Rockwell Versacut vs Rotozip vs Dremel Saw Max Review

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Compare What is it? Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

What is Rockwell Versacut – Rockwell VersaCut is an extremely compact yet powerful, circular, multipurpose saw that claims to be able to cut any kind of material whether wood, plastic, flooring, tiles, aluminum, slate or sheet metal.

What is RotoZip – RotoZip is a new saw that is patent-designed to cut more accurately since it is an angle grinder and flush cut saw rolled into one tool. Its ZipSaw delivers a fast cut with better accuracy than traditional tools.

What is Dremel Saw Max – Dremel Saw-Max is a saw that is powerful and versatile and can cut through any material while making complex cuts. It is patent-pending and lightweight enough to be controlled with one hand.

Compare How does it work? Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

How does Rockwell Versacut work ? – Rockwell VersaCut doesn’t need any setup. You just need to drop the material you want to cut on a piece of scrap wood and run the saw right through it. The precision depth setting of Rockwell VersaCut lets you control the exact depth that you want the blade to reach from the plunge. The precision laser guide of Rockwell VersaCut makes sure that you cut the material perfectly each time.

How does Rotozip work? – RotoZip gets its inputs from remodelers and tile installers so that its ergonomics are optimized to cut materials rather than grind them. It has X Wheel cutting attachment that lets RotoZip flush cut, plunge cut, cut-off the material. Rotating the blade guard lets you determine the depth of cut you want to achieve.

How does Dremel Saw Max work? – Dremel’s Saw-Max tool kit includes the compact handheld saw and a set of accessories that lets you work on an array of projects that need quick and precise cutting. The cutting wheels and cutting guide make it an ideal cutting tool for all kind of projects.

Compare Features and Benefits: Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

Rockwell VersaCut Features and Benefits – Rockwell VersaCut includes a Laserguide line that guides through the cutting path for precise cutting. It also has a dust extraction adapter that ensures the cut line is clear of dust so that you get better visibility. Rockwell VersaCut is a durable saw because of its rugged and full metal guard and powerful enough to cut materials up to 1-1/16” thick. Its lock off switch prevents accidental starting so the saw is safe.

RotoZip Features and Benefits – RotoZip gives more accurate cuts than any traditional tool whether it is straight cuts, curves, or notched cuts. It has an advanced guarding system and integrated dust collection that prevents dust from hampering control or visibility.

Dremel Saw Max Features and Benefits – Dremel is a compact, handheld saw at 1/3rd the size of a conventional circular power saw. It’s ideal for jobs in tight spaces and gives a convenient one-handed operation. Its worm-drive gearing system, better grip diameter and switch placement ensure optimum power, control, and extended tool life. Dremel Saw-Max provides more depth of cut than a rotary tool. It has a diverse system of cutting wheels for more flexibility. The blades are quick and easy to change due to the shaft lock button. Also included are a dust extraction port, trigger lock-out, and variable-depth guide.

Compare Blades: Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

Rockwell VersaCut Blades – The VersaCut kit includes three different cutting blades for wood, metal and tile, which makes it useful all the time.

RotoZip Blades – RotoZip comes with a one wood X Wheel, one tile wheel and one grinder blade. Since it combines the features of an angle grinder and a flush cut saw its ergonomically designed blades cut rather than grind.

Dremel Saw-Max Blades – It includes a diverse system of cutting wheels such as multi-function carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, one tile diamond wheel, one multi-function flush cut carbide wheel that lets you make straight, plunge, and flush cuts.

Compare Cutting Depth: Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

Rockwell VersaCut – 1-1/6inches cutting depth

RotoZip – Its depth adjustment is up to 1inch.

Dremel Saw-Max – Maximum 1/4 inches

Compare RPM: Versacut vs Rotozip vs Saw Max

Rockwell VersaCut – 3,500 RPM is the no load speed.

RotoZip – 11,000 RPM

Dremel Saw-Max – 17,000 RPM

What surfaces does it work on?

Rockwell VersaCut – Yes, it has a precision laser guide.

RotoZip – Any material including wood, tile or metal.

Dremel Saw Max – It can cut through plastic, wood, tile, metal, and laminates.

Does it include laser?

Rockwell VersaCut – It lets you cut practically any material you need – wood, plastic, pipe, sheet metal, tiles and laminates.

RotoZip – No.

Dremel Saw Max – No.

Compare What do I get and Price

Rockwell Versacut – Rockwell VersaCut is available for 3 easy payments of $43.33 with free shipping at

Rotozip – RotoZip is available at a 30% discounted rate of $119.99 with Free shipping at

Dremel Saw Max – You can buy Dremel Saw-Max for $119.99 with free shipping at

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