, filet knives, pairing knives, peeling knives, and serrated knives.

Which material is used to made up?

Samurai Pro : Tungsten carbide blades

Edge of Glory : Dual, hardened tungsten carbide teeth

Compare Reviews: Samurai Pro vs Edge of Glory vs Swifty Sharp

Edge of Glory Review

Edge of Glory doesn’t seem to work as efficiently as it claims. A dull knife that couldn’t even slice a ripe tomato was sharpened with the sharpener but it didn’t show any improvement even after gliding it through the carbide blades several times. With usage over time the carbide blades could also dull and they are irreplaceable so buying a new unit instead time and again could work out as expensive as buying new knives.

Samurai Pro review

When you try to sharpen the knife with Samurai Pro, it tends to hit the plastic body instead of the tungsten blades. The knife will still be as dull as it was before sharpening. The suction cup either snaps when you try to fix it and even if doesn’t break, it does not hold the unit well like it claims. The body is also not durable and the handle of the knife breaks off easily.

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