Pivotrim vs Pivotrim Pro vs Ugly Head

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Compare Product Info and Features: Pivotrim vs Pivotrim Pro vs Ugly Head

About Pivotrim

It claims to cut right through plywood unlike other trimmer heads, thus offering you maximum convenience. The problem with other trimmer heads is that the strings exit at a fixed point, which weakens them to breaking point. But Pivotrim maintains that it has a patented pivot line that not only absorbs shocks but reduces broken lines too. Thus you won’t be annoyed with jammed or broken lines and the constant nuisance of trying to change them.


Pivotrim features
• Pivotrim is versatile and promises to work with all types of gas trimmers. The installation is simple and it is universal for all types of gas trimmers, which is how you are saved time.
• It can load in a matter of seconds without the need for any additional tools or winding. But it remains strong enough to cut through plywood, according to its claims.
• The patented pivot action is the secret behind the Pivotrim that ensures that the trimmer line is protected so that there is no bending or breaking.
• In fact, the results are so consistent that banging it on pavers, smashing into walls and edging around driveways will not break the line.

About Pivotrim Pro

Pivotrim Pro asserts that it is a handy trimmer head for your regular use because it helps you get over the problem of bending and breaking. That happens with the conventional ones as they exit the head at a fixed point. That can be a huge problem because you have to stop and waste your precious time again and again. However with its patented pivot action, Pivotrim Pro ensures that the shocks are absorbed and line wear, broken lines are significantly reduced.


Pivotrim Pro features

• Its patented pivot action is the highlight and responsible for the results you get. It means breaking instances are eliminated while you get on with your tasks with ease.
• It offers you flexibility of use because you can make the most out of it with 99% of straight shaft gas trimmers.
• Pivotrim Pro can be loaded quickly and easily without the need for additional tools. It uses .105”, .095 line or smaller.
• It works well along the chain links, rocks and concrete as well. Overall it can handle up to 8 lines.
• Pivotrim Pro has been specifically designed for professional landscapers offering them the edge with their jobs.


About Ugly Head

It is a replacement string trimmer head that emphasizes on the fact that it can do its job with minimum line breakage. That is a common problem many are faced with when working with the regular trimmer heads. It affects your efficiency and you also end up wasting your precious time. But Ugly Head is known for its patented pivot action, which nips the problem in the bud as the exit through the head is not at a fixed point.


Ugly Head features

• The pivoting action of this trimmer head ensures that there is less line breakage.
• Ugly Head also maintains that you will have to make fewer stops to change lines, and thus save yourself some time.
• Line loading is almost instant and very easy. You don’t need help of any additional tools to get this job done.
• Ugly Head claims that it can fit various types of gas trimmers; in fact most of them. It also works efficiently with straight and curved shaft trimmers.
• This trimmer head can be used against chain link fence and concrete without any problems and uses 0.095” line too.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Pivotrim vs Pivotrim Pro vs Ugly Head

Pivotrim reviews

One customer who used Pivotrim said that it was easy to install. It also extends so far past the original guard that it is easy to apply more line. But the problem is that it gets hot and breaks off, which it claims not to do. You can change the line easily but you will be doing a lot of it; much more than expected.

Another customer who reviewed Pivotrim said that it is not really well made. The plastic hex adaptor comes off. The customer service isn’t very helpful and you will be charged again if you don’t have the original invoice for one reason or another.

One customer who used Pivotrim said that though installation might be as simple as it says, you are going to be disappointed because the lines fly off the trimmer head before you know it. If there is a special way of threading it then you are not told about it, which is a shame because you expect clearer instructions.
Another customer who reviewed Pivotrim revealed that it is quite flimsy and not up to the heavy duty tasks you might want to use it for. It’s also good for a couple of uses; nothing more.


Pivotrim Pro reviews

One customer who used Pivotrim Pro said that it works well to an extent. Trouble begins if you have to push it hard against a surface like concrete; the lines snap off the line. However you can still expect a 20x increase in line life, which is pleasant to work with. You might have to stop a few times when going over backyards overgrown with tall weeds, which is a hassle.

Another customer who reviewed Pivotrim Pro said that one problem with it is that long, fibrous weeds coil themselves up on the top of the housing. That’s the reason you will have to clean it up quite often, adding to your chores. The geometry of the head is behind this issue and simply having a closed head design would have avoided the problem completely.

One customer who reviewed Pivotrim Pro said revealed that it works well and just as the commercials claim to. However the problem lies in its longevity. It doesn’t seem to be very well made and the bottom plastic covering is an issue in particular. It’s not strong enough to handle the impact with materials like rock and concrete, and breaks off.

Ugly Head Reviews

One customer who used Ugly Head said that it is a good solution to the regular problems with trimmer heads. Firstly, it installs without any difficulty and once you have the adapter and support from the manufacturer, it works very quickly. It is a bit on the heavier side, which is probably why the head doesn’t have a motor but it does have 6 cutting strings to work with.

Another customer who used Ugly Head revealed that while it works well on some surfaces, using it on concrete or a chain link fence for that matter would mean you get through the strings rather quickly. That’s the reason this trimmer head only makes sense for soft trimmer jobs.

One customer who reviewed Ugly Head revealed that it is alright for some jobs like trimming and edging. However the problem of having to change the lines after say every 200 feet persists. The best part of using this trimmer head is that, it is very simple to install. You don’t need to use any special tools and it doesn’t take a lot of your time either. It might not work well with light electric trimmer on hard surfaces though.


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