Perfect Biotics vs Align

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Compare what is it? Perfect biotics vs Align

Perfect biotics – It is a natural probiotic solution consisting unique and powerful probiotic bacterium strains that are essential for maintaining a healthy body and reducing the effects of bloating, muscle pain and carbohydrate cravings.

Align Probiotic – It is a daily dietary supplement that helps in fortifying the digestive system with the help of healthy probiotic bacteria.

Compare how does it work? Perfect biotics vs Align

Perfect biotics – It is liquidated and to be taken in 4 drops twice a day for adults and 1 drop twice a day for children. The unique blend of 12 probiotic strains starts to work in the body by restoring the level of healthy bacteria in the gut. It also inhibits the growth of bad bacteria.

Align Probiotic – It comes in tablet form and needs to be consumed daily for best results. The probiotic strain of health bacteria 24/7 helps in promoting and supporting the digestive system and maintains its balance by destroying the harmful, unwanted bacteria inside.

Compare what to expect? Perfect biotics vs Align

Perfect biotics – Upon consistent usage it starts to reduce and repair intestinal damages that occur due to gluten; supports weight loss by removing harmful toxins, promote digestion, reduce bloating and inhibit bad bacterial growth. It also helps maintain good mood and reduce irritability.

Align Probiotic – Align consists of probiotics that are generally the good bacteria. The tablet when consumed daily starts to act on the vital body functions and starts improving the digestive system. This leads to reduced bloating and gastric troubles, better bowel movement, and a healthy body. The results can start showing up on regular use and is claimed to be the #1 gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic.

Compare Ingredients: Perfect biotics vs Align

Perfectbiotics – It consists of natural, gluten-free ingredients and is safe for vegetarians. It consists of Lactobacillus Plantarum that defends the body against viruses and fungus, there is Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Helveticus to reduce gastric acid and bile and BifodobacteriumBifidum and Longum that boost the immune system. It also has BifidobacteriumInfantis that reduces irritable bowel syndrome, EnerococcusFaedum to stop diarrhea, Lactobacillus Acidphilus to prevent parasitic growth, Lactobacillus Casei to ease constipation, Lactobacillus Salivarius for healthy teeth and gums, PediococcusAcidilactici to balance gut bacteria level and lastly Streptococcus Thermophilus to help manage lactose intolerance.

Align Probiotic – Its main ingredient is a unique patented probiotic strain called Bifantis, which is a natural balancer and is not found in any other competitive probiotic solutions.

Compare Price: Perfectbiotics vs Align

Perfectbiotics – A 30 day supply comes for $67, 3 month supply for $179 and 6 month supply for $75.

Align Probiotic – Currently Align Probiotic pack of 28 tablets (a month’s supply) comes for $18.49 with more discount available for combo packs for more than a month. The Best Value pack of 98 count comes for $96.49.

Compare Review: Perfectbiotics vs Align

Align Probiotic s Reviews/ Complaints

One customer, Brice S., who reviewed Align Probiotic s says that it works pretty well as promised and has helped reduce problems of Irritable Bowel Syndrome that was causing problems since many years. One other customer Brianna who reviewed Align Probiotic s also revealed that it resolved her stomach issues and helped improve the digestive system. Another customer Galina who reviewed Align Probiotic s states that the unique bacteria strain is definitely helpful in resolving stomach issues. But she also complains that there are many other ingredients that maybe harmful to the human body. This includes Sugar, which can cause harm to the immune system, Magnesium Stearate can hamper the absorption capacity of the supplement in the body, Titanium Dioxide is an ingredient that has possible carcinogenic attributes, Propyl Gallate, a xenoestrogen that severely affect health and Artificial color FD&C Blue#1 that is toxic in nature. Other customers such as Keith also complaints that the addition of such filler ingredients does takes away the actual goodness of Align, which otherwise works fine for people who do not have higher amount of sensitivity. A customer A.Green who reviewed Align Probiotic reveals that she had issues with the medicine as it caused gas and bloating in the stomach.

Perfectbiotics Reviews/Complaints

One customer, Dillon, who reviewed Perfectbiotics complains that there has been no significant betterment in the digestive system after using the product consistently. Instead, the user says that the taste of Perfectbiotics is awful and can linger for a long time. One other customer, Susan who also reviewed Perfectbiotics says probiotic supplements have helped in achieving a positive health, a stable digestive tract and a functional body. The downside about Perfectbiotics pointed out by Susan is the price that is demanded for the product when compared to other ones. It basically is rated at almost 75% more than the actual cost of other similar supplements that have similar claims about their functioning. Although she tips other users to wait for a week for every month to find these supplements to be sold at half price or further discounted rate. Lynn, one other customer who used Perfectbiotics reveals that it is a hyped solution with no actual results. The recommended double amount of Perfectbiotics also hasn’t affected or showed any positive signs to the digestive system. Lynn further complains that there is no specific information about how many bacteria count is present in Perfectbiotics on the site or the bottle which doesn’t serve well amongst other customers too. For more Perfect biotics reviews please visit this page.