Provita vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

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Compare What is it: Provita vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

Provita Juicer – It is a slow juicer that uses the cold press technology to generate juices there are much healthier and rich in nutrients. The benefits of this over conventional juicers are limitless.


Magic Bullet – It claims to be the new way to make life in kitchen very easy as it allows chopping, mincing, grating and virtually any job in just under 10 seconds of time. The counter space saving Magic Bullet is perfect for making smoothies, sandwich spreads, crushing ice and much more.


Nutri Bullet – It is an extractor based blender that makes it easier to blend and juice virtually anything to benefit the body with vitamins and nutrients.


Compare How It Works: Provita vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

How does it Provita Juicer – Cold press technology basically chews the food in a process of mastication to extract maximum from the food item. The pusher can be used to assist in pushing the food items down to generate a tastier and long lasting juice full of nutrition. The technology practically reduces the friction to minimal so that there is less amount of oxidation and foaming to keep juices fresh for up to 72 hours.


How does Magic Bullet work? – Magic Bullet uses the specially designed blade that is based on Cyclonic Cutting Zone and a unique bullet shaped design that circulates the food into the blade with such a force that provides faster results in just about 10 seconds. All it needs is to press the cup or mug filled with food items against the high-torque power base.


How does NutriBullet work? – The extractor technology of NutriBullet works on the basis of exclusive Cyclonic Action. Once the cup or mug is filled with desired items and pushed on the base. The motor then easily breaks through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin of food items to tap in the nutrition that gets wasted otherwise.


Compare Features & Benefits: Provita vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

Provita Juicer Features & Benefits – Provita is well equipped to juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and additionally even nuts and soy beans. It creates 40% more juice than conventional juicers and adds 60% more nutrients to the juice. Also it is less messy as the parts are easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe.


Magic Bullet Features & Benefits – Magic Bullet’s biggest benefit is definitely its time saving capability. It comes with a range of cups and mugs of different proportions to create custom quantity of juices and smoothies. The whole system of Magic Bullet is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


NutriBullet Features & Benefits – NutriBullet is powered with a 600 Watt high-torque power base which means it has the capacity to simply create favorite juices, beverages, smoothies in just under 10 seconds of time. The extractor technology helps in breaking up nuts, seeds and even ice very easily. The cups and mugs that come along are designed in a way that they can simply be closed with the provided lid and is good to go.


Compare Reviews and Complsints: Provita vs Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

Provita Juicer Review – Pros and Cons

One customer who used Provita Juicer revealed that the juicer did work fine enough in the initial period and started to produce juices with great taste. It also was good at chopping up the veggies. But the entire functioning lasted only for about a month and it stopped working completely. One other customer who reviewed Provita Juicer says that the juicer stopped producing juices soon and started to generate clumps while pulping. The clumps eventually increased and there was also a crack formed on the strainer portion. One customer who used Provita Juicer reveals that it was complete waste of their money since it stopped functioning altogether within a month’s time. The customer service was also not helpful in solving the issue and kept saying that they had not heard of any such issue with the juicer before and asked to get back at a later time. For other customers who had issues the customer service was absent for most part of the time. One other customer who used Provita Juicer complains that it does not come with a proper manual but only a 6 pages long booklet with 12 pictures in it. The customer had a hard time figuring out why the juicer was not functioning and only making a humming sound. After some serious research it was found that there is a rubber stopped which is screwed under the bowl that needs to be unplugged. The manufacturers failed to mention this bit of detail in the manual as well as their website. for more Provita reviews – click here

Magic Bullet Review – Pros and Cons

One customer who used Magic Bullet says that it works great for softer food items. It helped in making dips, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, tapenades, etc very well and can also be used to grind coffee. But when it comes to processing raw hard foods it fails to deliver and has no capacity crush ice. One other customer who reviewed Magic Bullet reveals that it delivers to its promise and has successfully helped in making espresso grind, pesto salad dressing and even smoothies. And even after using it for approximately two times a day it still processes the food items with same amount of power and uniformity. One other customer who used Magic Bullet complains that the body gave out in few smoothies itself. The problem was the rubber piece on the bottom sets of blades which got literally shredded on use and without which the power base cannot do anything but to simply spin without moving the blades altogether. Similarly one customer who used Magic Bullet reveals that the construction of its body is very poor and starts leaking under the blade assembly area. Also the customer service did not help much and were willing to replace it only if the customer paid the shipping and handling. One other customer who reviewed Magic Bullet complains that it fails to chop food even if it is filled with smaller amounts. The recipe booklet that is provided along does not really help and results in half-chopped food which is why it was a waste of money.

Nutri Bullet Review – Pros and Cons

One customer who used NutriBullet reveals that the base is of really high power as the manufacturers claim and delivers power to tear through kale, chard, frozen berries, almonds and even chia seeds. The smoothies created using it are very consistent and has great taste. The cleaning process is also very easy and rinses under just ten seconds. One other customer who reviewed NutriBullet complains that the unit worked very well but sprung a leak within a month itself. The customer service promised to replace the unit but kept asking a whole bunch of question. After a lot of effort they agreed to provide the replacement but asked for shipping charges from the customer. One customer who used NutriBullet says that the body is made out of cheap plastic material. The user guide even mentions not to use it for more than 60 seconds else it will permanently damage its motor. The plastic burning smell is generated if it is used more than 30 seconds. Also there are lots of plastic nooks and crannies that are impossible to clean and fails to meet the manufacturers claim of it being easy to clean. One other customer who tried NutriBullet reveals that it works very well for juicing purpose but one needs to really go through a lot of trial and error to get it working right. It works great with different veggies and makes amazing frozen smoothies easily. There is a leakage issue if the blade is not screwed really tight to the base.

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