Airfryer vs Breville Halo

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Compare What is it? Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

What is Halo+ Health Fryer? – A low-fat fryer that needs just ½ spoon of oil to transform fried comfort food from unhealthy to healthy options.

What is Philips Actifry? – A low-fat and easy to use fryer that lets you cook your favorite foods with 80% fewer calories compared to conventional fryers.

Compare How does it work? Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

Halo+ Health Fryer – It has a fan-assisted instant dual heat source (above and below the bowls) and double action cooking method. The nonstick rotating bowl turns the ingredients continuously to brown food evenly. Instill the ingredients and add ½ spoon of oil, set the LCD timer, tilt the fryer, and select dual heat to fry chips. Or select non-tilt option and set the timer for grilling and cooking.

Philips Actifry – The patent-pending Rapid Air Technology lets you fry food with hot hair by circulating it through the entire cooking capacity to give you food crisp outside and tender inside. Set the desired temperature and time and the fryer will do the rest.

Compare Features: Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

Halo+ Health Fryer Features

It has 1.25kg food capacity, 75 minutes timer, 2 cooking angles – tilted for chips and wedges and non-tilt for perfect grilling, 3 cooking methods – dual heat on tilt for frying, grilling only, and dual heat without tilt for cooking. Fan assisted dual heat source makes sure you don’t have to wait to start cooking. The roasting rack drains excess oil to make meals healthier. It has a cool touch handle, no-slip feet, and auto shut-off with a sound alert. The lid and bowl are removable and dishwasher safe.

Philips Actifry Features

The fryer has 0.8 kg cooking capacity,heats up quickly and is ready to cook in 3 minutes.A variable temperature control up to 200 degrees and time control with 30 minutes preset and sound alert you when the food is cooked. It has an auto cool down to set your mind at ease about leaving the fryer on. It has an integrated air filter to prevent odors in the kitchen. It is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and economical.

Compare Benefits: Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

Halo+ Health Fryer Benefits

It gives you versatile cooking – frying, baking, roasting and sautéing to create restaurant quality yummy dishes minus the fats. You need just ½ spoon of oil for 1kg of fresh chips, which means 99.5% less compared to a traditional fryer. You can get a portion of fresh and low-fat chips in just 18 minutes and also grill bacon and fish, make chilies and curries.

Philips Actifry Benefits

Get the yummiest foods like chips without the unhealthy oil. It lets you make food by frying it with air so that it is perfectly crispy outside and tender inside. With the fryer you can bake, fry, roast and grill endless numbers of recipes whether quiches or brownies. You save a lot of time with its quick heat up and consume lesser calories.

Compare Wattage: Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

Halo+ Health Fryer – 1,400 watts

Philips Actifry – 1425 Watts

Compare Weight and Dimensions

Halo+ Health Fryer – 4.5Kg, 39.8 x 31 x 32 cm

Philips Actifry – 7 Kg, 38.4 x 28.7 x 31.5 cm

Compare Temperature Range

Halo+ Health Fryer – No information

Philips Actifry – Up to 200 degrees. The temperature can be pre-set

Compare Airfryer vs Breville Halo Reviews and Complaints

Philips Airfryer HD9220 Reviews/Complaints

It is meant to let you eat healthy without compromising on the flavour and texture of your foods. It is powered by Rapid Air Technology, which ensures that hot air is circulated around food being cooked, at high speed and with precision. Thus you get faster cooking results and that too with less oil.

It also has an adjustable temperature control up to 390 degrees, which means you can bake, fry, roast and grill various foods. You can also adjust the time to help you with your cooking. This fryer is easy to clean and leaves less smell than other fryers.

Philips Airfryer HD9200 Pros/ Advantages

A Healthy Kitchen Purchase: Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology promises to help you prepare healthy food without giving up the taste and texture of your food. With Philips Airfryer you can give your kids home made chicken nuggets and fries that taste as good as what you would purchase at any fast food chain and do it all at home and eliminate the deep fryer.

A Quality Product: This is an excellent unit that is well made, looks great, and really lasts long. You can cook frozen fries and other frozen foods with it and it is designed in such a way that it is easy to clean up too.

Philips Airfryer HD9200 Cons/Disadvantages

It’s Just an Oven: Philips Airfryer HD9220 may be termed as a fryer but its functions are similar to the mini convection oven and it performs similarly to other convection ovens, majority of which are far more versatile and are selling for less.

Poor Quality: The appliance is mostly hard plastic and the cooking basket is made of metal with a type of Teflon/non-stick coating which is definitely not expected from Philips.

Large Size a matter of concern: Philips Airfryer HD9220 is really big and can crowd your kitchen space. If you already have a convection oven than this is a sure waste of space in your kitchen.


Breville Halo Reviews and Complaints

It’s a fryer that lets you make chips and other delicious food items with less oil. The halogen heating element in this fryer ensures that you can cook instantly without pre-heating. Moreover it allows you to view the food while it’s cooking. Digital controls are meant to help you time your cooking perfectly and rather than having to shake the ingredients yourself, the rotating paddle in this fryer does the job for you.

It needs hardly any oil while cooking, a huge difference to other fryers in the market. It is also known for its unique bowl design and paddle that let you cook chips and other delicate food items like fish, fruits and vegetables. The dual height rack in the fryer can be used as a reversible roasting rack so that your food is raised and excess oil is drained off. Hence you can use it to make burgers, sausages and steaks in a healthier manner too.

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  1. Please help me decide I’ve joined slimming world but I’ve brought the philips airfryer but not sure if I want to keep it .Thinking of swapping for the halo

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