Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER Review

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Compare What is it? Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER

What is Personal Pedi : It is an electronic device that can be used easily at home to remove hardest of calluses easily to give you smooth feet every time. Personal Pedi comes with the ability to buff, smoothen and massage the feet for men and women both.

What is Pedi Spin : It is a portable device that is designed for home use to remove calluses and dead skin easily from the feet, soles and heels. It is safe to use on the most sensitive of skins and is tested to not even burst a balloon upon use.

What is Ped Egg Power : Ped Egg Power Power is a dry skin and callus remover that is handy and can be easily used at home by men and women. It is engineered by the people behind the original Ped Egg that has becoming a revolutionary household foot care device.

Compare How does it work? Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER

How does Personal Pedi work? : It features rotating micro mineral roller that when switched on starts spinning at the rate of 2,500 RPM. The speed is perfect for loosening and lifting calluses off the feet easily.

How does Pedi Spin work? : Pedi Spin consists of stainless steel micro-files which are designed to be very strong to remove the dead skin easily but at the same time being gentle to the skin. The functioning of Pedi Spin takes place with the help of two precision speed options that are adjustable as per preference and requirement.

How does Ped Egg Power work? : Ped Egg power comes with an assembly of rolling head that has a spinning rate of 2500 times per minute. The head is made of nano-abrasion technology and the high speed rolling ensures that the driest of skins and hardened of calluses get buffed into a sexy looking feet in no time.


Compare features and benefits: Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER

Personal Pedi Features and Benefits : It has micro minerals that are designed in a way that they easily loosen and lift the most stubborn of calluses from both hands and feet. There is also a buffing roller that is used to massage the skin for a smooth finish. The rollers are easily removable and washed easily under running water.

Pedi Spin Features and Benefits : It comes with a very safe design that is perfect for the most delicate of the skins. The microfiles made from stainless steel automatically remove the toughest of dead skin and calluses due to the dual speed functions. It removes the calluses in just few minutes and keeps it neat all thanks to the shavings compartment. Also use of disposable heads mean that it is always clean to start a treatment.

Ped Egg Power Features and Benefits : The main feature of Ped Egg Power is the fact that it is completely automatic which means there is no need of manual buffing that is required. The roller is very precise and can peel away the top layer of an orange easily but at the same time it is so gentle that it does not burst a balloon. It is perfect for clearing away dry and cracked skin as it does not have any dangerous blades and is completely painless. It also stops when there is too much pressure applied to stop it from damaging the skin.

Compare foot file: Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER

Personal Pedi : When compared to a foot file, Personal Pedi is more convenient as the rollers do all the work with automated speed instead of manual filing which is time consuming and not perfect.

Pedi Spin : As opposed to using a foot file, Pedi Spin is much easier and manageable. Also it can be used to remove calluses in minutes.

Ped Egg Power : It is completely painless and takes a lot of less time when compared to regular filing.



How is it powered?

Personal Pedi : It requires 2 AA batteries to run.

Pedi Spin : It requires 4 AA batteries.

Ped Egg Power : It is powered on 2 AA batteries.


Does it have skin shavings storage compartment?

Personal Pedi : No.

Pedi Spin : It has a compartment to store the shavings that can be simply popped open from the head area and tossed into a bin for a clean callus removal.

Ped Egg Power : No information


Does it include different types of treatment plates?

Personal Pedi : There are two rollers – one is the mineral roller and another buffing roller.

Pedi Spin : It has a buffing pad and a finishing pad to give a callus removal along with smooth, soft skin.

Ped Egg Power : It comes with a single roller that files and smoothens the skin with its fast moving roller speed.


Can the motor speed be adjusted?

Personal Pedi : No the speed is fixed at 2,500 RPM.

Pedi Spin : There are two settings available for adjustment.

Ped Egg Power : No, it is kept fixed at the 2,500 RPM mark as it is researched to work the best for callus removal.


Does it remove calluses?

Personal Pedi : Yes, it removes toughest calluses from feet and hands.

Pedi Spin : Yes, it clears calluses easily.

Ped Egg Power : It is highly effective in removing toughest of calluses from the feet.



Is it battery operated?

Personal Pedi : Yes

Pedi Spin : Yes

Ped Egg Power : Yes, it is a battery-operated device.


Is it waterproof?

Personal Pedi : Yes

Pedi Spin : No

Ped Egg Power : No


Does it have a handle?

Personal Pedi – It is ergonomically designed for easy hand-held usage.

Pedi Spin : It is designed for holding it easily while removing the calluses.

Ped Egg Power : Its handle is designed to make sure that the roller provides the maximum effective impact on the area of treatment.

Compare What do I get and Price: Personal Pedi vs Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg POWER

Personal Pedi : For a price of $19.95 plus $7.95 s/h Personal Pedi can be bought at The kit comes with the device, 1 remover roller and 1 smooth and polish roller.

Pedi Spin : One can get Pedi Spin at at a price of $14.99 plus S/H. The kit comes with PediSpin device, buffing pad and 2 finishing pads with bonus Heel Booties.

Ped Egg Power : On the whole kit that includes the roller and a bonus miracle foot repair cream that helps in achieving better looking feet after being treated with the Ped Egg comes for total $14.99 only with additional charges for shipping and handling.


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