Pursonic vs Roomba

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Pursonic Elite 600 Multifunction Robotic Intelligent Floor Cleaner

Pursonic Elite 600 is an amazing robotic floor cleaner that is multi-functional and intelligently designed. It has the ability to vacuum, sweep and sterilize the floor autonomously. Thanks to its smart navigation system it can move around different rooms without any issues and has sensors with advanced infrared technology that can detect and sense any obstacles and even prevent it from falling off edges. Elite 600 features scheduled cleaning mode, a remote control operation, a touch screen to adjust features and a soft bumper to protect the unit around furniture and walls. Elite 60 has the capability to provide cleaning for 90 minutes straight and has a self-recharging feature that makes it return after cleaning or when low battery back to the base. It can clean with its high power adjustable suction and works on tiles, on thin carpets, linoleum and wood flooring too adjusting itself to different floor environment.


iRobot Roomba 560

iRobot Roomba 560 is intelligent robotic system for cleaning the home with ease and automation. The 560 series presents a unique cleverness that scans the surroundings and can get around the house easily thanks to its amazing sensors. It can be easily scheduled to perform the cleaning task each day and it would start cleaning places on itself. The vacuuming feature of iRobot Roomba 560 is quite powerful and can easily suck in dirt and debris with the touch of a button. In fact, there is also a very high end filtration system assembled in it to trap allergens. The bagless dustbin feature is quite easy to empty. It comes with a self-charging base to which it hooks itself when its done or when on low battery. It has anti-tangle system for smooth functioning and has bumper systems for gentler touch with built-in sensors to save it from falling off.

iRobot Roomba 630

iRobot Roomba 630 is a 3-stage cleaning robot that is efficient on almost all types of flooring including tiles, hardwood, carpets and linoleum floors. It comes with superior AeroVac technology that is so superior that it has the ability to clean not just dust and dirt but even hair from the floor. This makes it very good for homes that have pets and also is good to remove lint and carpet fuzz. The iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology in the Roomba 630 makes sure that it senses dirt with acoustic sensors and cleans it by going over it multiple times. It senses walls and cliffs easily with its Virtual Wall but can easily go under the table, bed and other furniture very easily. It features an automatic docking feature to the home base between cleaning cycles. It boosts spinning side brush that cleans the wall edges as it goes along it.


iRobot Roombs 780

iRobot Roomba 780 is a vacuum based cleaning robot that has next level cleaning abilities which ensures that it gets rid of 98% dirt, dust and pet hair. It operates autonomously at the touch of a button and has a patented iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology that pushes it to clean the entire floor areas thoroughly by going over the spots over and over again. It has a built-in 3 stage cleaning system that has cleaning side brushes that cleans the wall while going along on the edges, there are set of counter rotating brushes for proper cleaning and AeroVac Series 2 vacuum to get rid of hard to remove dust and dirt. Its advantageous Dual HEPA Air Filters is responsible for trapping dust, allergens and tiny particulates. It has acoustic sensors that locate dirt and debris including pet hair, , etc. and uses back and forth motion to clean it.


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