Personal Pedi vs Amope Review

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Compare What is it? Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

What is Personal Pedi? – It is a foot care system that promises to be ideal for both men and women who often struggle with callused feet.

Amope Pedi Perfect? – It is an electric pedicure foot file that claims to buff away dry, hard and callused skin in a matter of seconds.

Verdict – They are similar in their function.

Compare How does it work? Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

How does Personal Pedi work? – Personal Pedi asserts that it can offer respite to those who are tired of scraping and filing away calluses because it does the job gently but efficiently for you. It works because of the special mineral roller that rotates at 2,500 rpm. It’s because of that the calluses are loosened and eliminated from your feet. The buffing roller on the other hand offers you a soothing massage to your feet and hands so that they look smooth and polished, just as you’d want them to be.

How does Amope Pedi Perfect work? – The secret of Amope Pedi Perfect lies in its Micralumina roller head, which has been specially designed to remove lifeless, callused skin and leave you with smooth feet. The roller has a gentle and safe rotating action, which does the job of removing dead skin. The microabrasive particles on the surface of the roller ensure that callused skin is removed while your feet are soft and smooth.

Verdict – Personal Pedi has the edge because of the special buffing roller it has too.

Compare Features: Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

Personal Pedi Features
• Personal Pedi works efficiently because of its two rollers that not only help you get rid of calluses but polish your feet too.
• It has a waterproof design, which means you can also use it in the shower whenever you are hard pressed for time. You can also clean it easily by removing the roller and rinsing it away.
• Personal Pedi has an easy to use design making it convenient for those who might not have worked with any kind of personal foot care systems before.


Amope Pedi Perfect Features
• The microlumina roller is at the heart of Amope Pedi Perfect. It’s the spinning action of the roller coupled with microbrasive particles on the surface that do the job of removing dead skin.
• Amope Pedi Perfect maintains that it is very easy to operate and you have the option of personalising your treatment based on your requirements as well.
• The roller is refillable when worn out and since it spins at 360 degrees, there’s not a lot you have to do to get rid of hard and callused skin.


Personal Pedi definitely has more handy features for your use.

Compare Benefits: Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

Personal Pedi Benefits
• For starters, it helps you get respite from callused feet without having to go to any great lengths for it. It is gentle on your skin while doing the job with professional precision, according to its claims.
• It is simple to use and the compact design ensures that you can take it with you wherever you go. And since it is waterproof, you can use it in the shower as well.
• Now you have a way of getting smooth, polished feet without spending huge amounts on professional treatments. Thus Personal Pedi saves money on a regular basis.

Amope Pedi Perfect Benefits
• Amope Pedi Perfect ensures that you can remove hard and callused skin on your feet at home within a matter of seconds. Hence it saves you money and time spent on salon treatments because you get same quality results at home.
• There are no blades, which makes it very safe for use. The head of electric foot file is ergonomically shaped so that you can handle and use it conveniently.
• You can vary the treatment length based on the pressure that’s placed on your feet every day, the fit of your shoes etc.

Verdict – Personal Pedi is the clear winner here.

Compare Foot File: Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

Personal Pedi – It is a special mineral roller that works at the speed of 2,500 rpm.

Amope Pedi Perfect – Micralumina roller with microabrasive particles on the surface.

Verdict -Rollers in both the devices are up to the task.

How is it powered?

Personal Pedi – It is a handheld battery powered device.

Amope Pedi Perfect – With batteries.

Verdict – There are both battery powered.

Does it have skin shavings storage compartment?

Personal Pedi – No.

Amope Pedi Perfect – No.

Verdict – Both don’t have shavings storage compartment.

Does it include different types of treatment plates/rollers?

Personal Pedi
Yes, there are two rollers involved here; the mineral roller for removing calluses and buffing roller for massaging and polishing your feet.


Amope Pedi Perfect
It only has one roller.


Personal Pedi is the winner with its two rollers.

Can the motor speed be adjusted?

Personal Pedi – No.

Amope Pedi Perfect – No.

Verdict – They are both equal here.

Does it remove calluses?

Personal Pedi – Yes

Amope Pedi Perfect – Yes.

Verdict – They both remove calluses.

Is it waterproof?

Personal Pedi


Amope Pedi Perfect


Personal Pedi wins this one because it’s waterproof.

Does it have a handle?

Personal Pedi
It has a convenient design with an easy to grip handle.


Amope Pedi Perfect
Yes; its handle makes it easy to use.


They both have handles.

Does it spin?

Personal Pedi


Amope Pedi Perfect
Yes; it spins at 360 degrees.


They both spin.

Compare What do I get and Price: Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

Personal Pedi
You get your Personal Pedi that includes the mineral roller and buffing roller for $19.95 plus S & H.


Amope Pedi Perfect
You get Amope Pedi Perfect for $34.77


Personal Pedi is cheaper.


Compare complaints and reviews: Personal Pedi vs Amope Pedi Perfect

Personal Pedi Pros and Cons

Doesn’t work
Sonia who reviewed Personal Pedi complained in her review that it doesn’t have any power at all and she was left disappointed because it didn’t remove any calluses on the feet. In spite of trying things like installing new batteries she failed to get it to work.


Personal details not safe
Charmaine who used Personal Pedi exposed in her review that she started getting calls about discounts on purchases with her credit card once she bought the device. She was very clear that the company did not have the permission to give out her personal details like that, which is exactly what happened.


It’s a scam
Peta who bought Personal Pedi revealed in her review that the price she ended up paying for the device was a lot more than what was advertised and she anticipated. She was told that she was being charged for lifetime replacement, shipping and handling and Canadian exchange. According to her it just seems like a rip-off.


Amope Pedi Perfect
Big scam
Rachel who bought Amope Pedi Perfect exposed in her review that you pay a lot of money for it because you are charged for shipping and handling besides a Lifetime Replacement Certificate. But another problem is that when you buy the device you sign an arbitration agreement, which stops you from suing the company.


Doesn’t work well
Katie who used Amope Pedi Perfect revealed in her review that although it works okay to remove calluses, it’s not as good as expected. She also thinks that it looks flimsy and not well made, which makes her wonder how long it’s going to last.


One thought on “Personal Pedi vs Amope Review

  1. Would have loved to have only bought the personal pedi, but the power on/off switch broke off on my first use and I was unable to put it back on. Amope seems to be sturdier and provides the same, if not better results.

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