Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

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Compare Features: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses

  • Endowed with HD polarized sunglass technology
  • Scratch-proof, high-grade lenses
  • Designed to offer full 180 degrees protection
  • Magnets embedded in frame to clip sunglasses securely almost anywhere
  • Anti-glare polarization glasses

Eagle Eyes

  • Made from TriLenium® polarized with 2X scratch-guard coatings
  • Developed from original NASA optic technology
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Full frame style
  • German style spring hinges

Compare Frame Material: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses – Made from high-grade plastic

Eagle Eyes – Stainless steel

Compare Lens Technology: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses – HD polarized sunglass technology

Eagle Eyes – TriLenium® Polarized with 2X scratch-guard coatings, developed from Original NASA Optic Technology

Compare Frame Style: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses – Ergonomic design and fashioned to suit all face structures. Available in classic black and tortoise shell designs frames

Eagle Eyes – Full, made of stainless steel

Compare Benefits: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses

  • Features high definition polarized sunglass technology
  • Claims to offer superior quality gold standard protection for high definition vision
  • Ergonomic design suited to both, men and women equally
  • Stays intact even while performing various activities
  • Guarantees unmatched clarity
  • Protection against harmful UV rays with UV400 protective coating
  • Cuts glare
  • Boosts colour and contrast
  • Made from high-grade plastic that prevents scratches and any kind of damage

Eagle Eyes

  • Able to block out 99.9% harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Designed to provide scientifically-proven benefits to eyes
  • Vision-enhancing light rays compatible for optimal protection and sharpness
  • Triple Filter Polarization (UVA, UVB and blue light eye protection)
  • 2X Scratch-Guard™ inner and outer lens coatings
  • Developed from original NASA Optic Technology
  • Certified by the Space Foundation
  • Adjustable, non-slip silicon-gel nose pads and soft temple tips
  • Superior comfort
  • Adjustable design
  • Features non-slip silicon-gel nose pads and soft temple tips

Compare Design: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses – Simple Aviator and Rayban-styled frames

Eagle Eyes – Aviator styled design. Adjustable design with non-slip silicon-gel nose pads and soft temple tips.

Compare Price: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD Sunglasses – $59.98 + $9.99 S/H

Eagle Eyes – $59.95

Compare REVIEW: Polaryte HD vs Eagle Eyes

Polaryte HD REVIEW

A customer who bought a pair of Polaryte HD Sunglasses recently complained he’s not happy with the purchase. He says that their much-hyped HD feature shown in a video ads misleading and suspects that its makers might deceitfully be using enhanced saturation technology at the post-production stage. He claims he could notice only slight improvement when he followed the steps shown in the ad and that he sensed just a marginal difference.

Another customer said that the sunglasses are priced nearly double on amazon.com as they cost nearly half of that in stores in the U.K. She further said that she planned to return them soon.



Polaryte HD Pros – A customer appreciated Polaryte HD Sunglasses for blocking unwanted sunlight effectively while another reviewer who agrees with it also said that the anti-glare polarization feature certainly works. A customer also said he’s impressed with the anti-scratch, durable body and magnetic locking feature. Another reviewer stated that the sunglasses protect the eyes and their display enhances the brightness without causing strain on the eyes. Yet another customer said Polaryte HD Sunglasses are better than dark sunglasses as they also provide a crisp display with high definition.
Another satisfied customer praised Polaryte HD Sunglasses for keeping UV rays and melamine formation out and for wonderful eye protection feature.

Polaryte HD Cons – A customer complained that the Polaryte HD sunglasses are not stylish enough and doubts that they suit all face structures. For more Polaryte HD reviews, check this page.

Eagle Eyes REVIEW

About Eagle Eyes Sunglasses, a user said that features such as flexible hinges, steel frames, high-quality lenses, fine zipper case and the view offered are fabulous. He also said that they are sturdy and designed well. However, he’s not too impressed with the feel and look as the lenses seem rather big and don’t fit him well. He feels that they are good for activities like driving or walking, but probably not for swimming, running or biking. According to him, the hinges of the sunglasses are also softer than they should be.

However, a customer who’s dissatisfied with Eagle Eyes pointed out a number of drawbacks about them. She complained that the sunglasses are not scratch-resistant and actually reflect the image of the wearer’s eyes. She also criticized the delivery services as they were delivered after 3 months of placing the order. Also, the lens on one side of her glasses popped out within a month of purchase, and that has been happening repeatedly ever since. She also found the lens to be too thin and delicate. She also reported that the sunglasses give her a headache when worn in bright sunlight. She said she wouldn’t recommend them to anyone ever.

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