Perfecter Fusion Styler Vs Instyler Review

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Perfecter Fusion Styler

Styling your hair to bring desired attention to it is very simple with the one of a kind Perfecter Fusion Styler. It’s path breaking because it’s safe to touch and allows you to use both your hands while styling. It gives you the power of many styling tools from curling to straightening iron and round brushes. You can use it on low temperature setting for thin hair or high for coarse and thick hair.

Smooth ceramic heat from the centre of the barrel is fused with the help of hydrating ion molecules so it remains cool to touch and you can style hair in as little as three minutes.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Leaves a lot to be desired
The styler doesn’t work like you’d hope it too and it’s particularly true in case of certain hairstyles that turn out to be utter disasters. The instructions are not very helpful, especially since you have no information on the kind of hair products you can use.


Ordering Perfecter Styler is a nightmare
The hype is built around it, which makes you want to go ahead and buy it. But that’s not an easy task at all and it takes ever so long to get through to someone. The customer service is just not helpful and you are made to jump through the hoops only to order it. The delivery is another long winded process.


Can get burnt
While it might not happen when you touch the styler but you can get thumbs burnt touching your hair that’s done. It is so not safe in that respect.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Claims to be versatile
You can use it to get big curls or more volume to your hair. It’s one styler but does several jobs for you and so much so that you can do away with your styler completely.


It’s convenient to use and travel with
You can use it easily and style your hair without wasting too much time. You can also carry it with you when you are travelling thanks to the convenient and cute carry case.


Hair styling at home can bring you salon quality results because now you have Instyler. Its rotating barrel can transform hair and it’s available in barrel sizes ¼” and ¾”. It gives out 410 degree F of ceramic heat and it can straighten hair without flattening it. It works on different heat settings so that it can be used on fine to coarse hair. Curved smoothing plate means hair is smoothened without crushing.

Not only is the hair styled but the rotating barrel means your hair gets polished and has cool shine, besides some volume as well.

Instyler Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Doesn’t work
High expectations are built about it but it just doesn’t work. You try every trick in the book and follow the instructions to the T but results are disappointing.


False marketing
The price of the styler is completely different from what you are told. In fact what you see is the cost of the first instalment and then there are recurring charges made to your credit card. It’s upsetting and even violating to see that happen.


Can be broken when you receive it
It’s been given to happen and that’s just not on. Another problem is that the CD with instructions doesn’t open and you are left to your own devices because the customer service is useless. Sometimes it can work for a few days and then gets broken because it’s clearly not well made. And the worst part is that they keep taking money from your account for it.

6 thoughts on “Perfecter Fusion Styler Vs Instyler Review

  1. What the lifetime for a perfecter brush? I’ve had mine for awhile, and although it works well, the teeth are starting to fall off during use.

  2. I love the Instyler!!! I have thick wavy course hair. Ever since seeing their first commercial Ive been trying to hold back from getting this. Its $100 and seems too good to be true. I waited and some of my friends had one, I asked them how they like it. They all loved it but some of them complained it broke within a few months of having the Instyler. I didnt want to spend that much money and have it break that easy. 2 Christmas ago I budged and bought it for my self at bed bath and beyond with the 20 percent off and I have to say I am in love with the Instyler and It works just as good as the first day I bought it. I have all different kinds of high end straighteners I just store away because this works better. I dont have fly aways, My hair is smooth and shiny and manageable and I get compliments on my hair. It curls awesome!!!!

  3. Does the Perfecter Fusion Styler cause hair breakage and is it really Safe to use? I see it on TV but I would love to hear from the people who actually have or used it! The chemicals I use n my hair, will the Perfecter interfere with the styler?

  4. I was very careful with the Perfecter Fusion Styler, as I feared burning my hair. After the third use my hair was badly damaged even though I used the lower setting and did not hold the device in my hair for any length of time.

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